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Started by Mehni, September 26, 2017, 03:49:12 PM

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Pick Up and Haul v0.18.2.0 released. It now features smarter unloading, Spanish and Russian translations (thanks Sma145 and HanabishiRecca) and restored the Haul Urgent functionality. Unloading is now per category. Yorkie not included.

Mehni's Misc Modifications also received an update. It has a much cooler way of setting the threshold at which raiders flee. Also includes a bugfix, thanks to Wanderer_joins for letting me know <3



Pick up and haul: a colonist picked up a stone chunk in his inventory to haul it but I changed the dump stockpile zone permissions and priority while he was en route. The stone chunk is now stuck in his inventory and the drop button doesn't do anything; the colonist doesn't offload it either. What do?


you sure you use latest version of Pick up and haul and SimpleSideArms ?
If not please upate both.
when you got latest version, you maybe should include an error log.

To get ride of the stone chunk, put that pawn just into a caravan, after he left the map you can destroy the chunk and let the pawn return to the map.


The GitHub version of Simple Sidearms isn't 100% up to date and still has that bug. The Steam version is up to date. You'll find I've attached that dll to a post one or two pages back, and in the Simple Sidearms thread.

@Canute: Thanks for the assist.


The Minigun handling mod tells me that it's not for the current version, and I also notice that on the github page it says 17.2 not 18.2


Yeah, blame Mehni ! :-)
Download the master, and inside the master you got the mod folder.
Not the right way to handle it with Github.


I'm suspecting an issue between Pick up and Haul and Combat Extended. When attempting to haul raw meat or vegetables (seen only with those) between lower and higher priorities stockpiles the colonists semi-consistently get stuck in a loop where they pick the item up in their inventory and then immediately drop it on the floor (CE's inventory system?). Note: the higher priority stockpile is a single refrigerator building from some mod, although I don't think it has any impact.

Tamers also seem to get stuck in this loop when they try to pick up a larger quantity of a food item than their mass/bulk limits allow. Manually picking a lower amount goes smooth.

Another note: I have Smarter Medicine mod installed which also affects inventory loadouts, although I use CE's specific loadouts for the purpose of carrying medicine.

The log only says that %pawn_name% started 10 jobs in one tick and then describes each of those as TakeInventory.


An output_log with the error would really help. Assuming you have HugsLib, hit CTRL+F12 while in-game.



Immediately after loading the save. Triggers when Tamers go to pick up raw food or hay. I do have Smarter Food Selection, I think I saw something regarding incompatibility somewhere.

Edit: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it only affects pawns that have Handle job enabled. Disabled it and haven't noticed the loop happening ever since. Iirc Smarter food selection has issues with hay being used as taming food, but here all applicable foods are affected.

Nope, does affect non-handlers and non-food items. Watched a pawn loop around a steel slug chunk. I dunno at this point. J'accuse inventory system.


Hmm. It's not directly a Pick Up and Haul issue; the thing that errors is the vanilla TakeInventory which I don't use. Vanilla uses it for taming and carrying around a meal, and I believe CE uses it for the inventory management too.

To verify if it is or isn't Pick Up and Haul, please draft everybody, tell them all to drop their inventory and disable Pick Up and Haul. If it turns out that it is PU&H, I'll do what I can to fix it.


I saved the game when a pawn was stuck in a loop, quit to main menu, disabled Pick up and haul, loaded the save, and the pawn was still stuck in the loop. Dropping stuff from inventory didn't help. So I guess it's CE + vanilla issue.


You said it wasn't a food item, but does it maybe was an item that could used at butcher,cook or Refiniery  and does you maybe use Infinity Storage ?


I do have the tidy up mod that consolidates stacks of identical stackable items, but that doesn't explain the steel slug chunk loop. Every time it involved either moving the item from one stockpile to another or picking up stuff into inventory.

I've noticed another identical error in the log but with TakePosture job instead. Afaik it's Combat Extended "while shooting the weapon pawn crouch to reduce hit chance". Another sign that it's CE's issue, I take it.