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Started by milon, July 15, 2016, 02:55:38 PM

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RimWorld AutoDocs for 1.1.2551 rev106

I've run the tool the OP provided for documentation on v1.1. It's on MEGA because it's 3041KB and the maximum attachment size here is 1000KB.


Edit: Sorry, wrong link. Fixed now.


Thanks. Downloaded it just in case I want to look at it later.


Any chance there will be an updated version for 1.2?


I've run the tool that the OP provided for v1.2 and also reformatted the file. I have listed the changes that I personally made in an HTML comment at the top of the file.



@PnutButtrCrepes, I ran the tool with the edits you made and it spit out a .txt file. Is it supposed to create a HTML? Or did I miss something?


I've re-written this tool in C#, updated to 1.3.3159 and included both DLC.
I also made some tweaks and improvements, as well as an updated look.
You can also download the generator and run it to include modded defs.

You can find it here.

Direct link to latest version


anyone have one for 1.4? with biotech dlc?