Started by WalkingProblem, October 08, 2017, 03:07:11 PM

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Maybe ppl think of it as just another generic animal mod where you simply catch them, train them and forget about them for the rest of the game (or until they lost a leg or something).
Animal mods that add customization and variety are actually quite popular, like giddy up or generic rim for example. Generic rim, while not heavily impact gameplay, give lots of customization with great visual; and Giddy up fundamental change the way ppl use animal allowing a lot of new strategy and problem to work with. This mod should build up on top of them, with huge variety (both in term of number of pokemons plus their abilities and the uncontrollable outcome during battle) and some customization (which pokemon to catch/use, which/when to evolve).

To add another mechanic for gameplay customization, you can limit the number of pokemons following 1 pawn (1 or 2), forcing players to decide and make tag teams instead of having 1 pokemon master roaming with 200 stunkachu. Some combinations would be great (like 100% accuracy pokemon with melee pawn for no chance of friendlyfire; or minigun pawn with rock pokemon which has like 95% sharp dmg reduction...), some would be bad, but players will have to work with what they got thus making interesting choices.

Another combat mechanic, if you can make attack spawn certain temporary objects at point of impact (spider's web from giant spider mod in particular), you can modify the code to make AoE crowd control attack with distinctive visual. Also the spinning web verb for giant spider can be use with pokemon with "walking something" suggestion above, as they can randomly make a temporary ice/fire/fertilize/light field which affects surrounding area for a few hours.