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Started by NemesisN, October 31, 2017, 10:42:53 PM

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It would be nice if Tynan included in the vanilla an option that allowed non-human and non-insect meats to be stacked together. And it'd be awesome if leathers could be stacked too.

The problem is that when my colony has about 11 people and I rely on hunting as the source of about half of my food. Then I find my freezer full with all sorts of meat, and my stockpiles full with all types of leather. It's rather annoying to dedicate a whole tile to just 1 piece of squirrel leather.

It would be great also if a little pistol didn't take up a whole tile out of my stockpile.


How did you manage to leave off "Set Up Camp"

If i could only add one mod to vanilla it would be this one to avoid the seemingly barren desert like reality that exists between bases where food just cannot be collected or hunted unless you get an event while you're traveling.

Other than that I find wildlife tab very helpful too but Set Up Camp is indispensable.


I'm moving this to suggestions because that is what this thread basically is. A list of suggestions. Those suggestions are being packaged and presented in the form of a mod rather than as singular suggestions, but still fundamentally a suggestion.

Plus there is already a thread specifically for suggesting a mod that should be added to the game. With the condition that it must be the mod author themselves who suggests it. . So rather than pursuing this avenue to get mods incorporated into the vanilla game, you would likely be better off suggesting to the mod author to nominate their mod in the above linked thread.

Finally, at least one of those mods listed in the OP has already been incorporated into the game. Which even I know and I know next to nothing about the RimWorld modding community as I don't use mods myself. So if you are going to make requests like this then at the very least it would be a good idea to make sure your info is up to date first. From the better pathfinding thread.
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There's no need; it's already included in A17.