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Started by Kiame, September 15, 2017, 02:13:27 AM

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Update for 1.0: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-changedresser/releases/download/1.0/ChangeDresser.zip

Use ModSync RW to know if/when there's an update

Please use the new thread for bug postings and discussion: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41483.msg408919#msg408919

There is a newer version available here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41483.0

The newer version is not save game compatible so only use it on new saves or saves where you have not already built a Change Dresser. Consider that version as the one going forward to release.

Adds a Dresser, Mirror, and Mending Attachment to the Furniture tab.

Change Dresser
-Build Menu: Furniture
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 40 steel + 40 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Apparel

Change Mirror
-Build Menu: Furniture
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 20 steel + 20 woo/stone/steel
-Wall Mounted

Mending Attachment
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost 250 steal + 6 components + 20 wood/stone/steel
-Energy: 10 W (not in use) or 1000 W (in use)
-Place within 6 squares of a Change Dresser to have apparel automatically mended/repaired
-Research Required: Mending & Multi-Analyzer
-Mending Mod not required (highly recommended though)

If a pawn is told to interact with these - via right click - the pawn can change their Hair Style, Hair Color, or Body. Additional interactions are available with the Change Dresser: Change Apparel Color and Store Apparel.

Selecting the Change Dresser will give some additional functionality:
-Manage Apparel - View what's stored in the selected dresser and drop selected apparel on the ground.
-Assign Outfits - Assign outfits to pawns for both when they are not drafted and when they are drafted. When a pawn has outfits assigned to them, they will be able to instantly switch between outfits when selected - button will appear at the bottom that can be selected by the user.
-Empty - Place all the stored apparel on the ground around the dresser.
-Include Apparel In Trade - Designates whether to include the apparel stored in the dresser in trade deals.

Example for Assigned Outfits
The pawn Mina has outfits Everything, Worker, Light Armor Range, Heavy Armor Melee.
Everything and Worker are civilian outfits (non-combat)
Light Armor Range and Heavy Armor Melee are combat outfits

When Mina is not drafted, she can change between Everything and Worker.
When Mina is drafted, she will change to the last combat outfit she was wearing - we'll say Light Armor Range in this case. She can then switch to Heavy Armor Melee and back to Light Armor Range as needed.
When Mina is done in combat or is incapacitated/killed she will switch back to the last civilian outfit she was wearing.

The apparel worn prior to an outfit change will be removed from the pawn prior to the change - this allows apparel that was being worn to be put back on if applicable. There must be a change dresser available for the previously-worn apparel to go to otherwise it will be dropped on the ground around the outfit-changing pawn. Consider having an extra change dresser which allows all apparel with a Low Priority setting if the other Change Dressers have restrictive filters.

Forming Caravans
Stored apparel will be available for caravans. Until the pawns in the caravan either exit the map or are told to cancel the caravan, the apparel will remain scattered around the dresser. If something goes wrong and the items are not collected, let me know and click the "Collect" button on the change dresser.

As of now if the Cancel button is used from the Form Caravan window, the apparel will not be collected. This will likely remain the case for the time being due to limitations in modding tools.

This can be fixed by either using the Collect button or forming another caravan and either allow it to leave the map or cancel the caravan

Mending Attachment
Will detect if apparel within attached Change Dressers need to be mended.
Each Mending Attachment can only mend one apparel at a time.
More than one Mending Attachment can be attached to one or more Change Dressers (many-to-many relationship)

Mending mod Patch (not required)
Patch to allow pawns to remove apparel from a ChangeDresser and mend it:
Mending Patch Download:

All Outfit Assignmnet/Apparel actions are available to Alien Races
Body and Hair attributes can be modified depending on the alien race. Not all alien races can have hair, different head types, etc.
Species changing is not available (can't change from a human to an alien) (this is a code limitation and not a design decision on my part)

Direct Download:


Thank you translators!
Vaniat - Chinese Simplified and Traditional
Proxyer - Japanese
Ɲơɴɑɱɛ - German
Gidreess - Russian
Boundir - French

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Quote from: Kiame on September 15, 2017, 02:13:27 AM
Consider this the new and future (A18+) Change Dresser.

Must resist comments ...

The remaining description sounds like a dream come true. :)
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Fixing a few bugs and applied some more polish.

Steam and direct download updated


Hello Kiame, this mod looks fantastic, it is just what I was looking for!

The problem is that it is probably incompatible with Combat Extended (I'm getting errors and when I build a dresser it just vanishes), so I wanted to ask if you could also create a 'basic' version of the dresser that only serves as a menu based clothing storage without all the fancy options (apparel sets, outfit switching..) that break compatibility? :D

So that you can manually order your pawns to go to the dresser which will open the menu in which you can switch items between their and the dresser's limited (maybe around 30 pieces?) inventory? That's all.

This would be just great! :)


Hmm i was using combat extended with the original change dresser. Let me take a look at what's not working.


Well at least I think it is CE, I'm not 100% sure though...
Here is the log entry:

Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_ChangeApparelColor
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_ChangeHairStyle
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_ChangeHairStyle
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_ChangeBody
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_StoreApparel
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_WearApparelGroup
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.DresserJobDriver.JobDriver_WearApparelFromStorage
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.Building_Dresser
Could not find a type named ChangeDresser.Building_ChangeMirror

In any case I'd still really love to have a "simple" version, because that might sound a bit strange, but I'm starting to lose track of all the different features and settings, especially when they start to overlap each other (for example CE's loadouts vs dresser outfits).
So if I could use the dresser as a menu based storage (with limited storage capacity) that is restricted to clothing and which contents would also be available to pawns (just like a usual storage zone) so that they can haul allowed items there or automatically equip stuff they are missing/ would prefer/ use in one of their CE-loadouts, that would be absolutely awesome.  :)

And if you don't want to make a separate version, maybe this limited functionality could be an option in den Mod Settings?
Thanks for thinking it over!  ;D


Looks like it's not installed correctly. Make sure you only have one version of ChangeDresser enabled and everything got extracted from the zip file.


Quote from: Kiame on September 17, 2017, 06:48:59 PM
Looks like it's not installed correctly. Make sure you only have one version of ChangeDresser enabled and everything got extracted from the zip file.

I think it is installed correctly.  :-\
In my Mods\rimworld-changedresser-20170916 folder I have:


and it is the only version of this mod I have.


Looks like i pasted the wrong link! That's the source, not the mod. Sorry!



Thank you, I will try this one and report if everything works!

What do you think about my request/ suggestion?  ;)


TBH not worth it time-wise to support two versions. Sorry


Last update before i'm out of town.
Fixed an issue where an outfit with no apparel (aka naked) would cause the game to become unresponsive.
Fixed an issue where an item stored in the dresser could become duplicated and appear on top of the dresser.

I'll be checking steam/forums while i'm out. I haven't seen any new bugs beyond these last two so i think it's stable at this point. Direct download and steam updated.



Hi Kiame, really like your mod. Just noticed that the hair textures aren't scaled if changed, and stumbled across your code. It seems that you're changing the headgraphicpath, I guess RW also wants the CrownType changed if switching from Normal to Narrow and vice versa.


Hmm I'll take a look this weekend.  I'm out of town this week  :)