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Author Topic: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread  (Read 5266 times)


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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #15 on: February 04, 2018, 10:46:38 AM »

So, my turn again.

As soon as I load the save I'm greeted by a disaster. Colony is down to one guy, three idiots are 20 days' worth of travel away in a caravan with a prisoner and no food, and it's winter with -26 °C outside. On top of that the grazing animals of the colony are starving because they can't find anything to eat and alphabeavers are present on the map.

Time for damage control.

Day 1

First, the colony. Kicking out the dogs from the freezer, last thing I need is them eating my raw food. Isamu is carrying a starving unconscious muffalo; drop the poor sod, you're hungry, dude! And boy is it good timing for that, he can pull some paste meals for the animals this way. Nice and efficient, and the ones still standing can go for the dropped meals themselves. A caribou is also knocked out so he'll have to deal with those two first before I can do anything with the beavers.

Next, the caravan. There is no way in hell these guys will survive without settling a new colony; which isn't a bad thing, actually. The original colony was very isolated and this new one will be right next to a road. A nice -29 °C outside but at least still a boreal forest. Building a small shack shouldn't be a big deal.

After building a very small shack for the prisoner, the colony members can start building a small base on top of the nearby geyser. That should grant free heating for now and later can be used for power. Some healroots have also been harvested for some basic medicine, especially since the prisoner got two new frostbites before this all was set up.

The colony's elk also dropped due to starvation. Isamu is doing his job, hauling them inside and shoving paste in their faces. The snow makes hauling a slow process; the beavers will do some damage but we're not reliant on wood that much anymore.

Of course, not even half a day after the second colony is founded and I get a bad event. Most of the hares have turned manhunter. Good; could've been worse, hares aren't strong and they are uncommon enough to not have many on the map. Bad; I got better things to do and my dinner was supposed to be ibex meat; already hit a few and they are bleeding to death at a steady pace. This is how you avoid manhunter revenge. Anyway, 4 hares got shot to death. Ryo tanked all the damage; since he's incapable of violence, this was the best he could do.

Libby has level 18 construction. She failed building the butcher table three times in a row because she lost her left pinky and left eye in the past and apparently that tanks the success chance this much. Literally unplayable. >:(

One of the muffalos have died of starvation. Couldn't care less. The stupid animal got assigned to the zone with the food, she didn't go there. She decided she wants to become food instead. I have a bunch of other animals anyway and the original colony is extremely isolated so it's not like I want to form a trading caravan any time soon.

Day 2

Some travelers and a thrumbo passing by at Hatmakington. Five beavers are tirelessly decimating the tree population there. Ryo got infected by one of the hares. Classic Randy. We do have some herbal medicine, hopefully that'll be enough. That and 24/7 bedrest for Ryo until he gets better. He is our only competent grower. The new map also got 8 alphabeavers now, thanks Randy, I really needed that. ::)

Rest of the day is mostly uneventful; butchering hares and ibexes, cooking meat. Isamu got ambushed next to the base by a wolf, dogs help out and everything goes smoothly. The prisoner went berserk at the same time but I don' care, I let the idiot break down the door to feel the nice breeze of -19 °C and maybe even hunt us an animal or two. Not even a good pawn, I won't miss her if she dies.

She chose an elk as her opponent which didn't end well for her. She was down on the ground after just one hit.

Day 3

Isamu is a night owl which presents a nice opportunity to get rid of the damn beavers at Hatmakington. All dogs are assigned to him, even the ones bonded to Ryo and Libby; those two got a +50 mood boost since they got married not too long ago, they can deal with the reassignment. How they know what happens in the other colony without any sort of communications device shall forever be a mystery.

Seems like two beavers have disappeared. Apparently some of them are leaving the map. Temperature isn't that low, though, and there are still trees around... Oh well. Killed one that wandered too close to the base and another one that didn't want to leave. No more beavers at Hatmakington!

Meanwhile Ryo is doing just fine. Recovery should be smooth.

Giggles caught the plague. This refugee is just a pain to deal with, I swear. Got one more herbal medicine and could probably salvage a few more from the wild healroots so she has a chance. Not much but better than nothing. Ryo has developed immunity so the bed gets assigned to the prisoner.

Built a separate room for Xue. The other two have massive mood boosts, they don't need it.

Day 4

The turret in the northern bunker of Hatmakington got uninstalled at 54% health; can't repair uninstalled so Isamu has to place it and the repair it. He'll have to install a third turret into the southern bunker as well.

So let's talk about the problems of Hatmakington. We have one guy with mediocre shooting skill defending a colony with over 57000 total value. If I don't find a way to bleed vaue somehow, chances are the old colony won't stand much of a chance against the next raid. Turrets are nice but aren't completely reliable.

Isamu has failed constructing the turret. Well, that's one way to bleed value. I kinda forgot about micromanaging the treatment of our prisoner, probably because I don't really care; she spent the whole night without a treatment. This means she'll die. Oh well, more emergency meat.

Let's not forget who came up with the bright idea of saving that useless refugee. The colony never forgets, the colony never forgives.

Eradicating the beaver problem in Nick's Regret... Five out of eight downed when the revenge happens. Only one beaver turned manhunter so I just had Libby circle around Xue along with the beaver. Beavers are slower than humans and Libby is a terrible shot anyway with her missing pinky and eye. Sooner than later, all beavers drop dead.

An escape pod violently crashes down at Nick's Regret. It contains a not-so-great colonist-wannabe. At least she's decent at growing. Sanguine counters too smart's downside but that still makes her really bad at learning anything she doesn't have passion for. Animals skill will come in handy, we'll need the extra meatshields. Pathetic combat capabilities but Giggles isn't much better either. Has no gear whatsoever so a simple rescue should convince her to join the colony.

