(mod idea/suggestion) reviving dead colonists (digital ways)

Started by Sally Smithson, July 21, 2017, 05:01:50 AM

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Sally Smithson

this is a idea for modders to work on if they want to.

everyone just hates it if a skilled pawn dies sometimes it will even screw up ur entire playtrough.
this idea might be a fix but its not so easy and cheap

1. first of all the pawn needs somekind of device inplanted into their brain that will scan all the brain activity and memories when consciousness starts the lower to critical level.

2. that scan will be saved on the data servers placed in the colony. depending on how much data servers you have the skills will be saved with more accuracy

3. the mind scan will be able to get placed into a robotic body which may have some downsides or you can use a prisoner to transfer the mind scan of the colonist that died into the prisoner body. (inc. mental traits, skills) the physical illnesses that the body has will stay (inc. dementia, frail, bad back, scars, etc.)

4. the colonist that had his mind transfered will have to adapt to the new body. for a month or so.

(optional) 5. some special abilities for the colonist that lives inside of the network. like social thru a computer system that is connected with the dataservers. or holograms (with some restrictions). or a another impant that a other colonist can get installed so the digital colonist can talk to him at a distance so he helps him with skills (like 10% bonus of what the digital colonist has)

lemme know what u think
also if you wanna work with the idea. just give me credit for the idea and lemme know when its finished.