[1.1]Ancient Rim (28th Feb 20)

Started by koni, August 17, 2017, 07:46:12 AM

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Would you preffer to add following content(Egypt, Persia, Gaul,..) put in separate mods or should I merge all into one?

Yes (separate)
23 (60.5%)
No (merged)
15 (39.5%)

Total Members Voted: 38


Hey Koni, any chance this will be updated to be compatible with 1.0 once it becomes stable?

I don't mean to nag, I'm just excited.


Please update this mod to build 19! This is a must have mod for me!


If Koni is not around. Could someone please try to update it for build 19 until he returns?


Hey there! I'm back with the new update to B19.
Not much has changed since B18. I've just updated stuff to the new game version + two new hats and a wood fueled heater build into the ground.

Because we have a new system how armor is calculated the mod might be very unbalanced. Please tell me everything that doesn't feel right so I can fix it.



Can I find this in the steam workshop?


Can u make more efficient way of making Iron? Maybe with integration of coal from mod "medieval times"?
I have no idea how, but it works!!!


Quote from: mvargus on September 27, 2018, 03:28:52 PM
Can I find this in the steam workshop?
No, not in the moment. Maybe you'll find it there in the future, but not now. I don't use steam.

Quote from: WolfgangPolska on September 28, 2018, 04:51:32 AM
Can u make more efficient way of making Iron? Maybe with integration of coal from mod "medieval times"?
I can do, if you mean 'steel'. I should make a whole medieval times addon.


Really like the mod, it adds a lot to the game!
One problem I've found is that the factions get massive numbers of troops when they do raids. I'm playing at the moment and have 8 colonists and have just been attacked by the romans with 32 troops! This is not a feasibly defensible attack. The armour they wear makes them very tanky and they get in and swamp my colonists before I can do anything.

Looking at your code, you haven't set the combat power correctly. Most of the units are set to 25 combat power, compared to the scrub tier tribal troop which has 35 combat power. The troops from your factions are easily more powerful than tribals. For a bit of balancing, I would suggest making the different pawn kinds have higher combat power across the board.

One other note, there is a slight incompatibility with Rainbeau Flambe's Faction Control mod. If you set the game to spawn more than one of your factions, they are named 'Errorname'. Simple fix is to just add a couple more names in the faction name maker. "Roman Empire" and "Roman Republic" for example.

Anyway, those're my two cents. Really like the mod! Always have it enabled now, love the artwork on everything.

Thanks for the hard work!


do you use the mod "Same spot" maybe ?
Normaly you can position 3 pawn's on a narrow spot like a door, that will block all enemies from passing through.
But that mod change it, so they can move past your blocking pawns.


I don't use it. It's not a matter of blocking them from getting in, but being unable to kill them before they kill me. The always turn up with 'excellent' quality armour and weapons and don't take much damage from gun fire.


Will this be updated for v1.0? Please?


He was last online 4 days ago, so he's alive at least. Just gotta wait.



Man, I miss this mod while playing 1.0...