Isamu finally finished the third turret.

Day 5

The southern bunker now has a turret and one of the muffalos was sheared. Upgrading one of the wooden inner walls to sandstone now. Helene has joined the colony since she wouldn't survive outside in this weather.

Giggles died, as expected; five percent difference is close but not close enough. I've stripped her before she died so at least Helene has some clothes now. Xue started working on a goathide duster; not enough leather for a parka so this'll have to do. Helene is quite useless but will serve us well as meatshield if a raid shows up.

The new colonist got her own room now. Xue got inspired to work fast, perfect for speeding up the production of that duster. A ship chunk fell down and was swiftly deconstructed.

Hatmakington is under attack. A mechanoid raiding party consisting of... Well, just one scyther, has arrived in a drop-pod east-southeast from the base.

Had to uninstall and reinstall the turret once because the scyther engaged it from too far away but it seems to do its job just fine now. Animals were penned nearby in case I need some backup. The scyther was terminated without losses; repairs will soon be carried out.

Day 6

Xue needs a new pair of pants so I sent Libby out to hunt. She has a pathetic 28% hit chance against a hare at point-blank range, completely useless. At least she can mine fine and can finish constructions for a good quality roll chance.

Another muffalo was sheared at Hatmakington. If only I had drop-pods to send it to Nick's Regret... Oh wait, I can. Just have to build the structures, make some chemfuel and launch a pod. Could get rid of some of the stuff I don't need in Hatmakington but do need in Nick's Revenge, solving the wealth problem and supplying the new colony at the same time.

Duster turned out to be poor. Still better than nothing; Helene won't be freezing outside anymore. A new pair of pants is produced soon after, turns out to be good. Xue is no longer inspired. Libby and Ryo got their own rooms as well. Construction of a refinery has begun at Hatmakington.

Day 7

How to produce chemfuel efficiently? Easy; you can use nutrient paste meals in the recipe! That's 24 veggies instead of the "usual" 70. Now we got the fuel but lack the launching mechanism and the pod; Hatmakington is low on steel.

A pack of 11 manhunting arctic foxes have appeared at the south-eastern corner of Hatmakington. I'll let them surround the colony, breaking up the pack into smaller groups. A large herd of ibexes appear on the northern side right before the foxes reach the edge of the colony.

I decided the colony could use the extra textile and have eradicated the fox horde with some minor injuries, especially for the dogs, although Isamu also managed to faceplant one of the foxes and received a brand new eye scar.

Meanwhile two raiders are trying their luck at Nick's Regret because apparently Randy is on a crazy rampage of bad events these days.

Ryo is far off picking up some herbal meds so we can't rely on him, raiders would get in range first. Libby's shooting skill is less than a half percent better than Helene's (who has a brand ZERO shooting skill, by the way); the only reason I'd rather keep Libby away from melee is because Helene is even more useless.

Not bad as a meatshield so far.

A second after that and she drops to the ground, figures. ::) Libby becomes the new punching bag but unfortunately doesn't prove good enough; she's down after just a few attacks and loses yet another finger, making her even more useless. Xue falls back a bit to kite the last attacker and quickly kills her.

Both raiders are dead. I gained a molotov, a deadman's armor vest and a deadman's wool parka. The rest are trash. Libby's new finger loss doesn't change much, to be honest; with her missing eye she was useless already. Bruise wounds only, which means I won't have to waste medicine; as long as it doesn't bleed it can't get infected.

Day 8

A pair of visitors pass by at Nick's Regret. Hatmakington gets visited by yet another bunch of beavers, this is getting really annoying now. :( I won't deal with them, not with all combat-capable animals being wounded.

Food is running low at the new colony. The beavers lasted us this far, it'll be time to hunt tomorrow. Proper clothing is still a problem, two new shirts shall be made.

Oh thank you, Randy. Yes, losing all my colonists will certainly solve my food problems! I've got four colonists, one is incapable of violence and two of them are worthless in combat and injured. I've started mining some steel to build up some defenses, possibly turrets but I don't have anything built yet because I hoped Randy wouldn't be a jerk and send a new raid just one day after the previous one. >:(

There is no way I can pull this off. Fortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will die either. I'll form a caravan, quickly grab all the essentials and get the hell out with everyone. The pirates will burn down the whole dump, possibly steal things that didn't get destroyed in the fire and get out. That's when I'll either go back or just move to a new tile, depending on what remains. There isn't much reason to stay at all; the only animals still remaining are two arctic wolves, quite dangerous to hunt with this joke of a crew.

A final view of the small base before we pack up...

Day 9

The pirates had their fun and moved along. I've decided to stay, I might be able to salvage this. Well then, time for damage control again.

The good:
  • I saved all the medicine, components and some leather too.
  • The unfinished button-down shirt didn't get damaged.

The bad:
  • Half the base's structure is gone. Shouldn't be a hard thing to rebuild, though.
  • I have enough food to last the colony only 2 days, maybe 4 if I'm really strict with the rations.
  • Still stuck on a map with almost no food. At least the three graves are still intact, holding some... Reserves.

The ugly:
  • Helene got some minor frostbites; temperature is extremely cold this day.
  • The whole place is a mess, Libby will be on cleaning duty today.

And we also got a flashstorm just a bit north from the base. Give me another raid, Randy, and I might as well leave this dump behind forever.

Since Randy clearly hates this colony, obviously Helene's frostbite gets infected. She would be useless in this situation anyway so having her in bed doesn't change much. I'm enforcing a very strict food policy, only letting them eat when they start starving.

The base got mostly rebuilt before sunset.


