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Started by minami26, May 05, 2014, 11:49:17 AM

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I love your mod. Absolutely, totally, completely love it. Yet, I have stumbled into an issue...
Anything in the architect menu that allows you to chose what to build it with [walls, doors, etc-see picture] only let me build with silver.
I'm running your TTM pack 3.2, Glitter Tech, More Hair, and both EdB mods. I've [I think] followed the instructions in the Readme, reset the game by killing the Ludeon folder in the appdata regions, started a new world/colony, and removed GT and Hair.
In the morning, I'll try killing the EdB mods to see if they are to blame. Following that, I'll start removing TTM patch mods to see if THEY are the culprit.
I could just build with silver, but that could very quickly become....expensive.

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If at first you don't succeed, try more firepower.


As you put the other types into your stockpile you can build with them (but a lot of the log type stuff seems to have been replaced with planks only). In other words, all the stuff you could build with wood before can only be built with planks now - not sure if its a bug or intentional.


Technically if you read the changelog i have changed the metal and woodlogs requirements to utility metal and woodplanks, because thats what ttm was really about before alpha7 you need to refine the raw materials first before using them for buildings, hope you figured that out! And thankyou so much!


If at first you don't succeed, try more firepower.


For the clearlyness of the wall-thingy.

The seperate log wall is the only wall that uses logs the multi-choice thingy is only aviable if you HAVE the material, if you produce wooden planks it will be possible to build walls with them. :D For first time it have confused me too.^^"

@Minami: I hope i dont have to pay the traders for that big plumper, its your fault that i have to take a shower to get rid of the oil. ;D The patch so far is wunderfull fluffy how i expected, you do a great job.^.^ For the cloth spawning, i think i go and throw cottonballs at shinzy. ;) We loooooooove you too minami-senpai*hugs* ;D

Edit: Uhm can someone say me how the T.U.T.O.R.I.A.L. works? Wanted to learn an colonist crafting but the skill is not increasing. ???


Quote from: minami26 on October 31, 2014, 10:30:47 PM
Eeek!! Its leaking!!! Hahahaha im laughing so hard at everybodys post. Thank you everyone for reporting that! Imma hire an intergalactic oil plumber fo dat! But is everything else fine? The oil thing is messy i knowww,, i just wanted to release the PA patch a.s.a.p is the patch good? Also that clothes spawning thing, i think its an Apparello bug, if you are playing with it, gonna check up on shinzy for that :)

Thankyou everyone for checking the new version, gonna fix everything up. Absolutely love you guys! Haha

Well now that that has been made aware, as amusing as it may be :P, I am enjoying your mod so much. Been using since alpha 6 and gets better and better. Really does offer a whole new challenge and in my opinion is how rimworlds tech tree certainly should be or equate to. Makes you work from scratch and gain more as you progress giving you a sense of building a colony or being stranded on this new found world.

Anyway enough of that boring s***. Keep it up and hopefully that oil thing can get fixed soon ^^


Some things still have the vanilla recipes like geothermal 300 metal, cookstove, solarpanel etc. Have I done anything wrong or is this something normal?


so far only things i see wrong is how a few of the pathces have low research even when on slow research. conveoyour belts are 300 or so even on low so does that make them 50 on normal?
the tiki torch bug is stillo there thu. a month after selling the 2 tiki torches i used inside my haulers brought them wood. only happened once for each sold torch.maybe the refill job for them not getting delted with the torch till they are filled once after they delted?


I seem to be missing some recipes (they have been researched but can't be built). I can only build bio-cells from the electronics bench and basic drill heads from the mining bench. I also can't seem to find Static Yield 2.


Recipes bug is corrected in M&Co. Common/Deepdriller V3.2 and Security V1.2. :P
As it is a hotfix, I don't think Minami integrated it yet in the TTM versions of M&Co....


I'm just wondering if there is a pure research tech-tree (as in what research unlocks the next level of research, or more importantly the reverse as in what research is required to get to unlock certain projects).
I know there is the image of the full tech-tree in the description but I'm having a hard time with it trying to find my desired projects such as upgrades (for the life of me I can't find the second upgrade for the static discharger. The description in-game says it becomes available after researching machining, which I have, but it wont pop up. I'm just curious if I'm missing something else).
If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!


I have removed the static discharge II upgrade because it makes the discharger op, but it has a new effect during thunderstorms.. also ill fix the mining & co patch when apparello is also updated..

I get lazy about updating the techtree image its still on v2.8, ill do it some time with the building upgrades,, as for now please bear with me,, thanks!


New v3.2 update, awesome! Thanks for all your hard work. :-)

Looking forward to starting a new game with it, but I'm in the middle of a factorio game right now which I gotta finish first. You know, no loose ends. =P

PS. on my last game, I manually added / tweaked a few things in TTM, wanted to share them in case you want to adopt a few of the ideas you like:

- Hydroponics recipe gives 4 x Hydroponics Basin Modules (for the same price)

- Added <EdgeType>Fade</EdgeType>  to ClutterFloorBase, which makes all the floors blend in nicely with their surroundings
- Reduced all floor costs to 1 of their respective resource (I got bored of using concrete & smooth stone everywhere, this encourages me to use these instead for a change of scenery =p)

- Added Conduit Embrasure

- Tried very hard to add battery replacement surgery, but failed. :(

PS. The Machinarium power plant should give a lot more power to be worth it imo. 6000kW can barely run 3 shield generators at standby, and you can make 25 MAI's / shield generators with the mats it takes to build one. 20000kW would be more in line I think. :-)


Quote from: obuw on November 02, 2014, 05:42:06 PM
PS. The Machinarium power plant should give a lot more power to be worth it imo. 6000kW can barely run 3 shield generators at standby, and you can make 25 MAI's / shield generators with the mats it takes to build one. 20000kW would be more in line I think. :-)

I think it's nice. You can have a bunch of them if you got the event with the crashed part ship, some robot come from time to time in small group ready to be harvested.

There is no downside to this power generation, so of course it's costly.


can someone post what we need to do to fix the recipie problems till he comes out wiht a patch.