Updating Bulgarian (Problem/Question)

Started by Unwanted_Soldier, September 13, 2017, 06:52:25 PM

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So I just started translating Rim to Bulgarian. It's almost fully translated, but it's outdated and needs an update. Since the new updates, there have been new strings in the files and so on. The thing is that in the old translated files these string are missing and I want to know if there is a fast way just to add the missing strings, because if they are missing, I have to either translate everything from scratch or search for every single missing string, add it and translate it.

here's an example of missing strings:


If I may, I just had to learn how to do that. I tried XML-Comp and it did the job, yes.

But later I found about RimTrans (https://github.com/RimWorld-zh/RimTrans). And it turns out that RimTrans was easier to use (GUI) and most importantly, it found way much more strings to translate than XML-Comp did.

Too luck on your project