[1.0][MODLIST] czpetr's (un)necessary mods

Started by czpetr, September 02, 2018, 12:18:42 PM

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Hello, I have set this page to put here my smaller mods, so what I have here for you?

Flamethrower: This weapon is great when pack of manhunting squirrels is comming for you. It can also be used for corpse disposal.


Grenade Launcher: When you want to destroy enemy base there's nothing better than this deadly grenade launcher.


Infinite Mortar Range: This mod increases mortar range to 500 000, so it can shoot at enemies across the map.


OP Squirrels: Do you want a challenge? Or army of deadly beasts? Try this.
Flamethrower recommended for your own safety!


Raccoon is trash panda: Wait, did I actually renamed all raccoons to trash pandas?


Danger Noodle: Quality of life mod, that renames all snakes to Danger Noodles.
And here is a joke:

Look out! A danger noodle!
Wtf r u talking about craig

*Gets bitten*


House Lion: Renames all cats to house lions.
And here is a joke:

Why was the cat sitting on the computer?
To keep an eye on the mouse!


Drugs are not Food: By removing nutrition value of ambrosia and beer, this mod makes sure that animals won't eat your drugs anymore.
Your chickens will never drink your beer again!


Baby muffalo is Muffalump: Someone on the forums suggested absolutely unnecesary change, so here it is.


My Rimworld Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092655235/myworkshopfiles/?appid=294100

You don't need new save for this mod
You can modify this mod for private use, or include it in MODPACK. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD is allowed, if you give me a credit and you don't monetize it. 
All derived works must be free and it has to be clear that the derived work is derived from this MOD, if they are made public.

And what Iam planning next? Elephant-sized hares, hare-sized elephants, squirrel-shooting gun and elephant shooting squirrels.


I have no idea how, but it works!!!


New version out! Flamethrower is now craftable and grenade launcher has been added to mods


Version 1.0 out! Many new things have been added, check it out!