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Started by Haplo, May 16, 2014, 05:54:01 AM

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No you are indeed correct, there Are two automatic turrets with different health points. One is built of steel, while the other is built of plasteel. Maybe I should have changed the name, but.. For now it's by design :)


Quote from: Techgenius on December 04, 2015, 06:36:19 PM
I think the Xpansion requires combat droids and medic droids, specially if you like playing a "Loner" type of game where you get only one colonist and he survives on his own with technology. I'd like as well that it allowed me to craft them myself, instead of just buying them from robot dealers, miner droids are also welcome
pretty much everything (xept combat droids) u can achieve by reprogramming mechanoids (from More Mechanoids) while Mai is sort of more advanced companion-like robot.
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Can anyone tell me what im forgetting? Im trying to make it so i can craft the automated turret base, but it still doesn't seem to be work. I re-enabled the research and added the category to the def, but nothing happened.


Hey, I'm trying to make a MAI, and I can't figure out how to get the iron and the silver into the machine, I have tried hoppers, stockpiles, moving the machine all around...
What do I do!


Quote from: OSMC on December 13, 2015, 04:08:03 AM
Hey, I'm trying to make a MAI, and I can't figure out how to get the iron and the silver into the machine, I have tried hoppers, stockpiles, moving the machine all around...
What do I do!
If you have stockpile where you have iron and silver that has critical priority that's probably the case. Try to downgrade priority of any stockpile you have to important.


Thanks, I just wasnt used to something taking the stuff just whenever, because it took awhile for it to pick everything up


would you consider making the droids (the small ones) available in the form of a stand-alone mod?


Hi I have a question. How exactly can I repair my MAI? The nanite thingy doesn't do anything and she still lacks her smelling sensor. How exactly does the nanite assembler work?


when your MAI this wound automatically goes to a medical bed
If the station of your MAI have a nanite assembler send her to that station to rest, the assembler repair the damaged parts of your MAI over time.


Do I need more than 75 plasteel for this? My MAI lacks her smelling sensor and goes to sleep in a charghing station with a nanite assembler and 75 plasteel. Nothing happens after more than a week now..

Plus, she won't get into a medical charging station because it tells me "MAI is not wounded".


Hmm there may be a bug preventing the rebuilding of the missing part..
Has anyone successfully regrown a body part with the assembler in Alpha 12?
I don't remember if I have tested this in the update from 11 to 12..


Maybe I'm doing it wrong I don't know. Is there anything else needed other than a recharging station (not medical) and one full nanite assembler (75 plasteel) besides it? If not, I guess it's a bug.


I tested it in Alpha 12: full repair a MAI in a recharging station but it's in a medical mode, and expend plasteel for part.


Alright so I tested it now and there is definitely something wrong. Basically the MAI can only get repaired if it is already wounded. For example if she has some minor wounds and one missing arm she can regrow the arm by going into a medical recharging station with a nanite assembler.

Only then she can get repaired. But it's kind of tricky since you have to purposely damage your MAI to reassemble a lost part. Other than that, you can't regrow your parts (while normally sleeping).

If you try to order MAI to sleep in the medical recharging station the game tells you that she can't "sleep until healed" since she is not injured. (The same way a colonist with a missing arm doesn't really count as injured.)


Hi, I've been having a problem with MAI and I dunno what's causing it or how to fix it but it's cost me a few Colonies since I had no Mobile AIs to help free the dust from stockpiled weapons during tough raids.

I can produce MAI normally with the Automatic AI Assembler but after she's created none of my Colonists will even touch the inactive AI. I've had the Plasteel and required Colonists with the needed Crafting level but they don't do anything and it's really annoying. Any suggestions or help?