[A16] Crate (v1.0) - A crate to put all your stuff in!

Started by Vendan, January 11, 2017, 11:44:00 AM

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i agree with increasing the wood costs. im also experiencing an issue....one of the crates started packing food but now whenever i right click a crate it asks as if im trying to haul it(no place to haul to exists). I can get a couple tomatoes in there but when i try to keep packing no option exists to do so. what gives? I can get two x75 tomatoes(from telkirs expanded crops mod) but thats it.

could it be conflicting with killface's storage search?


Yep things are still extremely hit or miss. Sometimes right clicking the crates gives me the option to pack, mostly they dont. In the picture you see such an instance. Even though I was able to pack tomatoes from the expanded crops mod into the crates before, right clicking it now doesnt give me the option to pioritize packing anymore. Most crates just say 'cannot haul no empty place configured to store it, its assuming im trying to haul it as opposed to pack. I havent altered the filter settings other than what was provided by killface's storage search. All it adds is the ability to search items in a stockpile, and adds the filters "fresh" and 'rotten' to them. Thats the only thing i can think might modify this.

all crates have same filter settings triggered, i did try both packing buttons none worked.



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Doesnt look like its getting an A18 conversion either



Any chance for an update? This mod makes trading with settlements so much easier.