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How long will it take to review?

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How long does the audit need to create a background story?

From what I've heard, submissions are reviewed in a batch shortly before the next alpha build releases. Don't expect anything immediate.

^ That's correct.  It would otherwise take away from development time to review things as they come in, so everything is processed in a batch shortly before the next major release.  Even if they were reviewed sooner, they still only get released in the major releases, so doing it this way doesn't change the timeframe at all.

Since we just had the release of A17, I expect it will be several months before yours is reviewed.  As long as you've read through the Creative Rewards Guidelines, you should be fine.

I'm going to sticky this because it's not clear enough and we get this question a lot.  :)

Is there any update to this now we are in 1.0? I bought a named character for a friend in November but it's still not approved and in the game. Where it used to be for alpha releases, what is the process/timing now? I'm hanging out for both of us to be in the game.

yea I bought a named character for myself too and im still waiting on it to be approved


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