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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #16 on: February 04, 2018, 10:47:19 AM »

Day 10

Xue will be hunting anything that moves and isn't a predator. A few hares are still around, better than nothing. Isamu is scavenging some steel to build up the pod launcher but also has other things to do. The beaver problem at Hatmakington seems to be solved, 5 of the 7 bastards have moved off-map due to the cold.

The wolves are dangerously hungry at Nick's Regret, I'll restrict the colonists to the home zone until the predators find a hare or something. Two huskies joined the party at Hatmakington; Isamu could train them.

Day 11

The transport pod is finally operational at Hatmakington. Maddened hare event at Nick's Regret; breakfast comes to us today! A megasloth has entered the map later this day. Killing it would solve the food crisis. It's slower than a human so kiting is an option. I've assembled the hunting party and set out to acquire meat.

After the megasloth dropped to the ground the colonists kept hitting the poor thing until it was dead. Don't mind the eclipse.

Day 12

Nick's Regret just received a psychic soothe for all females. Considering both colonists who currently don't have a +70 mood due to a recent marrage are female, this is nice, even though Helene is psychically deaf. But even with a -14 mood debuff of being urgently hungry, she's still above the break threshold. Managing mood is easy when you can just get a +10 from maxed joy.

One poor button-down shirt complete. Xue starts cutting limestone, Helene hunts food and the other two mine steel and components. I want a NPD up as soon as possible, hopefully Randy won't troll us with yet another raid.

Day 13

Hatmakington is full of carnvores outside. Only one beaver remains, he won't do much damage before he gets eaten by one of the wolves. I'm not gonna grow hay like the ones before me, it's stupid to do so when you can just keep pulling paste meals for the animals. Hay's nutrition yield is no match for the NPD's meals, it's just better to grow rice or corn and keep pulling meals. But we do have enough food now thanks to the arctic fox rush so I'm growing healroots and cotton instead.

A small herd of caribous have entered Nick's Regret. After winter the meat will start to spoil so I'm not going to rush the hunt. Only a few more days to get everything built now. NPD up and running. Next is making a proper fridge.

Day 14

Isamu needs a new shirt. Plenty of wool and he can craft so this shouldn't be a big deal. Ryo and Lubby start the day with some lovin' to improve the mood. ;) Training of the new dogs at Hatmakington is almost complete. With the NPD operational and the megasloth sitting in the stockpile ready for butchering I lift the strict food policy; we don't need it anymore.

A meteorite fell down to the north-east of Nick's Revenge, consisting of 14 silver ore tiles. Should be useful for setting up a proper hospital area later on.

Just before I'd get my colonists to haul the megasloth corpse to safe storage, an arctic wolf tries to eat it. Xue gets a brand new eye scar (these occur way too frequently, what the hell, Tynan, literally unplayable :o ) and the colony scores a wolf corpse for even more meat.

Yet another bunch of huskies joined Hatmakington. That colony has 8 huskies now, enough to properly serve as meatshields. They eat a bit too much, though. Oh well, they double as emergency meatbags.

Day 15

A wild husky has entered Nick's Regret. This is the time for Helene to shine with her high animal handling skill. A combat animal is exactly what we need, now that Xue is also useless for combat.

Libby got inspired for art. Too bad her missing parts and scars make her completely useless for pretty much everything that takes long to complete. She'll be the janitor of the colony, hauling and cleaning with the occasional mining and last touch on buildings with quality.

Butchered the megasloth, 360 meat acquired. That translates to 60 paste meals or 15 days' worth of food. With the freezer built up, this should last for yet another season and we still have an arctic wolf corpse in there to cover for the husky.

A manhunting pack of 6 squirrels have entered Nick's Regret. Really, Randy? Guess he doesn't like the relative success of the second colony so far. The squirrels got taken care of but Ryo caught the flu. Should self-tend since he is the best doctor. Isamu starts making a new pair of pants for himself too; nobody likes tattered clothing, especially players when there is only one colonist around; avoiding any possible mood breaks at all costs is one of the highest priority tasks in taht situation. His button-down shirt turned out to be of poor quality; quite a lucky roll, considering his crafting is only level 3.

Unfortunately the squirrel bullshit dragged on long enough for the husky to simply leave the map. No war dogs for Nick's Regret.

Day 16

I'll let the sun rise before I end my reign. Almost no wealth loss at Hatmakington and with the war dogs there isn't much of a need to decrease it anymore. Second colony should be able to carry on and possibly start indoors farming as well.


Started with:
  • One colony.
  • Three war dogs.
  • Three muffalos, one elk, one caribou and an arctic wolf.
  • A caravan with three colonsist and one prisoner, all of them severely malnourished.
  • Four total colonists.

Total gains:
  • Five huskies.
  • One colonist.
  • Some raider loot, mostly useless but the wool parka was nice.

Total losses:
  • One muffalo, refused to obey the animal zone and starved to death.
  • One prisoner; plague victim.
  • A few hundred wood and a small pile of leather.
  • Several hours of my life.

Ended with:
  • Two colonies, both with enough food to last through the next season.
  • Seven war dogs and one more waiting for training.
  • Two muffalos, one elk, one caribou and an arctic wolf.
  • Five total colonists and a one-way one-time ticket from Hatmakington to Nick's Regret in case of an emergency. Could even send a plasteel turret with the pod.

Notes for the next player:
  • Ryo caught the flu. Shouldn't be a big deal but do check his status a few times a day. He should self-tend, he's the best doctor, even after the self-tend penalties.
  • Ryo and Libby will soon forget about the whole marriage thing and will lose their +70 mood buff. Ryo is the most useful one, despite being incapable of combat so keep an eye on their mood and relationship. I've already assigned their bonded huskies back to them so that's one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Libby's shooting accuracy is equal to level zero, Xue's shooting accuracy is equal to level one. Thank Randy for the eye scars and lost fingers. Helene has the best potential which sucks, since she has no passion for any combat skills. Get animals or turrets ASAP and reinforce the outer walls.
  • Hatmakington is seriously low on steel. I had to break down some of the inner walls just to get enough to build the transport pod. Don't go outside during the day, too many wolves. On the bright side, all beavers got eaten already.
  • I left some plans for the second colony for you. Don't build up the geothermal generator just yet; build a dining room below the NPD first and find a new place for the workshop. Build the wall around the wind turbine sooner than later, we don't want raiders damaging important structures.

