[Any] Rimlink - Sync Rimworld files for easier multiplayer

Started by Ari, August 31, 2020, 12:15:35 AM

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Rimlink provides complete synchronization of your game and config files with your friends' game files. It is made for Windows users only. (But if anyone wants to contribute support to another OS - the code is open source).

What is the purpose of Rimlink?(it's to prevent desyncs in multiplayer)
When there is a mismatch in mods downloaded, the multiplayer mod will not allow you to join your friend's server. If you are on a different version of Rimworld, you will be allowed to join the server but will suffer desyncs quickly. Additionally, if you have the same mods, but even slightly different mod configs, you will eventually encounter a desync if those mod configs affect the game's state in any way.

How is this different from Steam automatic downloads?
Firstly, there is a population of the game who preferred GoG over Steam who of course do not have access to steam's automatic downloads. There is also the problem that not all mods are found on the steam workshop. Finally, you may also only want a specific, outdated version of the mod which is not served on steam.

Every time I added a new mod it was a nightmare to make sure my friends had their mod file looking like mine so I started zipping up the whole folder and sending it to them. I did that one too many times before I broke, creating Rimlink.

How do I use Rimlink?
1. Port forward on port 5002 OR Make use of Hamachi (if making use of Hamachi, use Hamachi's IP and not your own)
2. Put rimlink.exe in your Rimworld directory and run as admin
3. If you generally host the Rimworld server, make sure you say (y)es when asked so
4. After the host has the rimlink tool running, then your friends can run the Rimlink tool in the same way, but saying (n)o when asked if they host Rimworld servers
5. Rimlink will make sure your friend's files and folders are 100% exactly the same as yours. It will download and remove files as needed for that to happen

Wait a second, .exe file? I don't trust that, and especially not with admin privileges.
Good. Don't trust random people on internet forms who have never made a post before to give you uninfected .exe files. For all you know there is a bitcoin miner in there. If you are technically inclined or have a friend who is, please consider compiling from the source code found on the GitHub page. There are various tools to do so, my favorite being auto-py-to-exe.

GitHub: https://github.com/AriAlavi/rimlink (If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, look for the releases section, click on the latest, and download rimlink.exe)

Made to prevent desync on Zenith's Multiplayer mod (now maintained by the community): https://github.com/rwmt/Multiplayer

Rimlink is licensed under GPL-3.0 making it free for all to download, modify, and redistribute so long as it is never made for-sale.