[A17] Pawns Are Capable! (No more disabled work!) Updated to V3.2!

Started by Rimrue, June 18, 2017, 01:26:26 AM

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Your colony has just survived a brutal pirate raid. Your base is on fire and all your colonists are downed save one--Priscilla the Pop Star Pirate. She's incapable of firefighting and doctoring and she sure isn't going to haul anything or do any cleaning. Guess your colony is done for. Or is it? Not if your pawns are capable!

This mod completely revamps the traits system in Rimworld. Incapabilities have been replaced with traits. Pawns are now no longer incapable of performing jobs. However, based on their traits, they may not like the jobs assigned to them. Not only will they be extremely unhappy if you assign them a job they don't want to do, they will be slower at doing it, and more likely to do a bad job or even fail at it. But in a pinch, when your base is burning down or your doctors are incapacitated or you just need someone to do some hauling, all your pawns are 100% capable!

New traits to replace incapabilities are:

All Thumbs - Crafting
Anti-Social - Social
Brown Thumb - Growing
Burns Water - Cooking
Claustrophobic - Mining
Dislikes Animals - Animals
Dunce - Intellectual
Hates Hospitals - Caring
Inept - Skilled Labor
Pacifist - Violence
Philistine - Art
Pyrophobic - Firefighting
Slacker - Hauling
Slob - Cleaning
Snob - Dumb Labor
Useless - Skilled Labor and Dumb Labor

Additional Traits:

Animal Lover - loves animals and will be very unhappy if assigned to hunting
Early Bird - loves being up early, but hates staying up late
Neat Freak - gets a mood boost for every bit of filth they clean
Outdoorsy - loves being outdoors but hates being indoors
Rockhound - gets a mood boost for every rock they mine
Shut In - hates being outdoors but loves being indoors

Update notes:


-Pawns are now much less likely to generate with a childhood and adulthood backstory that conflict with each other. E.g. Healer will no longer spawn with the Vengeful Child backstory which makes them hate doctoring.

- The "assigned to hated work" debuff now lasts a minimum of 3 hours.

- Added a configuration option in the mod menu to allow the possibility of pawns to spontaneously generate a hatred for particular jobs (but only if a pawn has no passion for the work), just as they can spontaneously disappear.


-"Incapable of (none)" no longer appears in the pawns generation screen or the character tab, allowing for up to nine traits to generate. All pawns now generate random vanilla traits (usually two to three), no matter how many "incapable" traits they generate. Useless pawns are no longer so useless!

-The Brown Thumb trait is now linked to both growing and plantcutting as originally intended.

-Pawns with the Animal Lover trait will no longer generate assigned to hunting.

-Non-violent is now called Pacifist


-Mood debuffs are now time-based. The longer a pawn is assigned to a work type he or she detests, the larger the debuff will become.

- There is now a lingering "I was assigned to work I hate" debuff which will last half as long as the work assignment (but no longer than a day).

- Pawns will no longer generate with assignments to hated work types.

- The severity of mood debuffs is now configurable in the options menu. So if you don't like the default debuff levels, you can select lower or higher settings.

- The work tab now highlights hated work types in amber, so it's easy to tell which jobs pawns hate and which pawns are assigned to those jobs.

- There is now a chance, albeit exceedingly slim, that a pawn assigned to a hated work type will decide it's not so bad after all, and lose the negative trait. But don't expect to be able to just assign pawns to work they hate and wait for their hatred to vanish. Mental breaks are much more common than epiphanies! ;)

- The mod now utilizes a LanguageData def file, to make translation easier.


- Pawns will no longer have passions for jobs they hate doing. It's possible they still may spawn with skills higher than level 2 or 3, but you can just assume some evil task master had assigned them to doing the work until they got somewhat passable at it.

- Player-created characters will no longer generate random backstories. You can be assured when Engie is rolled it really is Engie. ;)

Compatibility notes:

- This mod can now be added to games without breaking saves. However, existing pawns will not get the new traits, but their incapabilities will disappear. If that's an issue, hold off until you start a new game to install this mod.

- This mod is now 100% compatible with both Rainbeau's Editable Backstories and Rainbeau's Editable Backstories Lite and can be added to games without breaking saves. However, existing pawns will not get the new traits, but their incapabilities will disappear. If that's an issue, hold off until you start a new game to install this mod.

-Now compatible with the Allow Tool mod.

- As of Version 3,0, this mod will DELETE pawns if they are assigned to work they hate or still have a mood debuff from work they hate when you remove the mod. Remove this mod mid-game at your own risk!


Download Pawns Are Capable! 3.2 on Steam:

Older Versions:

Download Pawns Are Capable! 3.2 on Dropbox:

Download Pawns Are Capable! 3.1 on Dropbox:

Download Pawns Are Capable 3.0 on Dropbox:

Download Pawns Are Capable! 2.0 on Dropbox:

Download Pawns Are Capable! 1.0 on Dropbox:


Credit in no particular order:

* Fluffy for helping code the Neat Freak and Rockhound traits
* NoImageAvailable for helping with the added trait generation
* Rainbeau Flambe for helping with everything else!


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Added a few more screenshots which better demonstrate how the traits work. :)


Quote-Occasionally you will end up with a pawn with a passion for a job or who has a high skill stat for a job but also has a trait that makes them hate it. I was going to try to fix it, then decided maybe they had bad experience or got burned out or just plain have no aptitude for their passion--just like people in real life.

It might be better in this case to just have the reduction in ability without the accompanying mood debuff. I mean, they're still doing what they love, they're just incompetent at it. Maybe have a 'lite' version of those traits? 'Inept at X', which has the corresponding skill debuff without the mood penalty? Then you can just have the code run through a check to see if a pawn has a passion and only allow the Inept traits.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I have no idea how you would implement that. My coding skills aren't that advanced yet. Lol


I see a 404 error when trying to download from Dropbox. Are you sure the file is there, and the link correct?


Congrats on the release! This really ought to be how vanilla is designed. Maybe if we're lucky Tynan will integrate this into A18. ^^


Thanks, Thirite! That would be awesome! I think Pregnancy and Children should be integrated, too. Even in its unfinished state it feels completely vanilla.  :D


Congratulation on the final release!

Dropbox link is 404 though =(


Moderate Issue: Quite frequently visitors and trader caravans are generated with someone with the "Non-Violent" trait, but still have a weapon equipped which they are unwilling to part with for some reason. The massive mood debuff ends in them turning berserk quickly, end result is usually a dead visitor and angered faction.


I noticed that, too. Lol Non-violents are supposed to be somewhat rare, but the game sure likes to send them with trade caravans. Lol I've got some free loot out of it, but also some mighty  cheesed off factions. Lol I'll disable the thought for non-colonists for that one in the next update. :)


Okay, looks like I accidentally deleted the Dropbox file last night. Sorry about that. Link is now updated! :)