[1.3] Vegetable Garden Project [10/23/2022]

Started by dismar, November 18, 2017, 12:49:20 PM

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Vegetable Garden Project Mods
Single downloads in table. All in one download below.

Main core of my mod.
Requires Vegetable Garden loaded first. 
Coffee and Tea Drug Policy
Added to Main
Adds all my drinks to the Drug Policy
Adds a ton of recipes and cooking tables.
Adds two ways of canning food.
Adds a bunch of alcohol and sodas.
Garden Bulk Drinks
Added to Main
Adds bulk recipes to alcohol and sodas.
Does not require vegetable garden : 
Adds a bunch of medicines and bulk drug recipes.
Reworks base game cloths, recycle appear and blend leathers.
Use instead of Fabrics mod. Does not rework the cloth plants. But has all the other features.
Adds Dye table to change color of cloth. Unlocks colored Apparel.
Expands the Dyes mod to other cloths.(requires Dye Mod)
Grow resources.
Craft food from...people?
New sunlamps, hydroponics, soil upgrades.
Adds even more vegetables!
Adds new types of plants that can be harvested for up to 3 types of crops.
Adds even more trees and flowers!

All-in-one Download Packs!
All my mods in one file for easier downloads. Version: 1.3!

On Nexus!

All works that are not derivatives of RimWorld assets are licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 1.0 Universal License
All permissions granted

Want French artwork? It's here! Thanks to Joedox for this.
Download French Artowrk 18.5r!!
French language added thanks to Team Scribio "https://discord.gg/Rty5RkW"

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Vegetable Garden

The main piece of my project! Will have smaller bits of other mods built in. But tried keep the size down and still keep the spirit of the garden when used alone

Tier Crop Growth:
Starter Crops

-potatoes - grows well anywhere
-corn - long growing with high yields
-rice - fast growing
-barley - immune to blight and used to make ale in the drinks mod.

Tier 1 research "special property plants"
-snow beats - grows well anywhere, does not die from cold snaps
-lentils - meat substitute
-beans - many uses in the gourmet garden
-Olives - does not destroy plant when harvest, yield after first is faster

Tier 2 research fruits
-watermelon, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, agave

Tier 3 research fruit trees
-Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Peaches

Wild plants:
-Apples, Cherries, Bananas, Coconuts, Dates, Figs, Pineapple, Cloudberries, Gooseberries.
-Mushrooms are grown in the wild and in hydropnics Can be used as a meat substitute.

Ingredients Plants:
-Coffee and Tea

New Wood:
-Bamboo fast growing wood
-ironwood very beautiful but not for fuel

Other Features:
-Growable Grass
-Silage Animal Feed
-Bulk Meals: Makes 4x Simple, Fine, Lavish, Kibble, and Pemmican.
-Stir-Fry and Stew Recipes with added meal effects.
-New Categories for stockpiles.
-Coffee, Tea, and Fruit Drinks
-Bio-Fuel: fuel for fueled tables.
-New art work for items by Spoon.
-New Flower: Plumeria
-New Tree: Ironwood
-Hydroponic hay grass, ambrosia, and baby agarilux (cave mushroom).
-New Floors for bamboo, ironwood.


VGP Garden Gourmet
(Requires Vegetable Garden, loaded first)

Garden Gourmet adds a bunch of new worktables, recipes, food based joy items, and meal items into the game. Along with new ways to preserve them.

Plants :

Worktables and recipe :

Fueled Food Prep Table / Electric Food Prep Table

-Make Tofu (bulk)
-Make Polenta (bulk)
-Grind Sugar, corn meal,flour (simple)
-Make milk
-Make Cheese
-Pickle Vegetables
-Salt Meats
-Make Vegan eggs

New Cooking stove recipes
-Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches
-Maki Rolls

Oven / Electric Oven
-Sweet Rolls
-Bake Polenta
-Corn bread
-Dry Fruits

Campfire Recipes:
-Meat Pies
-Grilled Steak
-Grilled Vegetables

Fueled Candy Table / Electric Candy table
-Hard Candies
-Ice Cream

Grinding Stone
-Bulk sugar
-Bulk cornmeal
-Bulk flour

And a Cooking tools table to boost the work speed of the other tables.

