[Mod Request] Industrial Component machine

Started by Heni, November 22, 2017, 07:56:59 AM

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Hello, i am surprised that no one have done a mod like this, the idea is to make one machine that make bulks of components using less resources, maybe using some silver with steel. Make components is a boring work, because take much time, much resources and do little diference (except if you really need), one machine like that can do a huge diference into the game, of course as a machine like that have to use lots of energy. Thanks for the attention

Obs.: I am brazilian, sorry about my poor english.




So there's this which would likely do the trick:
Project RimFactory

This if you are ok with changing input/output:
Reasonable Components (couldnt find it on the Ludeon Forums)

This if you just want to add a bulk creation:
Bulk Components (couldnt find it on the Ludeon Forums)