I have access to everything at beginning

Started by asquirrel, July 20, 2017, 02:33:46 PM

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Hi Folks,

I have access to all items at beginning.  Anything I can research is already available even though I haven't researched it.  I noticed I had  development mode checked.  I shut it off and then went back into the game.  I still have access to everything.  Any way to change this so I don't get access to all the stuff right at the beginning?  Thanks!


Wrong board but if you suspect it's connected to a mod your using try disabling your mods individually until you get the desired result. However if my understanding of the research system is correct once the research is "done" via mod or dev mode command, you can't "un" done it.


I'm a derp.  I accidentally clicked on "god mode." :D  Thanks for the fast response though!! :)