[1.2] Sparkling Worlds - Glittertech on the Rim

Started by Albion, August 29, 2017, 10:09:24 AM

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The main idea for this mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced items and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings without breaking the game or deviating too much from the vanilla version.
I'm open to constructive criticism regarding the balancing.

This mod can be added to any savegame and should work with most mods (see list below). Removing it from a savegame will result in errors though. If you want me to check a specific compatibility just post or pm.

If you encounter any bugs please report them. I will fix them as soon as possible.

Download links

Full Mod with all features present:
Steam Link - Full Mod
NexusMods Link (manual download)

Version with reduced feature list but optional addon-ons so you can pick what features you want (All these mod can also be found at NexusMods):
Steam Link - Core Mod
Add-ons (also work without the Core or Full mod):
Blue Moon Corp - Faction
Chemical extraction - Neutroamine and chemfuel refining
Mind Altering Device - change your traits
More World Events - additional events
Mech Serum Crafting - craft resurrector, healer and lazarus mech serum
Weapons - craft vanilla-friendly weapons
Extensions (Optional extension not included in the Full mod):
BMC Hardcore Patch - patches Blue Moon Corp to be even deadlier (requires Full mod or Blue Moon Corp Addon)
Combat Extended compatibility Patchn (B18!) - Steam Link or Github Link (requires Full Mod!)

The mod will be continuesly improved upon.
If you want to support me or help me to be able to pay some artists for better textures, please consider to buy me a coffee:


Ship crash event
A new event, which spawns a quest opportunity to go and explore a spaceship crashsite.
The crashsite features three potential layouts with chances for high rewards but also grave danger. You might not be the only ones sending an armed caravan to explore the crashsite.
There is also a chance for a mechanoid hive ship crash including more mechanoid forces and more advanced/special loot.

Psychic emitter event
An ancient psychic emitter reactivated and is sending a powerful drone. Go out and destroy it or endure the drone until it shuts down again.

Doctor request event
Similar to the peace talk a doctor is requested to a nearby site. Sending a good doctor might result in an increase of goodwill.

Trade fair
Some caravan traders are gathering nearby to trade. Go out and trade with multiple caravans at once.

Infested ship chunks
Bugs from space! Some infested ship chunks fall down near your colony. They act like normal insect hives and will even reproduce.

Hunting lodge
Get the location of a nearby hunting lodge. Facilities for sleeping, cooking and butchering are already present as well as a herd of animals to hunt.

Thrumbo sighting event
A new event, which spawns a quest opportunity to go to a site near you colony where a herd of thrumbos is gathering. You might hunt and kill them or try to tame them. A hostile faction might have send a hunting party too, which will attack you.


  • Weave synthread out of cloth and devilstrand
  • Weave hyperweave out of devilstrand and plasteel
  • Weave plasteel out of steel
Mechanite assembly

  • Make AI persona core
  • Print luciferium
  • print sensory or fibrous mechanite injector
  • print healer and resurrector mech serum
  • print lazarus injector - mechanites that heal a pawn if he gets downed
  • print pain gun (non-leathal gun)
  • print 3 different gauss weapons (gauss lance, rifle and bulletstorm)
  • print plasma gun
Fabrication bench

  • Make pain stick (non-leathal melee weapon)
  • Make burn stick (deals burn damage)
  • Make Triple or Doomsday rocket launchers
Drug lab

  • Make Glitterworld medicine

  • Refine neutroglycerin into chemfuel
  • Refine neutroglycerin into neutroamine

Boomalopes and Boomrats now give neutroglycerin instead of straight up chemfuel

Devilstand is now growable in hydroponics

Mind Altering Device - Don't like your traits? Get new ones using this marvelous technology. Side effects may include but are not limited to pyromania, cannibalism, dementia and death.

Bombardment satellite pod - Can be constructed at a pod launcher. Will spawn a orbital bombardment targeter when launched.

Glitterworld hospital bed - Like the normal hospital bed but even better. Pawn will heal quicker and there is a higher chance for a successfull treatment.

Compact nuclear reactor - Don't confuse with fusion. This nuclear power plant turns boring uranium into precious power. Warning: Consumes a lot of uranium and damage might lead to detonation.

Computingsystem - Addon for the High-tech research bench to research Glitterworld technologies.

Three new kinds of traders

  • Glitterworld trader - sells advanced items like adv components, rail guns and AI cores
  • Farming trader - sells everything farming related from meals, raw food, fertilized eggs to lifestock like cows and pigs
  • Mining goods trader - sells all mineable resources like uranium, gold, jade, stone blocks, etc. and buys drugs

Blue Moon Corporation - New faction of hightech spacers spawning harder raids with slightly better equipped raiders

Patches (already included in the mod)

Genetic Rim - creatures from that mod produce neutroglycerin instead of chemfuel.

Medic Addons - allows to link the glitterworld hospital bed to the addons from the mod.

Jelly farm - makes the infested ship chunks drop hive parts so they can be used to create jelly farms.

