[1.0/1.1] Beautiful Water (Fork) - 1.1.1

Started by nathanielcwm, April 10, 2020, 11:27:50 AM

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Description: Makes water have a beauty value, as it should.

What does the mod actually do?
It assigns a beauty value to water tiles.

Type of Water:Beauty Value:
Shallow Water1
Shallow Moving Water1
Chest-deep moving Water5 or 15 [1]
Shallow Ocean Water5
Deep Water20 [2]
Deep Ocean Water25 [2]

Footnotes from original mod author

  • Water that you can't walk in is treated as a wall by the game, and therefore the beauty for these tiles only goes to a depth of 1. When designing this mod, I didn't know this, so I when I came to this, I decided to adjust the values of these tiles much higher.
  • Some people use a mod for impassable chest-deep water, which similarly turns these tiles into "wall-like" tiles. So, while using this mod, it makes sense to also boost it.

Why was this forked?
The original mod was erroneously marked as compatible with Rimworld 1.1 despite it not actually supporting 1.1.

When the original was enabled on 1.1 the original would cause:

  • Errors on startup
  • The breaking of world generation

So how does the fork fix these issues?
It was honestly a really simple fix. All that needed to be done was to make a minor refactor to the Defs that changed it from relying on the Mod Check library to instead using the built in FindMod Patch Operation

Basic functionality of the mod seems to work fine on:

  • Beta 18
  • Beta 19
The automatic patching for the Impassable Chest-deep water mods has not been tested on these versions. I highly doubt anyone would still be using those versions anyway. There will be errors on startup as those versions do not support the multi version mod system.

No known issues on:

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
I would greatly appreciate it if and when you run into issues if said issues are reported either here or on the workshop


  • Alpha 17
Doesn't seem to do anything.

Download Links:
Steam Workshop

Github (Releases may trail behind Steam Workshop)

Git Repo

CrunchyDuck for creating the original
Oken for making the thumbnails on the workshop, and for helping the original creator decide on the beauty values.