a way for animals to trigger traps

Started by asquirrel, May 22, 2017, 07:19:07 PM

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It seems to me that animals don't trigger any of the traps.  A dead fall trap is designed to kill animals.  Why doesn't the trap trigger for animals?


They do in fact trigger traps, they just have a reduced chance (possibly based on size? ).

I do share the sentiment that it doesn't happen often enough. I have a stone hallway ~8 steel deadfalls on the way in. Had a pack of 5 artic wolves run through, none. Later, a random deer went manhunter, and it ended up triggering only the last trap, which thankfully severed the neck.

Clicking on the trap and getting the big info gives a trigger chance of 80%. Not sure if this depends on materials.

Maybe different kinds of traps, i.e. different sizes or something, would be good compromise? You can have smaller traps that hardly do enough damage to kill a human or larger, but would be reliably triggered by rats and stuff (did I just reinvent the mouse trap?)

Hell, maybe this will open the door for Indiana Jones style boulder traps  :D ;D


Well sir, I stand corrected.  Just in my game the animals have never triggered the traps so I didn't think it worked on them.  I think it should at least give the same percentage as humans, and probably higher since they are animals.   Maybe a modder can come up with a way to increase the percentage or figure out why they are being triggered so infrequently.