Being able to use just about any item for surgery?

Started by Evillee, October 16, 2017, 08:29:13 PM

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What if you had a new operation titled "Other", where you could have the ability to implant most items(nothing giant) into a person. Like putting a bomb into a prisoner(suicide bomber, anyone?), or replacing someones hand with a gun or sword. Or maybe just being mean and implanting boulders and knives into that prisoner who almost escaped. Sound neat?


An The Island of Doctor Moreau mod would be fun. Could surgically create Boomtaurs.


Rule 34 applies.

You can allready implant Scyther Blades as Hands,
the Mechanoid Extraordinaire Mod adds a Tentacle Arm,
and If you want to go Batshit there is an Advanced Medical Mod.
there is a Mod for Mutagens and there is GeneticRim for animals ..

Just browse through the Mod Subforum .. outdated mods get moved regulary,
the 30 pages contain mostly A17 Mods with some A16 sprinkled in ..
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