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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #17 on: February 07, 2018, 10:55:00 AM »

Last time I played the RSG World 1, I remember leaving the game with only two pawns. I see 5 now after a total of other 5 players participations between my last game and my return. Which means a year and a quarter had passed and the gain is plus three other characters, looks somehow low.

I first see the second colony which is more like an “emergency” colony rather a mine exclude oriented outpost. While we needed more steel and components I will never understand why we settled again in another flat map. I searched for all other Geyser locations and it looks that the one the colony stands on was well chosen.

I definitely don’t like the power sources blueprints that were placed from the last player as it extends the base Northwards. I pretty much prefer to extend Eastwards where there are mountains that offer better protection, and going Eastwards would “center” the base which is located at the lower left corner of the map.

Research is in a hiatus, still don’t have Hospital Beds nor Medicine Production…

I take a look at the World map and see the Colony location on the planet, it is standing one tile away from a dirt path and the distance between both colonies was estimated to 3.9 days as of 1st April-May.

I know I have like 10 days to wait until I can start plantations on a map that only has 20 days of growing period.

Now I take a look at the first main Colony and notice all the animals within, I cancel the “Follow Master” choice of the bonded animals, I never risk the mood penalty of losing those.

Hummm… Why are there animal sleeping spots inside a sterile floor hospital. Don’t you guys know that animals bring extra dirt to the one area you want impeccably clean?

Okay… I noticed that Isamu and Xue are lovers, these two need to be put together. But she already rejected his proposal once… I can see why Isamu has so much Joy assigned in his schedule. Six hours total for Joy.

In Colony #2, there’s two ibex, I change “Hunting” task to Helena the Blonde who is just wandering around and could actually use some “Target Practice”. Releasing from hunting duty both Libby and Xue, just go give Ryo a threesome instead.

Day 01:

Finishes with Colony #2 gaining two ibex stored in the stock and I saw four more ibex to the North and the Arctic Fox just ate a rodent so no risk in hunting for a while. I need to move the stonecutting table indoors for fast production.

Day 02:

Isamu resumed work on a muffalo wool pants. Ryo is safe by 20% difference between the Flu and the Immunity. Stone blocks production started.

Day 03:

The Mortars bunker had two tiles of walls missing at their top left and were totally exposed to attack, so I completed the walls. Ryo developed immunity to Flu and is now knitting a button-down shirt using the squirrel skin.

Day 04:

Butchered three insectoird corpses and gave them to the dogs in Colony #1.

In Colony #2, moved the Butchering table inside the Freezer and used its space to build a Fueled Smithy so that at least Libby can wield a Gladius and not hang around without any weapon at all.

An ascetic priest aged 62 is being chased by tribesmen in Colony #2 which is still exposed with both the NPD and power sources vulnerable to attack so as much as I want more people…sorry bro.

Day 05:

Pirate merchants ships flies over and I get rid of the Scythe Blades and get some Medicine.

A raid of tribals will prepare before attack…and they are 8! So I say to myself: “Well, lets just use some mortar shells to soften the attack…remembering very well since my last game where I left the shelf…only to find out… We don’t have any Shells…!!! Only 2 artifacts and the animals.

Day 06:

Epic battle! There were three uninstalled plasteel turrets in each cardinal direction except the West coast for obvious reasons so I placed them all to the Northern bunker and to make sure the tactic would work, I sent Isamu to lure them towards the defense fire range. Four melees and four ranged. One of their melees fell first before reaching the turrets, the other three melees get to hit our turrets but are ultimately killed by the shots all the while Isamu with his left eye scar and sight of 78%, aimed his bolt action rifle to effectively kill one of their bowmen, causing the remaining tribals to flee in panic!


Since we have a total of 8 huskies and an arctic wolf, I don’t feel like “ranching” anymore nutrient paste meals for the dogs and Im just gonna create a dumping storage by the mortars so the dogs eat those 5 corpses.

By the way, I noticed Isamu heading towards the graves of our fallen, which are far outside… so I’m gonna re-bury them within our bunkers so nobody wanders far out…That is of course…how you avoid “Predator attack”, so you readers, learn something now. How come all other 5 players missed this mistake as well? This is 101, guys!

Meanwhile in Colony #2…

Nine Alphabeavers spawned at the same corner where two arctic wolves have their lair. Nature do the job for me please.

Day 07:

Colony #1 is safe from food shortage and just as I was thinking that... Cargo Pods land with 223 Berries. There was never an issue with food, it was just tight plantation assignment. Now that the heal root quarter had been harvested, corn plantation was resown for more food.

An energy researcher named Erisen Irioth of 51 years old begs for safety… We do need more people…but not like this, not like this…

Day 08:

The so awaited Growing Period began. Again my personal tendency about Plantations is locating them in the periphery, on soil rather gravel. Each plantation will first require the removal of trees, so removing trees from areas that can later be used for expansion is two birds with one stone. 2nd Colony started sowing already but 1st Colony is still covered in snow, maybe tomorrow. Journey planner after snow melt says its now 1.9 days of travel between both colonies and I need to send Xue to Isamu’s arms.

Day 09:

Combat suppliers traders arrive and I sell them all the unwanted war spoils, mostly tribal weapons  in exchange of Medicine.

