[1.1] SimpleSidearms (1.4.0)

Started by PeteTimesSix, May 16, 2017, 04:21:35 PM

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Tried everything, nothing.
EDIT: SOLVED! Note: Never instal change dresser or weapons storage, it's not worth the trouble.


Mods: SimpleSidearms | QOLTweaksPack
Check them out, feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Took me a while to figure out the weight slider for sidearms, but it worked fine yesterday.
My computer did in fact not explode.

I like the preference switch which is pretty intuitive.
It might be easier though to start with a predefined weight for sidearms instead of zero.

Can you detect if a Pawn has enhanced bodyparts that change melee damage and change the unarmad symbol accordingly ?
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With the changes for V1.1 there are the following foibles in the new behaviour.

1) When a pawn is downed they re-equip their primary weapon, but it is not prepared in the ready state for use. So you can then see on selection of the pawn that the primary weapon gizmo doesn't appear. Thus if they are a hunter the alert then appears, and it principal there isnt a continuity with hunter work activities and needs manual intervention to resolve.

2) With the changes to no longer recognising a Fire extinguisher for combat purposes, as I understand as also now been implemented, which is a welcome addition. It doesn't appear as a sidearm option to still switch to for manual use. The principal of the fix was to enable the FEs to be able to still be recognised as a sidearm so that you could switch to them, but not be selected in combat as a ranged weapon. (This was as per the temp fix I applied for use.)


Is there a way to block the creation of sidearms per faction/race in another mod?
I'm having trouble with my mod (Warframe) that throws an error at:

I believe since the Warframe-shells arent really pawns they cannot use sidearms.
It would be nice if I could mark the Warframe-race/faction as off limits for the SimpleSidearms mod.



Awesome mod! Just gets better and better with the new features. I have a bug to report and I think it's with your mod, although it could be with the other one interacting with it so I dunno (Glitter Tech). Here's a log of the error:

Pawn Ant, Gatherer got primaryInt equipment Gun_MRGPistol289727 while already having primaryInt equipment MeleeWeapon_Knife113370
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.Pawn_EquipmentTracker:DMD<DMD<AddEquipment_Patch2>?468877312::AddEquipment_Patch2>(Pawn_EquipmentTracker, ThingWithComps)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipSpecificWeapon(Pawn, ThingWithComps, Boolean, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipSpecificWeaponFromInventory(Pawn, ThingWithComps, Boolean, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipSpecificWeaponTypeFromInventory(Pawn, ThingDefStuffDefPair, Boolean, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.rimworld.Gizmo_SidearmsList:handleInteraction(SidearmsListInteraction, Event)
Verse.GizmoGridDrawer:DrawGizmoGrid(IEnumerable`1, Single, Gizmo&)
RimWorld.InspectGizmoGrid:DMD<DMD<DrawInspectGizmoGridFor_Patch0>?-1592953600::DrawInspectGizmoGridFor_Patch0>(IEnumerable`1, Gizmo&)

Basically when I click to switch away from the melee weapon to the MRG5 pistol it 'eats' the pistol, as in it just disappears from the game. It doesn't go to the inventory slot.
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It's a great mod and I especialy register on the forum to tell it to you XD... and to ask you if we could hope an update of your mod in order to be fully compatible with Zetrith's Multiplayer mod? Peraps it has already asked?
Your mod miss us a lot in our game with my brother :'(

Thank you


[Simple sidearms] Patch operation Verse.PatchOperationInsert(/Defs/ThinkTreeDef[defName="Humanlike"]/thinkRoot[@Class="ThinkNode_Priority"]/subNodes/li[@Class="ThinkNode_ConditionalColonist"]/subNodes/li[@Class="JobGiver_Work" and emergency="true"]) failed
file: D:\Game\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\927155256\v1.1\Patches\thinkTreePatches.xml
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
System.Threading.ExecutionContext:RunInternal(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean)
System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean)
System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object)


Is it possible to make pawns periodically (once a day, maybe) check if there are better weapons stockpiled than they use (I mean in terms of quality and % hitpoints) and change them if necessary? This way we could use automated "upgrading" and repairing (with something like MendAndRecycle) service avoiding micromanagement.
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In my game the colonists loose their sidearm once they enter a caravan. Sidearms are then stored in the caravan inventory, and when they are back in the colony, they will store the sidearm in the stockpile. Is there a workaround for this to avoid rearming them every time?


This mod seems to be causing odd pawn hauling behavior in 1.1. If a pawn sees extra knives (for example) they will then equip multiple in their melee slot, and then eventually get in a loop of dropping and picking up that weapon over and over.

I'm also using Combat Extended with weapon loadouts, not sure if that will impact things.


Manual or workshop mod ?
When manual did you use latest version of all mods ?
Any error's show up at the log ?


I'm using the latest version of all mods from GitHub - I just did a fresh install a few days ago so nothing should be more out of date than that.

I'll check the error log next time the problem arises, although note it disappeared entirely once I disabled SimpleSidearms.


And maybe you should ask the CE team too, since they change alot of the gamemechanic and they maybe know why it isn't working.