Dont do A18 before reworking path finding.

Started by MightyGooga, August 01, 2017, 07:37:28 PM

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To whom it may concern.

Please dont launch A18 before doing some serious work on pathfinding. Not the the work before wasnt serious, but i fell that there is still a lot to improve on.

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Tynan has confirmed that pathfinding in A17 is broken.

As such it's impossible for anyone (outside of the developers) to know how good, or not, the pathfinding currently is. And you can't judge whether something needs improving or not unless you know it's current state, which as I said nobody does (apart from the devs). Plus it will be improved in A18 simply by nature of its broken state in A17 being fixed.

I'm locking this because this isn't really a suggestion, and it's just a suggestion along the same lines as "improve performance". There are several areas of the game that are always going to by on Tynan's "aim to improve" list, with pathfinding being one of them, meaning there's no need for it as a suggestion topic. (unless someone has some ideas how to improve pathfinding from a coding perspective. But in that case they can demonstrate the advantages of their idea in a mod, and if Tynan likes what he sees, then he might well implement the changes in the game. Which is what happened with Zhentar and his better pathfinding mod).