[1.0] Centralized Climate Control (v1.5.0 - 21st October '18)

Started by coldtoad, July 11, 2017, 06:50:20 AM

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I haven't had the time to optimize it fully. But if your base is huge, you ll get some lag im afraid. :(

This is a long pending issue for me. I will see if I can make some changes in the next update.


I notice you got plenty of unconnected wallfan around.
Maybe the mod try to look for the network at the loading. Just try to remove them with the dev-tool and safe/load and look if something change.


There all connected actually, just the dark blue is my freezer unit, and the light blue is my main thermal control unit.

Also, sorry to bother you about the optimization then, its nice to hear it will be worked on but still dont mean to bother you about it. >.<


How to make pipes invisible? I made separate "invisible" pipes in defs and new textures with a transparency of 99% in Photoshop, but in the game they look like usual.

What should I change to make the textures appear transparent?

  <ThingDef ParentName="AirPipe">
    <label>invisible Blue Air Pipe</label>
    <description>invisible Blue Pipes for carrying air.</description>
      <li Class="CentralizedClimateControl.CompProperties_AirFlow">


I would think one of these:


Or maybe the blueprint graphic data? But I figured that's just for laying them down, or when you have them selected to add on to it, which I would think you'd want to keep.

Maybe the atlas, you should make a new file for it, but just have this be a blank.png

Doesn't something like these pipes use the atlas for drawing in the game, so if it was just a blank texture file, it should be blank in game? Because I don't see anything like where it's colored in using RGB colors from the xml.

Other than that, I'm at a loss. Someone around here should be able to help you, if we can't figure it out :)


Sounds like a more reliable version of redisheat. My interest is piqued


Quote from: Ruisuki on February 23, 2018, 07:13:24 AM
Sounds like a more reliable version of redisheat. My interest is piqued

Do you think RedistHeat is unreliable?


A bit yes.
Pipe's disconnect after a game loading sometimes.
Ind. cooler/healer don't push into networks.
But overall Redist Heat works well, at last no NaCl bug like a previous versions.

I liked Redist Heat alot, because of the heat transport system. On an ice biome i just build walls around the geysir's transport their heat with pipe's into the base to heat it.


could you take into your modsync support.
My installed version allways show no local version.
Ahh ok, i found the issue, the archiv at release don't include the ModSync.xml.


I really cant make this work. I have a room 23x23, with 2 industrial iontakes, making about 3000 airflow. I have on climate control unit industrial that is outputing -40... The room temperture wont drop... I tried everything. What am I missing?


You are missing the outlets !
The control unit just doing the temp. change and blow allways hot air out thats why you should place it somewhere else if you want it cool.
For a 23x23 room 2 normal intakes should be enough or one industrial.
Then 6 wall mounted vents (i prefer the wall mounted one so no other space is used) should do it.
If you don't got your target temp. at the room, you might add some more vent's or double wall the room.


shouldnt pipes be invisible when placed under flooring? Or is this just not the case for flooring from T's more floors mod?


Great mod.. I just have several questions:

1) What's the difference between small vents and normal vents? It says 1 intake = 3 rooms, but does room size matter?

2) So let's say I want to keep temp in my mountainous base consistent throughout. I build the air intakes outside with the climate control and connect it through vent to a room closest to the entrance. Now I just want to build wall vents. How do I do this? Do I have to connect air pipe from the last room to the original piping (near the base entrance?)

For example Room A is where the air pipe is connected to, which is the base entrance. Now I want Room B to have the same temp. I'm not sure how to do this since if I build a vent facing Room B, it does nothing unless I connect the vent facing Room B with the vent facing Room A. So essentially if I want to do this in all the rooms in my bases, they all have to be connected by air pipe to Room A.


1. like the name say, small vent's are smaller, 1 normal intake for 4 small vents or 3 normal vents. Good for smaller room.

2. I would build the intake at a big room which got close to the target temp. at this way the control unit don't need to heat/cool fresh air that much.
Mosttimes you want to control the temp. of these big room too.
Then build pipes from the intake to the rooms, and small/normal vent at the wall of these room.
Then the control unit somewhere, you can place it at the same room like the intake solong you don't want cool it, the control unit produce heat.
And since the control unit don't got a switch for the pipe network, you should be sure just one pipe connect to the control unit.


does it make a difference building the intakes indoors or outdoors?