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Author Topic: [1.2] Miscellaneous w MAI+Robots  (Read 1211337 times)


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Re: [1.2] Miscellaneous w MAI+Robots
« Reply #2550 on: November 30, 2020, 03:32:49 AM »

at last you should post the error too has an chance to take a look. Best would be to use the "Share log" button if you got hugslib installed and post the link you got.

Meanwhile you can investigate self a bit. Just disable all other mod's beside the libaries and the Misc. series.
Setup a test colony with the dev tools, spawn resources and let a MAI build and activate.
If anything works fine, it is at last the fault of some other mod from your list.

Since you mention the musicmanager, any other mod that modify the music at some way ? try to add them to your test colony and test it.

I'm working on getting another confirmation on the new file but I need the music to try to play first while the MAI is activated to do so but here is one from my current save. I don't have any mods normally that affect music I tried installing music manager to hopefully get around the problem but when it didn't fix it I removed it.

Edit: While it was running in the background it popped up with the error. It is a brand new fresh save just with an activated MAI enhanced android. Also you can see if you leave it it will continue to try to play music frequently enough and keeps throwing errors.
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