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  • January 21, 2022, 06:47:29 PM
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Author Topic: [1.3] TPatches - a collection of toggleable fixes, tweaks, mod balancing changes  (Read 1072 times)


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Many fixes, tweaks, settings and mod balancing/compatibility patches. Everything is toggleable. Made using XML Extensions!

All patches are purely xml and should have no performance impact. Compatible with all other mods, even ones that do the same changes, because all my patches check if the change was already made to avoid any duplicate xml node errors.

Detailed list of all settings available on Google Spreadsheets
  • Duplicate Animal Remover - removes duplicate animals from mods. Vanilla Expanded mods are the highest priority and animals from them won't be removed. For example, if both VE and ACP add a Cheetah, it will be deleted from ACP.
  • Duplicate Material Remover - Removes duplicate materials and patches everything to use new material (currently testing balancing)
  • Typo Correcter - Corrects some text typos I found in mods. In particular mods from "H.C.Animals" series will now have proper english.
  • Rottable filter - Adds a filter for all items that can rot unless frozen, except corpses. Supports modded items.
  • Infinite turrets - makes turret barrels very big (practically infinite) and free to rearm. Affects all vanilla and modded turrets. Doesn't affect mortars or non-turret buildings.
  • fix factions not showing in create world menu - Some modded factions don't appear in create world menu, this patch fixes that.
  • Many other tweaks - VAE Accessories rebalance, dubs mint storage research and more.

Requires XML Extensions.
Imranfish's XML Extensions is an incredible modding tool, using it I made a "framework" which automatically creates a fancy setting entry for each patch I make. If you have any suggestions, I can now very easily implement them into the mod.

Load as low as possible! TPatches only affects mods loaded before it.
To access settings menu, go to rimworld settings and press the "More Mod Settings" button which is added by XML Extensions.

Github repo with screenshots


I am banned on steam and can't upload mods to workshop. Unfortunately that means no auto-update, but I added ModSync RW support.

Can modpack makers include your mod in their modpack? yes
Can other modders make derivative mods based on yours? yes
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