Day 10:

Before the traders leave lets ask them a favor to clear at least one predator for us.

1st Colony was under Cold Snap until today, snow shall start melting down from now on…about time…

2nd Colony had Helena hunt down the Alphabeavers as other small rodents were targeted by the wolves and the alphabeavers were taking down too many trees, after she hunted three of them, they turned into revenge. Helena is now Shooting skill level 3.

Day 11:

Seeing I made some plantations already to provide better meals to our people, I remember that I have five more days before my RSG term ends and that I should secure our power sources.

After studying GraniteCosmos’s planning, I decide to ignore him. Come to think the two of us would really do well together living in a RimWorld, as in:

* GraniteCosmos slighted Keiji. Keiji started a fight.
* GraniteCosmos needs to be rescued.

GraniteCosmos’s planning consisted on creating an open room to host 2 wind turbines and 4 solar panels in a straight vertical column. I noticed that with such length, one could instead, build a CityWall by just connecting the small hills around our base and protect the whole Colony better. That is because I’m smarter than Granitecosmos. ;)

Day 12:

Assigned Isamu to provide a sandstone additional layer to the steel greenhouse.

About time we get more characters without having to find an 150% raid for it.


Day 13:

Patience pays off finally, an Escape Pod crashes at 1st Colony

It’s time to do a roster swap between members of both Colonies:

From #2 to #1, I send Xue back to Isamu’s arms and Libby for retirement, unable to combat efficiently, she aint of much use in a makeshift settlement, best she resides in a better protected residence.

From #1 to #2, I send Bonnie who has no Construction penalties in neither manipulation nor sight. So she shall take Libby’s place just fine, and can also craft more stone blocks replacing Xue as well.

Day 14:

Seven Beavers appear at the East side of 1st Colony.

Day 15:

Bonnie arrives to 2nd Colony at noon, with three non-bonded huskies to help with the hauling once tamed by Helena who has nothing else to do once the growing period expires. And also unloads 10 units of Medicine brought from 1st Colony.

Caravan from 2nd Colony arrived to 1st Colony at 16hs. Due to Libby going on a fire spree along the way. Xue unloads 99 units of Steel brought from 2nd Colony and equips a LMG (good 84%) for better fighting.
I changed Xue’s schedule to nightshift in order to match timing with night owl Isamu as they are lovers.

I was thinking my RSG term was already done…when Randy decided to throw me two simultaneous raids on both Colonies exactly at the same time. Do you wanna know how it is? Download this save file to have a taste of it:

1st Colony gets a 5 man pirate raid attacking immediately.
2nd Colony gets a 4 man tribal raid that chooses to prepare before attacking.

1st Colony rushes to defensive positions and I tasked Isamu to get the Northern turret and placed it at the Southern bunker but an arctic wolf interrupts him. I must say this bunker design has its failures.

* It has so many doors that pawns pathing is selected based on speed which causes them to wander “outside” the base, which is where Isamu was caught. Pawns pathing need improvement so that they choose to walk inside. Tynan!
* The “T” shaped sandbags reduce considerably the shooting angle of our defenders. So the Sapper had a very easy time to close in.

Libby manages to “install” a turret I left uninstalled and forbidden at the Southern bunker. Xue also joins the Southern bunker with the LMG, but I notice the same arctic wolf targeting her, so I order her to get inside. And the arctic wolf retargets to a raider, killing one out of 5.

In the meantime, Libby chooses the best moment possible to go on a fire-spree… and if that wasn’t enough, the sapper with Molotovs breaks through the Southern gate and chooses to target the…”STEEL” greenhouse. Luckily, the turret kills a second raider and Xue downs the sapper and the other two start to flee. Now I need to turn off the fire within base in two different locations. While Isamu awaits somebody to patch him up…

Now I get the notification that the tribals at 2nd Colony are starting to attack, its midnight, I need to wake up the other team that has only 1 shooter, 1 melee and 1 IoV. I know I just need to kill 2 enemies to get done with it.

Second Colony also has now another maddened animal. I shall use this one too to my advantage. Lets see what happens…

I warned about the STEEL greenhouse in my last term so I don’t take responsibility about whatever damage 1st Colony will take. Do you guys know raiders love to light them up? This means Greenhouses and plantations MUST ALWAYS have some distance with everything else!

Second Colony raid was dispatched already but there is fire everywhere in both Colonies.
Xue had just died due to heatstroke caused by super-air in some weird pathing inside. Did I said “Tynan!” already?

Well its 7hs and since I couldn’t rescue Xue before passing the savefile to the next player…at least I tried… this is it for me.

It looks like Xue tried to firefight to save the Sun lump within the greenhouse as the plantation burned first but the lamp with higher resistance was burning last so she tried to save the Sun Lamp and died in the …MIDDLE OF SUPER-AIR…Pawn pathing really needs improvement, specially since Xue was drafted safety but AUTO-undrafted and went back in to get a tan worst than of Trump. And this is also because the hospital still had steel walls on the Northern side which couldn’t contain the heat away.

I play a few in game hours to ease the start of the next player but Parks cannot deal with the Heatstroke and dies too, I guess Libby will be gone as well.

Five players before me didn’t fix the STEEL greenhouse…

In my games I never build these type of everything packed together Colonies, so I’m glad to learn about this design negative aspect from the RSG rather my own games. One place burns…everything else burns.

Isamu is probably going to catch Infection as since the lasts Alphas all injures automatically cause Infections 100% of the time. So 1st Colony can be considered lost and abandoned for good. Second Colony is alive but too painful to play. So I would rather declare GAME OVER than endless Nick-suffering.

Tynan read this is for you:

I lost this game because of two well known game design failures. Pathfinding & Auto-Undraft.

