[Mod Help Request] Custom Player Faction

Started by BioFringe, July 17, 2017, 01:31:33 PM

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I started to mess around with the scenario editor and noticed that there are two options for Player Faction...New Arrivals (ClassicStart) & New Tribe (TribalStart)

I would like to add a third or more options to this list but was hoping that someone could explain to me the easiest way to do this. It looks to me as if the following files come into play...

ResearchProjects_Tier1_Misc.xml (others tiers might come into play as well)

It looks like I could copy/paste a faction from the first file and change it's variables accordingly then edit the second file to include any starting tech and then finally edit the third file to satisfy the cross reference from the first file.

Am I missing anything?

Also, I have a mod that adds a change to the ResearchProjects file so if I change that file will the mod still load?

Thanks in advance for any insight that anyone can offer.

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So I did a bit of reading and experimenting and here's what I came up with...

I started by adding the following to the Factions_Player.xml

<FactionDef ParentName="PlayerFactionBase">
    <label>New Busta</label>

It was a copy/paste of the Colonist section of that file with a few edits. Essentially, I just wanted to be able to change the Label, Basic Member Kind and Pawns Plural. Outside of that I changed the Starting Research Tags and then edited the ResearchProjects_Tier1_Misc.xml to include the new tag for any research that I wanted to start with.

Could anyone verify if those edits will cause any issues long-term or if I'm missing something?
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