VGP Garden Canning
(Requires Vegetable Garden, loaded first)

Garden Canning addes two ways of canning food. With reserach.

A canning stove that pawns can food at. It is powered by steel.

And a canning factory, which pawns will load with food and will automatically can the food after an amount of time.

Worktables and recipe :

Canning Table
-Canned meals
-Canned vegetables
-Canned meats
-Canned fruits


Garden Drinks
(Requires Vegetable Garden loaded first)

Heavily uses Cupro's and Kubouch barrel system of fermenting alcohols. Like the vanilla system of beer.

Adds the following new alcohols:

-Apple cider made from Cider Must.
-Rum made from Cane Mash.
-Wine made from Wine Must.
-Spoon's Berry Wine made from Grape Must.
-WHIZ Sake made from Rice Mash.
-Syntria Vodka made from Vodka Precursor.
-Kitty's Tequila made from Agave Must.
-Quil's Whiskey made from Corn Wort.
-Barkey's Brown Ale made from brown malt.
-Fruitshine made from fruit mash.
-Kvass Soda made from fermenting.
-Ambrosia wine made from ambrosia must.

Soda Garden!
-Apple Soda
-Banana Soda
-Blueberry Soda
-Cherry Soda
-Cloudberry Soda
-Coconut Soda
-Date Soda
-Gooseberry Soda
-Grape Soda
-Orange Soda
-Peach Soda
-Pinneapple Soda
-Watermelon Soda
-Mystery soda made from any fruit combo


Garden Medicine
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds new Medicines and Drugs.

-Flu Ez a drug for blocking flu.
-Ibuprofen a drug for reducing pain.
-Antibiotics for reducing the amount of time for being sick.

Make Neutroamine. Grow Neutro-Flowers to refine neutroamine from at the drug lab.

Hydroponic Ambrosia. Used in glitterworld medicine.
Make Glitterworld medicine.
Make Bandage kits. Used in make medicines.
Grow Tobacco and make Cigarillos.

Research Bulk recipes:
-Medicine kits
-Garden Medicines: Flu Ez, Ibuprofen, and Antibiotics.
-Penoxycyline, go-juice, flake, yayo, wake-up, and smokeleaf joints.


Garden Fabrics
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Reworks the games cloth production.

Cotton and devilstrand plants produce fibers that can be processed into cloths at the loom.

-Unpowered loom and an electric loom.
-Adds Flax plant and linen Cloth.
-Adds plasteel thread. Used to make high-end cloths.
-Adds recipes for synthread and hyperthread cloths.
-Adds hemp cloth made from smokeleaf.
-Adds patchleather to looms
-Adds salvage apparel allowing you to destroy unwanted apparels.
-Adds blended wool
-Adds blending down into simple cloth.

Garden Dyes
(Does not require Vegetable Garden, Area Rugs, or Fabrics.)
Adds a table to change the color of cloth.

I have removed the dye part of the Area Rugs mod to expand on it more.

The orignal mod can be found here:
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934235098
Forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=18657.0

This Mod adds a Dye barrel that unlocks with the Tailor bench.
The dye table allows you to change the color of Cloth.
Currently only Cloth can be changed and to the following colors:
Bleached White

Garden Dyes Expanded!
(Does not require Vegetable Garden, Area Rugs, or Fabrics.)
(Load after Garden Dyes!!)

Adds colored Hyperweave
Adds colored Devilstrand
Adds colored Synthread


Garden Resources
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Research Resource Plants:
-Steel Shrooms
-Plasteel Bulb Chunks
-Gold Fern Leaves
-Silver Flower Petals
-Uranium Root Bulbs
-Jade Leafs

-Adds new recipes added to the Electric Smelter to smelt plants.

Grow Resources:
- Grow plants, which soak up minerals from the ground.
- Extract the minerals into ores at the Electric Smelter. 
- Requires high growing and crafting skills.


VGP Soylent Production
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

A more advance version of the original mod.