These are two of the latests forum posts related to Pathfinding:



I know complaining without providing applicable ideas just means empty complains, so I can only suggest two things that came to my head as I took a full day after finishing my RSG term:

* Make Pathfinding priorities "Roofed Areas" over "Shortest/Fastest" course between two points.


* Do like Google Maps, which oftenly draws alternative paths in grey and one in blue suggesting optimal. Then players would have the option to pick best of three.

Isamu was super-very-important for the defense of Colony #1.

Retelling the story:

* Libby installed a turret in the Southern bunker.
* Xue was positioned in the next bunker spot wielding a LMG, but had to be sent inside due to the arctic wolf that was already targeting her.
* Isamu was the best shot and was assigned to install the Northern turret next to the turret at the Southern bunker, and then Isamu would just either join Xue or go pick up the Eastern turret to place at the Southern bunker was well.

The Plan was at minimum to have two turrets and two shooters for defense. But.., Due to Pathfinding inefficiency, Isamu pathed to walk from the "outside" of the base, rather "inside". An arctic wolf was nearby without my knowledge as it shouldn't matter at all. Because Isamu pathed "outside" he got several wounds like seven bites and had a death timer. So my best shooter not only couldn't be part of my defense...but I also couldn't place my second turret.

Xue had to go babysit Libby's fire spree. So defeated I was before fighting. It isn't entirely a game development failure as in this Rimworld Succession Game, there were tons of previous player mistakes, most notably a Caravan that was sent without consideration of food supply and wouldn't be able to return. Basically a Caravan sent to die. The Defense structural design was inefficient too. No outer walls were built.

But ultimately Pathfinding screwed me over.

The second issue, Auto-Undraft, which was also addressed in the forums before:


I know Auto-Undraft exists since Alpha 3, I did my homework. But basically you are punishing good players just to please complains of bad players.

If people forget pawns drafted somewhere, it is their fault and should be punished. Their colonists shall suffer malnutrition, tireness and mood debuffs. Which is well deserved for forgetting their people.

But why punish players who do have present the location where they positioned fighters in "key spots".

You see, Auto-Undraft punishes those who pay attention over those who DONT pay attention. This may not be a problem in single colonies. But any player who runs up to 5 simultaneous colonies is getting unfair problems. Stop listening to bad players and keep the game quality high instead.

The problem with Auto-Undraft in this example was that the Molotov raider breached a door and set fire to a steel greenhouse as expected, this is totally WAD and acceptable. The problem took place later on because...

I drafted ALL PAWNS OUT, Isamu was placed to recover in a sleeping spot outside and the other three: Xue, Libby and Parks, were drafted with burn injuries. I ordered all pets to change animal zones and you can clearly see in the screenshots how they all leave the burning colony. So thinking everybody was out of the fire. I switched to view Colony #2 to play the second simultaneous raid...and as I was fighting there, I get the Notifications that pawns in Colony #1 are suffering more injuries...Surprised at this, I pause the game and switch back to view Colony #1...

Only to find out that all three Xue, Libby and Parks...Auto-Undrafted...and went back the fire... as the setting in the work tab had priority level 1 in firefighting.

This behavior was AGAINST the player who took care of the situation and DID pay attention. As opposed to careless players who leave Drafted soldiers forgotten elsewhere.

Auto-Undraft made my Colonists to walk in to an area that had SUPERAIR!!! That is a very dumb AI behavior. You should be automating pawns to NOT walk into an area that was SUPERAIR. And only punish the careless players who may "draft" them into the hell carelessly.

I literally lost the game because of both game design inefficiencies on Pathfinding and Auto-Undraft.

Please stop making changes based on players who don't think through like Tornado or Predator attacks. Don't remove Repair job on the work tab because somebody complained after laying 50 blueprints at once (yes I did my homework too on that, and the complains that led to the removal of "Repairs" were all made by bad players.).

Those who don't think what they do need to go back to Base Builder difficulty rather complaining without thinking.


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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #18 on: February 11, 2018, 07:59:49 PM »

All right. I have absolutely no idea what I am getting into here. I purposely avoided the history posts for maximum confusion upon entering the game. Here goes nothing.

So this is great. We’re split into two colonies. Both on fire. Awesome. The First colony doesn’t even have any healthy colonists. Libby is downed inside and about to burn to death while the Isamu is downed outside and safer, but will likely succumb to infection when her many burn wounds go untreated, or starve to death before that.

The second colony looks like it was built as a mining outpost or something. At least the side of the base the fire is on is made of stone. That being said, this colony doesn’t seem to have any source of power generation, so I don’t know how long the freezer will stay cold, and how long the paste dispenser will continue to work. Half the base is made of wood, and there are absolutely no floors anywhere. In a possibly related note, there is some tribal dude knocking on our door. Doesn’t seem like the ideal time to sell us stuff.

There’s literally nothing that can be done for the first colony unless Isamu recovers, so I’ll just focus on the shitty second one for now.
My first order of business is going to be to get power back online. If I had more time, I would rework the entire base design, but I wouldn’t be able to fit it all within a month, so I’ll just do things as they go along.

Aaaand we’re being raided. Only two dudes, but one has a Molotov and is coming towards our wooden walls. None of our colonists are in bad shape here, so I’ll send Helene out with her gun to take care of them.

Shit, I didn’t realize the door to the freezer was made of wood. The fire outside the base got in. Shit shit shit.

Damnit. The Molotov dude got through. Helene got held up with the machine pistol dude and he got past her. Now Bonnie has got to fight Mr. Molotov hand to hand.

And now he’s on fire. Shit.

Things are just straight up not going well. It’s my first day damnit.
Bonnie just got downed. He’s still on fire, so things do not look great.

