Different gun ranges and mud-areas.

Started by Farcrada, October 24, 2013, 03:17:18 PM

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So today we came up with the idea of having different ranges in the shooting system. So the pistol people prioritize the close-range people and the Lee-Enfield guys focus on the people far away. So you don't have an inaccurate pistol shooting at 100m targets (Just as an example.). so, something like a range thing where you can choose what range to prioritize that when enemies enter this range they obliterate them. Might be useful to make it prioritize in levels. Like far away is 4 and close by is 5. The higher the more important.

Anything that makes sense to anyone and/or would be an good idea/suggestion?

Another suggestion would be that you could turn ground into mud or something that'd make them move slower so that you can create some kind of kill-zone. Might not be one of the best ideas seen as it'd be kinda overpowered against certain situations, but it'd definitely be fun to see that happening.

I guess those are my ideas for tonight... xD



The idea of the colonists being able to prioritise targets based upon their chance to hit (which of course involves range) is neat. It sounds like it would be difficult to implement and would probably have to be based upon some character stat rather than each colonist being able to perfectly understand which target would be best to fire at.

I do quite like the idea of manipulating parts of the terrain in different ways to help gain an advantage over the invaders but I'm not quite sure on your mud idea.


Well, for the most part in the real world everybody's going to try to kill the person closest to them: that person's the most dangerous, and probably the easiest to hit. Obviously there's wiggle room: the guy with the machine gun a hundred meters away still has a much higher threat profile than the guy with the pistol 50 meters away. And if a pair of enemy riflemen have excellent cover, you might leave them be even though they're quite a bit closer than the dude running to join them.

Why not have units perfectly understand their hit chances though? While you may not be able to calculate your hit probability on the fly, you're still going to be able to roughly categorize targets based on your chance to hit. After all, it's really easy to see how much of a target they're presenting and how much they're moving.

Hit chance X danger factor (base DPS of the weapon, skills not factored in) is what I'd say.


For the mud idea, I think we're getting barbed wire anyways, so assuming the raiders can't just shoot the wire apart and they don't count as cover, you could probably make a good 'kill-zone' with several lines of barbed wire.
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