Survival Tools - makes the multitool from the mod craftable after researching a Sparkling Worlds research


  • Albion - coding and textures
  • Mehni - being a good guy and answering lots of questions
  • Shotty - preview picture and gun textures
  • MrHoodlum - various event related textures
  • Chicken Plucker - various textures
  • Halno - various building and other textures
  • Riper - Russian translation
  • Saebbi - CE compatibility patch creator, helped translate to german
  • ShadowTani - original Boomalope chemical extraction idea
  • IzzyHRC - original Mind Altering Device creator. Various code and textures were taken from his outdated mod

This mod is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

You can therefore adapt, transform, and build upon this mod but I want credit and a short pm if you publish it.
However do not re-upload this mod without my consent and don't publish any translated version.
If you want to translate my mod please contact me and I can send you the necessary files. I'll incorporate any translations and credit the translator.


Quote from: Nameless on August 29, 2017, 12:17:07 PM
Following this.

What he said.

Quote from: Albion on August 29, 2017, 10:09:24 AM
Explosives Table

  • Make mortal shells
  • Make frag or EMP grenades as well as molotov cocktails
  • Make Triple or Doomsday rocket launchers
  • Make new EMP grenade launcher

This alone makes me interested in the mod.
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thank you for making this mod.

can you add a section on first post - does it work with glittertech ( mod ), remote explosives, veg garden etc etc...

can you add the Chemfuel power generator as its own mod ?


Quote from: tonsrd on August 30, 2017, 01:13:49 PM
thank you for making this mod.

can you add a section on first post - does it work with glittertech ( mod ), remote explosives, veg garden etc etc...

can you add the Chemfuel power generator as its own mod ?

I updated the first post. The mod should work with most popular mods right now since I'm not changing to much of the core game and don't have any assemblies right now. This will probably change in the future at which point I might split the mod into several parts and one full version.
If you have any specific mod lists you want me to check compatibility please send them to me or post them I will do my best to test them and make them compatible.

In regards to the chemfuel generator:
As mentioned above I might split up the mod in the future but this might take a few weeks. However if you just want the chemfuel generator I recommend a quick search in the forum which will turn up other mods with just a chemfuel generator like: Diesel generator
If however for some reason you dislike my chemfuel generator and want it removed from the mod: Just don't build it  ;)


Vegetable Garden

remote explosives

genetic rim ( epoe inspired )

Better Workbench Management (QoL mod)

Glitter Tech

-- nucluer power and luci production --

sd stuff -- advanced nuclear power: 20k--

sd stuff - luci production

eatKenny's Industrialisation : Nuclear Power Plant

nuclear power plant --^^20kW power output^^

how much power is ur chemfuel / nuclear power plants ?


Quote from: tonsrd on August 31, 2017, 05:53:17 PM
how much power is ur chemfuel / nuclear power plants ?

The chemfuel generator produces 1.600W with a consumption rate of 14 chemfuel per day.
Not the most efficient one out there but as I mentioned above you don't have to build it. You could install a second mod with a more efficient generator and still use and enjoy this mod.

Same goes for the fission reactor: 9.000W with a consumption rate of 15 uranium per day.
One should be enough to power a decently sized vanilla colony. Build additional geothermal plants or a second reactor and all your energy needs should be met.

I also did some tests with your mentioned mods and updated the list in the first post accordingly. All the mods should work fine without issue with my mod. If you run into any problems or errors please report them.


I updated the mod to include 2 new ranged weapons buildable with the 3D printer.

There was also a bug that caused the computingsystem to disappear after it was being build which is now fixed.

Additionally I added two new types of orbital traders:
Glitterworld - sells more exotic items and body parts than the exotic trader but doesn't buy art
Farming - sells a lot of animals (with low wilderness) as well as raw food and some meals


I found something to complain about  ;D

Please include the named root folder of the Mod into your zip-file.
It is common practice for Rimworld mods and prevents overwriting and sudden appearences of Def Folders.

My common practice is to collect new mods and upgrades on the forum,
bulk extract them in a temporary folder
and than check wich mods I have to replace/upgrade and which are new.

Opening the about file, to find out which mod is now scattered across my temp folder, removing it and then extract-as to create a named folder for it is just annoying.
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Rule 34 of Rimworld :There is a mod for that.
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Sorry for not catching that but I never actually tried to download the file myself :o

I also recently updated the graphics so enjoy those. I'm currently working on the additional faction of hightech corporate soldiers.
Basically slightly harder raids but with higher rewards since the spoils of war go to the winner/survivor.


Maxim 1   : Pillage, then burn
Maxim 37 : There is no overkill. There is only open fire and reload.
Rule 34 of Rimworld :There is a mod for that.
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The textures for this mod don't load by default. The cause appears to be the texture folders' names not being capitalized, as fixing that made them load for me.


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I was busy and didn't see your post.

Are you refering to all textures not loading properly or are there specific ones?
I just double checked and at least in the lastest version of the mod this problem does not exists.
Maybe you have a slightly older version. Re-downloading should fix this then and you might even get better textures (they were updated recently) and some additional features. Re-downloading will NOT break your savegame. All new versions are compatible with old savegames.

Thank you for using my mod. Enjoy it.


With Rimworld 17b no textures are loaded
eg. "Things/Building/MatterweaverSW" won't load because the path is "things/Building/MatterweaverSW"
I assume it was a Rimworld change from 17a


Did you try downloading the latest version of this mod?
Does the problem still exist then?
I did tests with A17b and there were no issues but maybe I missed something. However at least on my end the current Dropbox download features capitalization of both the folder names and the paths in the file or am I wrong and going crazy?  :o ;D
Please try and download the latest version and try again. It will work fine with any previous Savegames.