Now both of the raiders are converging on Helene while Ryo rescues Bonnie. Meanwhile the colony burns. I think the best option here may be to have Ryo flee. He’s incapable of combat, so if/when Helene gets downed, the colony will be defenseless.

It’s a miracle! Helene managed to kill the machine pistol raider while the other one missed three times with their Molotovs. Now the other guy is fleeing and we have this to deal with. Who decided it was a good Idea to build with wood anyways?

Meanwhile, the interior of the first colony continues to burn. Isamu has gotten an infection, so I think we can safely say that the first colony is going to die.

The fire has been beaten out. For now. Time to get those burns patched up before infection sets in.

Shit. Bonnie just got an infection in her torso, so I can’t amputate anything. This would likely be the death of her.

It is now day 2.

Most of the day has been spent resting and healing. A weapons dealer stopped by, so I sold of a shoddy shiv. I let Bonnie get better medicine. It looks like she’ll pull through this, even though she decided to get up and wander around in a daze.

Also, everyone is officially dead in the first colony.

Day 5

We finally have power back. Time to start replacing wood walls with stone and making nicer floors.

Day 6.

Refugee chased to Nick’s Regret. Right now, only Ryo can haul, so let’s hope we get someone capable.

Score. This guy is capable of everything but social. We need this guy. Let’s just hope the pirates that chase him are not many in number.

Four guys. Ok. We can do this. Nothing to start any fires though thankfully.

Defensive positions! We’ve only got two guns and a melee pawn. A collective shooting score of 6. Let’s hope we don’t get overrun here.

Got em! Killed two of their men and now they are in retreat!

Day 14

I’ve been working on getting some floors down and building a workshop. Things have been going pretty well, with nothing of note worth mentioning.

In the middle of the night, a few tribespeople set up camp outside and start preparing for a raid.

Killed them all easily. No real injuries.
And thus ends my turn.


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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #19 on: February 19, 2018, 05:57:56 AM »

Okay boys, my turn.

Day 1

So, my starting situation isn't exactly the best, but I've had worse. It's Fall at the moment, so it's my job to ensure we harvest all the crops and get that sun lamp up and running.

Firstly, I've put down plans for some more power conduits.

Because of all the fires around, I've decided to expand the home area as you can see in this screenshot.

I've also put plans in place for a shitload of wind turbines, on the shoreline where we don't have to clear much, and some temperature vents between the geothermal room and the bedrooms.

Decided to save some resources by shrinking the build plan around the healroot area, and plop a heater there for winter.

Also, these fires are really getting on my nerves. Good thing the rain's putting them out.

Turbines are coming along nicely, so I designated the crops for harvest. We might get another grow in if we're lucky.

We've just gotten some traders from the Outlander Union. I decided to buy some extra components in exchange for some equipment we don't use.



Apparently we have a crop blight. Back in Hatmakington. Where the only living creature is an arctic wolf named Orion. I'm going to send a caravan back there to get him and some of the remaining items there. There's an escape pod launcher still intact there, so we can send some of the supplies back without having to walk it back.

Hoo boy. So, bit of a risk on my part, but I had an ancient danger notification on one of the large structures, which ain't good (duh), but I instead decided to deconstruct this building for the hell of it. No mechanoids, thankfully, a lot of cryptosleep caskets, and some luciferium. I opened the caskets, and to my surprise, we've aren't going to get murdered. 1 space soldier, who is preoccupied with the other spacers, and 3 scarabs.

Well, we killed the space soldier, though Jensen took a few bullets. We'll bury our former enemy later, but what about the people in the pods? Why, steal their stuff and shove them back in their caskets of course! Everybody's sleeping now, so we'll haul it in the morning.


The hauling has begun! Bonnie has begun working on the geothermal generator, whilst we have given our space soldier "friend" a nice sarcophagus to rest in for eternity.

Other than that, uneventful day. Hauling and harvesting.


Hard snow today. Not that it matters, once I've gotten all the spacer gear hauled, we can get everyone ready for winter.

Finally got the spacer gear hauled, and the geothermal built. We've also managed to tame a muffalo, who will be used for our caravan to Hatmakington. Jensen is also fully healed once more. I'm also putting a defensive perimetre in place.

And to finish off day 4, here's what the colonists are currently equipped with.

*For some reason 2 images didn't work. It doesn't matter, I change their equipment later.


Caravan time... except a muffalo has gone mad. Fair enough. Let's put our firepower to the test when everybody wakes up.

Oh. Lovely. Beavers. Shame they're at Hatmakington and can't affect me whatsoever.

Caravan time boys. Let's go ransack Hatmakington.

And what a surprise, a bulk goods trader. Perfect!

Ah rip. I done fucked up. Only gave the caravan enough food for a 1-way trip, so I had to bring it back (thankfully it was only gone for 1 or 2 hours) and give it more food.


Roulette time! Which of these boys should be saved?

And by boys, they're all women. Hot damn. Vere's the latest recruit, I'd say. The others can go back in their freezers.

Ah shit. Helen's just gotten back to pick up more food, and a tornado picks the time to form. Hopefully nothing gets destroyed.

Oh. Well that was short-lived. The tornado's gone, just immediately beelined for the edge of the map.

Time to sell some stuff for more silver. We'll buy another couple components just in case we can't mine enough.

Aaaaand the plants are all dying. For some reason the colonists were too lazy to harvest the cotton without my intervention. Ah well. We have plenty of food.


Boy. We've done it. Ryo managed to patch up Vere as best as possible, but we had to imprison her when she tried to walk off. Got lucky on the recruit chance, though, so that's a new colonist!

Unfortunately, she's missing an eye and she's our 2nd best shooter, so we need to get a bionic from somewhere.

