[1.3] Vegetable Garden Project [10/23/2022]

Started by dismar, November 18, 2017, 12:49:20 PM

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OMG I just check and like two flowers are missing. So thats I'll code them back in!


I may very well be missing something but is there a way to add the drugs from these mods to the drug policy? I was going to schedule them in for my pawns but they are not on the list. I have some drugs/coffee/tea/cigarettes made up but I can add them to the drug policy I have set up.


the Coffee & Tea Are Drugs mod inside the archive does this exact thing. They are labelled Garden Coffee and Garden Tea respectively.


So it was me, I had to start a new policy. I was trying to edit the existing drug policies I had in place.


Big update! Be careful updating your old saves. Backup you old saves before changing. Delete old mods don't overwrite.

If you as using Fertile Fields the patch has not been updated and you will have errors. Until RF updates. So you might wait to upgrade if using both.

11/3 1.0a Release
Spanish / Latin language added thanks to Canaleta
- Pizza now works with Medieval Times and More veggies
(more veggies must be loaded after gourmet for the patches to work in the right order)
- Advanced planting box added. Req research and uses fetilizer and soil.

healer mech serum will no longer remove my positive health effects.(all VGP mods)

More German Language files thanks to Tausret.
-Day lily art re-added. 5 new colors.
-Rose art re-added.
-Iron wood re-balanced
-Garden soil returns. 4 fertilizer 125% Fert.
-Tech level of Soil 1 research lowered.
(Easier to use Garden Soil and Place soil as Tribal)
-Planter Box blueprint fixed.
More Veggies
-If Gourmet is loaded Pizza uses Tomatoes.

-Trees have a base Beauty across mods
-Compost starter can use bamboo now
-Reclaim mud tile added
-bulk psychite tea research corrected
-psychite tea added to bamboo campfire and prep table
-Bio-fuel recipe changed
-Vodka prices changed
-Ambrosia wine recipe and cost changed

-Canning factory had extra code not letting it run.


Hello I am a little overwhelmed by the number of VGP submods. What should I install for the base experience so shich would you recommend and which submods are more peripheral/experimental?


You need at last the basic core mod : Vegetable Garden
Then i suggest : Gourmet for extra meal, special the Grilled Steak/kabob are very handy at beginning colonies. Later Stir-fry (cook 4 at once) or Stew (cook 8 at once).

Garden Tools!, to enhance the soil with fertitizer.
Garden Fabrics, to salvage old appareal and to craft synthred/hyperweave after some research.


I also recommend the drinks submod. I mean it adds tea. TEA!. And coffee. And allows to make booze from nearly everything your people can harvest. Without tea any game feels bland.


Arn't Tea and coffee part of the core or gourmet mod too, drinks add soda and harder stuff.


I was sure Tea and Coffee both came with drinks mod, maybe it was that way earlier. But eh, anyway drinks are nice to have. I don't really use sodas much, but i quite like being able to make booze from corn, potatoes etc. I mean you can have whiskey from corn!


Coffee and Tea are in the base.

I personally can't play with out the mods below:

Vegetable Garden
Garden Fabrics
Garden Resources
Garden Tools

The rest of the mods expand on systems in the game already.
But these 4 Adds to the game things I feel like it is missing.
I set up the Garden mod to have a little of everything from my old mod. A lot of ppl just use it and love it.

Hope that helps!


can you please add a feature where your pawns will take the raw compost straight to the compost barrel because i have noticed in my game there is this very unsustainable way that my colonist are using the compost barrel, my compost barrels is in a building next to my freezer where the plant scrapes are stored, they use the butcher table to make compost which is right outside the freezer, they walk to the other end of my colony to store it in my stockpile, they then pick up the same compost that they just stored then walk back the area that they came from to put it in the compost barrel, they are going from A to B to A, please fix it so instead of making compost > storing compost > taking stored compost to compost barrel they instead make compost > take it to compost barrel and the only time they should take compost to the storage is when there are no empty barrels


So in the simple stove I now have these two options:

"Create 4 simple meals"
"Create four simple meals"

some with many other food options

I guess one of them is from the VGP Gourmet mod and one from Feed the Colonists?
So Gourmet mod makes Feed the colonists not required right?
I hope I can remove "Feed the Colonists" without issues.


Quote from: RedEyeTiger01 on November 09, 2018, 04:12:32 AM
can you please add a feature where your pawns will take the raw compost straight to the compost barrel
That don't work, the barrel's arn't any storage places like stockpiles or shelf's.
They get filled with a hauling job.
You should let the butcher drop the raw compost on the ground. So he don't need to move that long way every time he made compost.
Then a free hauler can fill up the barrel or haul it near a stockpile next to the barrels.


Sorry but the pic only show there is something wrong.
Let me get my crystal ball so i might can take a peek at your PC ! :-)

So please could you attach a logfile+modlist maybe, or try to use the Share log button (CTRL-F12 do the same) so we can maybe see what's going on.