[A16] Usca's Blades and Blunts

Started by prinz96, January 01, 2017, 10:09:55 AM

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Hello everyone. This is my first mod ever. It's nothing big it just adds 3 new melee weapons into the game which is kukri, machete and a baseball bat.

Download link:

Just extract the downloaded rar into your rimworld/mods folder and enable it in game

This mod is not compatible with Combat Realism


Hmm Good and simple Mod for a 1st mod :D im using it now, quite a simple weapons mod

Though i have to ask, (if you're still active) XD

was the inspiration of this mod by any chance the MMOFPS game CrossFire? XD

because it was EXACTLY what my brain told me when i saw these 3 MELEE weapons altogher haha :D

:D  [+1 COOKIE]  :D