Inexplicable backstory change

Started by UKFB, June 21, 2017, 01:12:07 PM

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I loaded up my game today to find that the backstory of all of my characters had changed. It affects both stats or traits. I uninstalled the one mod I had that affected backstories (Pawns are Capable) for safety.

Is this just stuck to the save file forever now because of the mod? Or is this a glitch of the game itself?


In theory, the easiest way to test if this is a bug with the game or a mod is to start a new vanilla game. If the backstories are messed up then it sounds like your base game has been corrupted somehow (and clean reinstall will likely fix it is so). If the vanilla backstories are fine then it's almost certainly the mod.

I'm not entirely sure what info is saved in the save file, but I'd say it quite likely that Pawns backstories are something that is. So this issue will likely persist in that save file unless the problem can be fixed by editing the save file with a text editor (But I have zero knowledge of how to do that for something like this, or even it it's possible, which it might not be. So you might be better off stating a new game now rather than continuing a bugged one).