Ah well. The caravan has been reformed, this time with enough food and Bonnie along for the ride to carry more stuff.

And with our brave heroines disappearing over the horizon, I'll leave part 1 with you. Stay tuned for more.
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Re: RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #1 Story Thread
« Reply #20 on: February 21, 2018, 06:53:59 AM »

Okay, bobbos, the second half of me turn is done.

DAY 6 (Continued)

Cargo pods! Shame they're at Hatmakington. We've got some fungus. Wonderful.

I've split the greenhouse into 50% healroot, 50% smokeleaf. We've got a lot of herbal medicine now, so we can focus on making some drugs.

As you can also see, the freezer is being expanded. That's Day 6 over.


Freezer expansion is done.

Not much happened today, just some dumb labor.


Our caravan's arrived!

Here's an example of our loot. This is just an example of how much we can take on the transport pod.

OH FFS! None of these bitches can haul. Well I guess I'll send ANOTHER caravan later.

Oh well, I'm taking this stuff today. Will send a half decent caravan later.

A raid? At Hatmakington? Hah, try me pirates, we were just leaving!

2 pump shotguns, 2 frag grenades, and an incendiary launcher. Nope, not messing with them.

Put plans in place for a refinery, smelter, pod launcher, and hi-tech research bench at Nick's Regret. I intend to send a decent colonist to Hatmakington when the pod is ready with food for only a 1-way trip. That way I might get all of the wealth from the colony before my term is over.


Oh, never mind. It only lasted 5 seconds, no kidding. He probably gave up before he even got to the freezer.

With that, Day 8 comes to a close.


I've put plans in Hatmakington for Isamu's tomb. He may be a skellyman, but he deserves it Randy-dammit. Beautiful marble by the sea.

Oh well. The potatoes/rice will be fine.

Hmm, peace talks opportunity. I can send my next caravan there on the way back. If it goes well, we won't have to worry about the tribals again. All my colonists are only level 2 in social though.

Refinery's built, pod is almost fueled, and the space for our new research bench is practically complete. Caravan should arrive soon, and then I can send Ryo over to Hatmakington.

DAY 10

The caravan's arrived home!

Well, Ryo, farewell! We'll see you again in 2 days.

Rest in Peace, Isamu.

More cargo pods at Hatmakington? This time we've got 54 Herbal Medicine.

With that, we can call it a wrap for day 10. 5 more to go.

DAY 11

Ryo's loading up the pod before he resumes his long journey home.

Delivery! Ryo can come home now as well.

He's on the way! Loaded him up with as much loot as possible, though there's still some resources and stuff left at Hatmakington. Oh well. First stop is the peace talks, we don't have any good social colonists so we're going to have to hope he doesn't flounder it.

Seeing as how my turn's coming to a close, I figure I'll give you a brief snapshot of Nick's Regret. Despite my doubts, I've definitely managed to help the colony out a bit. We still haven't had a raid this season, yet, so anything can happen.

DAY 12

Meh. I'm not surprised, we have no good negotiaters anymore.

Just discovered a megasloth that's been dead for 8 days. I think I told Helene to hunt it, but being the idiot she is she never hauled it back to the freezer. Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

Meh. Helene, fix it.

Research bench is complete! That gives Ryo something else to do when he returns!

DAY 13

Almost there. And so's Ryo. He's run out of food and getting hungry, but it's only a couple hours to go.

Beastmaster Helene's trained Orion in obendience, giving us another useful animal to add to our collection.

We also have a nice little plasteel stash. Hopefully NICK DOESN'T WASTE IT AGAIN!

Welcome home, Ryo. Let's see that loot!

The raid showed up. It was just 4 tribals. They were decimated. All I got was this shot.

Oh. Well. This is depressing. I thought this raid was easy. Poor Orion.


DAY 14

Built a comms station last night, but there's no ships passing by. Not that it matters, because we had some visitors show up today. Wonder what I can sell them?

Sadly, not too much. We're not selling that Scyther Blade until an orbital trader passes over... or are we? A plan is brewing...

Time to fix Vere's missing eye, I'd think. Plus, if all goes well, we'll have a nice punching bag complete with Scyther Blade!


DAY 15

There we go. The operations were a success!


Why install a scyther blade on Toni? WHY NOT? It's now midday on Day 15, so my turn is coming to a close.


Oh look. ANOTHER pacifist. At Hatmakington. Rip.

No closeness! He lost his tail, and isn't looking too good. Jensen, help that good boy out. I don't want to lose another pupper.

So, this'll be my final event, I'd say. Toni tried to break out, shattered one of Helene's ribs, and had to be shoved back in her cell. To keep up with tradition, I'm waiting for dawn to end my turn.

Aww. Just noticed that Closeness has scars on both eyes, so he's half-blind. Poor pupper.

AND THAT'S OUR LOT! WINTER HAS COME! I've done a lot for the colony, I'd say. We've got some more nice things, another colonist + prisoner, and a shitload of nice equipment. The next player is free to do whatever they feel is necessary, though some things I didn't manage to finish:

Finish the clothing bills. Jensen, or "Nozza" as I have renamed him, is in need of a parka, plus we have a parka + tribalwear in bills for our prisoner. I've given her a nice room, so when she joins us let her keep it. We have a high-tech research bench set up as well, with Ryo currently working on Packaged Survival Meals.

If you get the right traders you can sell some valuable things I've collected, such as the psychic lances; don't forget about the comms console.

Defences are set up on all sides, and we have some healroot and smokeleaf growing under sun lamp. Heating is fine due to the geothermal vent, while power is far above what we need. The one thing we're lacking at the moment is steel, but there are mining orders for that, and more at Hatmakington if you really want to bother sending a caravan, thought that'll have to wait until the snow thaws.
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