- There aren't Soylent Cola and Soylent Medicine anymore. You can produce "Soylent Blue" (Animal Meat), "Soylent Purple" (Insect Meat), "Soylent Red" (Fruits  Vegetables) and "Soylent Yellow" (Animal Products) instead.
- You need to butcher the corpses (humans, insects and other animals) before you can "transfer" the meat into the corresponding "Soylent Type". So you will have some mood debuff.
- You can only process five pieces of ressource per action. So production time has been gone up quite a lot.
- Additionally "Soylent Products" aren't that OP anymore: one junk of meat / fruit / vegetable will be one piece of Soylent; Nutrition was reduced from 0.15 to 0.05.
- "Soylent Products" will rot eventually. But before they will last very long - even longer than pemmican (50% longer). And if you refrigate them, they will theoretically last forever.
- Research costs have been increased and electricity has been integrated as a research prerequesition.

But I also integrated some simplifications (and so raised the OPness of this mod):
- All "Soylent Products" will stack up to 500 items per tile.
- There is an additional research step: "Advanced Soylent Production". After researching that, you can mass produce all "Soylent Products" (100 pieces instead of five, at a 35% reduced production time). Also you will be able to produce "Survival Meals" out of "Soylent Products" and/or pemmican (at a higher ressource cost than regular "Survival Meal" production).

Orignal Mod made by master modder JuliaEllie. Maintain By dismar. Remastered by PhileasFogg!


Garden Tools
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds Many Tool into the Garden Tool category.

-Adds 3 sizes of efficient sun-lamps that turn off at night.

-Adds 3 sizes of researched heated sun lamps that run all the time and provide enough heat to keep the growing area warm.

-Adds 3 sizes of sun lamps that run all the time.

-Adds Planter boxes low fertile grow zone needs no power.

-Adds a 1x1 hydroponics basin can be built any size or shape.

-Adds an advanced hydroponic basin makes its own light.

-Adds Fertilizer that can be made from the Butcher table, burning corpses, or in a compost bin.

-Adds Compost Starter made at the butchers table and put into the compost bin.

-Adds a dirt digging spot to get dirt from.

-Adds Soil Reclamation researches.

Which allows you to:
Tier 1
-Place soil on Rough Stone
Tier II
-Reclaim soil allows you to place soil on any non water tiles
-Reclaim Water and Marsh allows you to place soil on any shallow water tiles.

-Use Fertilizer to create Plowed Soil, a rich soil tile.


More Veggies!
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds even MORE vegetables into the game for those who just want some new plants, this is a perfect mod for you!

Adds :
Three Sisters Plants
(Does not require Vegetable Garden or More Veggies)
Adds new types of plants that can be harvested for up to 3 types of crops.

Based on actual farming techniques used by Native peoples.

Idea brought to me by Hydromancerx.

Natives use this technique known as companion planting the three crops are planted close together and benefit from each other. The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb, eliminating the need for poles. The beans provide the nourishment to the soil, and the squash spreads along the ground, blocking the sunlight, helping prevent the establishment of weeds.

Adds Plants:

Blue Corn - A variety of corn that grows well in bad soil.
Pomato - A crop that produces potatoes and tomatoes.

8 types of Sister crops that will produce 3 crops:
-Corn Bean Squash
-Corn Bean Pumpkin
-Corn Lentils Squash
-Corn Lentils Pumpkin
-Blue corn Beans Pumpkin
-Blue corn Beans Squash
-Blue corn Lentils Pumpkin
-Blue corn Lentils Squash

Adds research
-3 Sisters Companion Farming
-3 Sisters Plant Grafting

Patches For:
-VG Gourmet Garden
-VG More Veg
-Medieval Times


Xtra Trees and Flowers
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds EVEN MORE flowers and trees! From the Xtra Plants mod from Igabod long ago! Art work from the great Spoonshortage.

Adds New Flowers:
-allium giganteum

Adds new Trees:
-japanese maple
-cherry blossom


I have some red errors when enabling several of the mods (in order: Garden, gourmet, fabrics, more trees etc, more veggies, tools).


Am I blind or are there no (non-steam) download links, and if there are not, is it possible to put all the mods into 1 zip for download.


Quote from: Void6425 on November 18, 2017, 02:35:52 PM
Am I blind or are there no (non-steam) download links, and if there are not, is it possible to put all the mods into 1 zip for download.

There wasn't. I was still writing the page.



Quote from: Fruitn on November 18, 2017, 02:27:16 PM
I have some red errors when enabling several of the mods (in order: Garden, gourmet, fabrics, more trees etc, more veggies, tools).

Weird the errors are on an item that is no longer in my mod...

Are you on the steam version?