[A17] Pirate raiders atacked ancient structure.

Started by harvald, October 13, 2017, 05:27:19 AM

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Ancient structure was near edge of the map. Pirates appeared directly behind it, and attacked it.  When they entered inside, some people was released from pods and some bugs spawned. Then there was massacre. It was fun to watch it, but bugs won, and there was literally nothing i could do about it. It happened in early game, so i had only 2 colonists and only one riffle. Since then bugs are multiplying. Now there are 100 of them and it is game over.


So... how exactly would this be a bug?

(Also, how would this be a game over? Like, just build in a distance from it.....)


Is is a bug, because raiders should attack my base, not unrelated walls. Also this is end-game scenario, problem without solution, and is frustrating.

I did as you said. I build in distance and it worked about half of year (in game time). Then temperatures raised (I've played on desert) and creatures start to die from sunstroke. After each death other creatures start to moving towards my base, then stopped, then start again, and after some time they obliterate everything.


Maybe you claimed them?
Then they totally go for those walls.

Or they were in the way of their pathing, cant really judge without  more context.

Beides that, its not gameending at all.

You could probably still make it on the map without issue, if you dont got a super small mapsize.

and if you do, just form a caravan, move to another square, gather some strength and get back to your free infinite meatfarm once you're ready.

Gotta go with the flow :p


I doubt unclaimed walls could be attacked by enemy pawns. They treat them as if they were theirs.


I can confirm, they attacked a shrine with frags on my save aswell.
I recommend keeping the behaviour tho, it's fun to watch and well, you need to die from something ^^


This has been around for a while, and is regarded as a game feature. The raider "knows" what damage this may cause you, and so opens the vault to let the baddies out. At least that's what I remember about this: not a bug.
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Quote from: Calahan on October 18, 2017, 05:20:20 PM
Linking to a report on the Mantis regarding the same issue. https://ludeon.com/mantis/view.php?id=3119

Not a bug? In the begging ancient structure is like a nuclear bomb. It's too powerful to open it. So every gamer is waiting to a moment when he can deal with it. If raiders know about it, then clearly there is something wrong. There is no way to defeat bugs or people from pods in the beginning. It wouldn't be a bug if there would be method to adapt to this situation.
(even if this is intentional, a feature, it still can be bug, but not from programmer point of view, but from designer point of view)


Actually raiders don't know what's inside the building. They're just trying to destroy everything which prevents them from reaching your base (or if they would have to take a longer path walking around it). I'd say it's just bad luck. Thanks for reporting though.