[A17/B18] Simple Slavery v0.5k (updated 2018/1/29)

Started by Thirite, June 15, 2017, 11:07:32 AM

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll have to take a look into the exact behavior regarding the described problems. And no, slaves shouldn't revert to prisoner status (try to escape) after their will is broken.

It sounds like you don't have HugsLib installed correctly.


Are you planning to add deeper immersion? or Will it stay as in the title simple ?


Found another problem with slaves turning to prisoners (enslaved opinion about -10, -15). After some time my wardens get job to release slave, and I can't stop it because of missing prisoner tab.


The mechanics I have already are about as much as I want to do- throw a slave collar on a prisoner and they turn into a member of your faction that occasionally tries to escape until their willpower is broken. Now obviously it's not working entirely as intended based on feedback received, but that's about as much as I want to add in terms of new game mechanics. The Prisoners and Slaves mod was a lot more fleshed out, and in turn grew too big to maintain. I don't mind adding some more details, like I plan on adding a leather slave collar for tribals to use. But yes, I just wanted a simple solution without having entirely new slave tab, slave work areas, slave chain-gang shackles etc.

Thanks, I'll look into it.


Ok Thirite i understand :)

Only you know, now the slave looks like a colonist, I meant something that will always make us aware that it's just a slave. I did not mean mechanics... but for example, bald head, changed color in tab, reduced efficiency. Difference in perception, between slave and colonist


They should get a chain icon in their portrait to denote their slave status. I would have liked to draw the slave collar on their necks as a piece of clothing itself, but unfortunately that would require detouring parts of the Pawn Renderer...


Updated to v0.4
- Fixed slave escape attempt not working when slave is indoors
- More clean up


Quote from: Thirite on June 18, 2017, 06:37:00 PM
Quote from: Devon_v on June 17, 2017, 08:43:04 PM
CE uses custom verbs, so I don't think so. The entire mechanics of firing a bullet are different in CE.
The code which is throwing an error is used to execute verbs whether vanilla or custom, so I would strongly suspect CE to be generating the error.

Just wanted to make sure, is it safe to say then that this currently isn't compatible with CE? Or is that no longer the case?

Thanks for making this happen though, been waiting for this kind of mod. The prisoner system always felt lacking.


CE shouldn't conflict with this mod at all; they change entirely different parts of the game. That bug was surely just a bug CE had on its own, regardless of using this mod. And thanks.^^

I was actually just about to push an update to add tribal slave collars but then a power line just snapped outside my house killing my power. So I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Updated to v0.5
- Added tribal slave collar
- Removed leftover debug code that I accidentally left enabled


Awesome mod, I'll be playing around with this a ton in my raider colony for sure.
How long does it take to break a slaves will? Two seasons in and no broken wills yet.

Just tried this today, noted a few "annoyances" (not sure if bugs or intended):

Enslaved pawns escape a LOT. I have two in my colony atm and they are both attempting to escape 2-5 time a single ingamegame day, sometimes literally five meters outside prison door. So most of their day they're not actually working as they're too busy escaping and getting chased by my colonists, or simply sitting in prison (neighter of them have ironwilled trait).

Also, whenever a slave attempts escape, goes to prison and leaves it, their medical tab always reset (meaning, if I set them to "herbal med or worse care", after escape attempt and colony rejoin they change to "best medical care" status insead)


The escape event should trigger when the slave leaves their designated area, not the home area. My slaves are able to go right up to the edge of the map on standard map size, meaning the alert is 100% useless and arresting them before they get outside the walls leads to them then making another escape attempt within seconds of leaving prison. Also seconding that escape attempts are silly common.

Jokes on one slave that got away though a trader came buy and guess who was for sale?


Oh wow, that's sort of ridiculous. I'll fiddle with the formula for probability of an escape attempt now. It's obviously way too high.

Updated to v0.5a
- Nerfed probability of escape attempts
- Raised minHoursBetweenEscapeAttempts from 8 to 24
- Minor bug fixes

Updated to v0.5b
- Fixed inability to put slave collars in stockpiles (thanks lazuli42)


Wow, that was fast. Thanks so much!

I did want to second someone else's question above, about how long we can expect it to take to break a slave's will. Seasons? Years? On average I mean.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for updates!
Can anyone tell me is it normal for slave with no enslavement mood debuff to escape? Or should they have some broken will mood buff?


Hey, I have a similar question.

Quote from: DeLaFere on July 02, 2017, 10:16:38 AM
Wow, that was fast. Thanks so much!

I did want to second someone else's question above, about how long we can expect it to take to break a slave's will. Seasons? Years? On average I mean.

Thanks in advance!

I've looked into the code and it looks like a pretty straight progression to zero willpower (btw does that move them to stockholm syndrome?) but this doesn't seem to happen in-game. Colonist runs away, gets caught, 77 willpower. Becomes a slave again, 67 willpower. Next day? 80 Willpower.

I'm a little bit confuzzled, and I'd really be grateful for an idea of how it's working. Thanks! :)