[Tutorial] [1.0] How to make a .dll-mod (Power Generation)

Started by Haplo, May 01, 2014, 03:42:18 PM

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Getting Visual Studio Community installed can be a bit intimidating as there are a heck of a lot of options in the install menu. Seriously, it would help if we were told which install options we must use and which we don't need. That really should be explained in the OP.  :-\ (Also, I want to mention that the download link in the OP and on the project's GitHub page are both broken.)

Further, installing with multiple options will eat up over 10 GB of HD space! :o I ended up installing with the bare minimum - all options disabled. But even that takes up about 6 GB. This should also have been mentioned. If I had known it was going to consume that much space and if I had known about alternative IDE's that would work, I probably would have installed something else. (See the IDE's section of the project's wiki page.) To be fair, though, a large chunk of the huge download is Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 SDK, which needs to be installed even if an IDE alternative like SharpDevelop is used.

Also, I thought that I would mention that the project files on HaploX1's GitHub do seem to have been updated for A15, in case anyone was wondering about that before deciding to try this.

Also, I could not find license information either in the OP, on the GitHub, on the wiki's Assembly Modding Example, or anywhere inside the files. Are we allowed to make a derivative (after giving proper credit, of course)?


So, I'm trying to learn how to go about coding and editing the assemblies, which is what led me to this tutorial. I chose to download SharpDevelop and followed the steps for preparation. But when I open the example project I get this message "The tools version '12.0' is unrecognized. Available tools versions are '2.0', '3.5', '4.0'."
I'm not really sure what this means or what I am supposed to do. Can someone help me?


Just updated this tutorial to work with the latest build (1.0 unstable)
I was surprised how little was needed to update it from a17 to 1.0 :D


Hey thanks! Got a mod working with this for 1.0 :)

I do have a slight problem, I've finished one mod but I'm not really sure how to start a new project.  Copy/pasting this again has some pathing issues since it just opens the other solution.  I mainly used this rather than the other sticky because I was having issue finding a template that targets .net framework 3.5.  Visual studio 2017 came with only the blank solution template, and when I downloaded the .net standard it game only a solution that targeted .net standard.  I don't see anything else in the installer. If you know how to solve that I can probably figure out the rest.

Edit: ugh, I looked at individual components and it says I have 3.5 development tools but I don't see how to make something using it  :-\

Edit: nvm, think I found it.
1.0 Mods: Raid size limiter:


(WIPish)Strategy Mode: The experienced player's "vanilla"


i have the same issue like SirDarin. When i open the project with SharpDevelop 5.1 i got the error: The tools version"12.0" is unrecognised. Availabe tools versions are "14.0", 2.0", "3.5, "4.0". X\ExampleDllMod\Rimworld_ExampleProjectDLL\Rimworld_ExampleProjectDLL.csproj
Would be nice if someone can check it pls. :o

Edit: Solved. I had to update the microsoft build tool 2013.