Started by Tomasdav, May 01, 2018, 07:55:53 AM

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My idea is adding new type of work called forester, who would automatically go around colony and harvest natureĀ“s gifts. Sorry if mod like that exist, can you provide link? Also if it falls under growing section sorry


If by "Nature's Gifts" you mean trees, you can set growing zones to plant trees, which will be harvested automatically by your farmer once they are ready. Same applies to berries. But if you're talking about someone who goes out of your home area searching for random berry bushes and things like that, I'm afraid that I don't know any mods that might help. You could always just set the "Harvest" order on the entire map, of course.


well yeah but its kinda impractical and you have to repeat it like every few days so if someone could make this mod I would appriciate few berry pickers in my colony


Fluffy has a mod that lets you automatically create jobs to harvest.

Colony Manager


This is the information I'm looking for now.


It would be interesting if tribals had the ability to forage in some way that other pawns can't. It would make those early days a bit less hectic, trying to scrounge enough food for 5 people when you start with almost nothing.


Yeah well I am really upset that with some mods there are really ton of stuff you can harvest from nature and its annoying to command harvest on whole map every few days. Colony manager helps tho, your idea for tribal forage is good like they should be able to dig some roots, edible tree skin or sap, edible tree leaves, branches etc. maybe even founding some maggots under stone chunks