[1.0] The Many Mods Of Mehni [Updated "daily!"]

Started by Mehni, September 26, 2017, 03:49:12 PM

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Hmm, I do like Pick up and Haul, but it allows for some, I imagine, unintended things to happen.

First off it allows you to use non-haulers to haul, though ofcourse it'd be more tedious to do than just clicking prioritize hauling. And that was already possible with the caravan exploit either way I believe.

Secondly though, it also makes the pawn pick up several stacks of items when they have nowhere to put those items, as an example, when you put a one tile stockpile for both meat and vegetables on either side of the stove and then later tell the pawn to haul meat from the freezer, he will pick up more than 75 meat, go and put 75 on the 1 tile stockpile and then walk back into the freezer to unload the rest of the meat.


^ yeah i noticed that too. its pretty annoying when they go back and forth across the map when it should only be one trip taken.


Would it be possible to get caravaneers recognize the food in their inventory? I have a ton of food packed with one character and nobody ate. Had to use set up camp to generate a map so I could take it out and feed


Quote from: Ruisuki on July 23, 2018, 12:21:43 AM
^ yeah i noticed that too. its pretty annoying when they go back and forth across the map when it should only be one trip taken.

^yeah, I noticed that too. Found a potential solution, but also found a potential problem with that potential solution. I expect to solve it for 1.0

As for caravaneers with food in their inventory, that should Just Work. Anything in a pawns inventory is shared among the caravan. Pick Up and Haul doesn't intervene with any of that.


I love pickup and Haul, but just FYI, the most recent unstable build (1974) caused my pawns to vanish while it was enabled.


Thanks you for the report.

I assure you, pawns are not supposed to do that. I'll get up a fix ASAP.


Good to hear youre already on it man. Just one more reason why I cant wait for 1.0


and updated.

Ran into a stubborn bug with how vanilla draws a line for queued jobs and that spammed errors. Took me forever to find the exact spot to fix.

Also implemented the potential solution to the "hauling multiple things to a single spot" problem. I would love some feedback on that. It also uses the newest bleeding edge harmony version, lemme know if there are problems with that.


New mod: More faction interaction

Adds more interaction with and between factions, bringing the world to life.

Meaningful faction relations
- Build up trust and factions will reward you
- Cement relations by inter-faction marriages
- Help factions recover from different setbacks
- Factions may call upon you for labour
- Favours for favours
- Increased rate of world events

Trade improvements
- Specialised traders desperate for certain goods
- More frequent traders, if you treat them right
- Traders get richer as you build up trust
- Traders bring higher quality as relations increase

A living world
- Pirates spread out and grow outposts
- Pirates can demand tribute if they're close by - destroy their outposts!

Warring factions
- Unrest is brewing between two factions! Will you pick a side, stay neutral or profiteer?

TL;DR: More events
- Diplomatic marriages
- Reverse trade requests
- Bumper crops
- Hunter's Lodge
- Pirate extortion
- Faction WAR

- SerpyDerpy, preview image.
- Brrainz, Harmony.
- XeoNovaDan, rubberducking and testing.
- erdelf, erdelf.
- ShotgunFrenzy, art.
- Halno, art.
- My testers. You know who you are. Thanks to Eviltrick in particular, check 'em out on twitch.

Shoutout to Albion of Sparkling Worlds, for the inspiration and support.

- Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1454024362
- GitHub: https://github.com/Mehni/MoreFactionInteraction/releases
- Ludeon: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35832

If you like this mod, please considering buying me a coffee.


bro Bro BRO BROOOOOOOOO I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOD SINCE rumors of it began. Mehni you are [insert high praise compliment]! Between this, Sparkling worlds and the drug wars from smokeleaf industries author za world gonna be full of story.


Quote from: waris on July 26, 2018, 04:54:35 PM
a B18 version for this mod?
Hi, thanks for your interest!

I'm not able to maintain two versions of the mod. Come join us on 1.0 unstable! We've got paintable checkboxes, predators sending alert when hunting and mods like More Faction Interaction. :D

@Ruisuki: Much love <3 Sounds like a great combination of mods. Lemme know how it goes!


Man this mod would be so much better if we can add more factions. Wish rainbeau update his mod so I can have more factions to play with this mod.
Bleeeee. . . . .


I had flashbacks of CK2 when reading about inter-factions marriage.

Holy cow, your mod is going straight into my load order. (... um that kinda sounds wrong, kinky even. (...never mind)).