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Started by Rosencrantz_RG, June 11, 2017, 03:02:38 AM

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I've seen, in the past, that it was possible to upgrade your game package by PayPal-ing the difference and emailing the confirmation number. Is this still possible?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, or if this has been answered but a quick google search only came up with a result a couple years ago now. And thanks in advance for any answers.


Hi. It's still not possible to directly upgrade the pack you bought direct from Ludeon. It was possible some time ago but it was suspended indefinitely because it became too much of an administrative burden. But what you can do is register your DRM-free copy of the game with Steam for free, and then purchase the pack upgrade as a DLC.

So for example if you bought the Full Game Pack for $30, and want to upgrade to the Name in Game Pack for $45, then after completing the Steam registration process, you would simply purchase the Name in Game upgrade from Steam (edit - the price difference seems lower as well, as it's showing as £7 here in UK, which is less than the $15 pack price difference)  http://store.steampowered.com/app/367680/RimWorld_Name_in_Game_Access/ . If you do not want to use Steam (for whatever reason), then I'm afraid the only way to upgrade your pack is to buy the pack itself for the full price direct from Ludeon (although obviously in that case it's simply a new purchase rather than an "upgrade" of any sort).

Here are the details on how to register your DRM-free version with Steam (copy and pasted from the blog FAQ). https://ludeon.com/blog/faq/

Q - Will I get the game on Steam if I buy DRM-free?

A – Yes! Everyone who bought RimWorld DRM-free can also register it to their Steam account for free by using the automated Steam registry system. It only takes a few seconds. (Note that to avoid fraud the system doesn't give a transferable Steam key; it has you login to Steam through Valve's site and then registers the game on your account directly using Valve's system.)


Note: buying through Steam means that Steam takes a cut of the profit, but as Calahan pointed out, buying through Ludeon is more expensive because there's no "upgrade" option. Both options are good; I just want you (& future googlers) to be aware of the pros & cons.