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This is the thread for which multiple players will share a save and their stories with said save, just like your typical succession game goes. This is the thread for the first of two different player pools.

If you want to join in on the fun: https://discord.gg/KmY34ew

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Corn von Holio

Intro: As I am the first to have a go at leading this tiny colony to it's not-doom and being Grand Admiral of the Pawn Navy (among other things), I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at what I (and you, if don't mess this up) have to work with.

Kaori Acevodo: Chef, miner and person who understands words to an extent. She is also the one with the highest medical experience, at 4. She also hates the two other colonists. I can already see the drama unfolding.

Ryo Watts: Also chef, but has more skills than Acevodo, also a brain. Said brain does however say that hurting others is a no-go. The masochist with a scar combo is nice, and jogger makes him an alright hauler.

Kyle "Cyber" Ulberg: Our only person who is semi-acquainted with hurting others. He also has a passion for lots of nice things, he will be a master constructor one day.

Can't forget our adorable and slightly useless pet!

May the Goat Forest be kind to us, and send simple meals and walking cowboy hats.

My priorities are:
1. Securing food for the winter
2. Setting up basic facilities
3. Get a good doctor
4. Get a better shooter

Day 1: Alright, so it looks like we're on a grid with coastline.

Thought of perhaps building on the coast, with lots of ruins to start out, but nah.

Started instantly on a shack right next to a juicy hill with lots of steel sticking out. With our low-ish construction skills, you can bet your socks we lost some components on that battery.

Day 2: With the shack set up, and after a bad night's rest, the growing zone is up!

Welcome to the rice fields, where dogs are murdered by bigger and wilder dogs.

Originally, I thought: Let's send our almost defenseless pawns running at the wolf, but I changed opinions fast.

Ah well, more simple meals.

Day 3: Today we had our first visitors, they had nothing of value.

Day 4: Cyber thought that we needed a name.
           I, as head, secretary and expert with 1 minute of experience of the naming committee, declare our colonists the be:
           The Doomed

In the spirit of earlier runs, the local settlement shall be called Hatmakington

The freezer and storage room was also completed later this day.

There is also a lamp, so that major break risks become minor break risks. Praise the artificial sun.

Day 5: Nothing of interest happened this day, the minions colonists constructed a stonecutter table, and harvested berries.

Day 6: Ryo finished working on smiting.

The future holds hydroponics, so that people can (maybe) survive the winter.

Day 7: The day started of with a blight in the field. It didn't spread, but colonists are grumpy when woken early.

Notice how the rice is close to being in "forget to harvest" territory.

Remember to open this when in trouble

Day 8: We now have rice, some idiot are raw rice. That is all.

Day 9: Most of the steel (not counting plasteel) in the nearby hill has been mined out. The colonists also finished harvesting the rice.

Day 10: The colonists noticed that the cooler was the wrong way. This was of course an attempt by the Grand Overlord, Corn, at training their construction skills. Never mind the wasted components.

Kill me now.

Cyber, the guy with the plasteel knife, also went on squirrel hunting spree to bring fresh meat to the colony.

Day 11: Cyber killed more squirrels today. Randy decided that we obviously needed more meat, and decided to throw a manhunter pack at us.

Praise the plasteel knife! Cyber still got some scratches.

A meteorite also landed:

Could be a better material, but any help is welcome.

Day 12: Nothing of interest happened today.

Day 13: Grand Admiral Corn decided that the puny colonists needed more power, so he tasked them with making a wind turbine.

Said Admiral also decided to rescue a chased refugee.

Yuuma Santiago is acceptable, but he's a pacifist. I truly wondered if he was worth it.

After changing my diapers and weeping silently, the Grand Admiral decided to send Acevodo and Cyber out to confront our attackers.

Cyber made them flee, Acevodo didn't hit a single shot.

Randy decided to grace us with his presence, and Ryo got sick with the flu as a result.

Day 14: Santiago got to use his medical skills on a severely beat up Cyber and a sick Ryo today.
Cyber still broke, but things could be worse.

Day 15: This is my last day as Supreme Chief in command of this hellhole.

A solar flare came and went, just hours before my turn ends.


Food has been secured and we now have an almost competent medic, I feel I have preformed satisfactory.

Note to number 2: Cyber is walking around in a daze north of the colony and is about to collapse, I think. The base also has no real defenses. Good luck not dying!
I am not corrupt, just willing to consider other solutions given adequate amounts of TP.


Alright folks, it's now my turn to take the reins of the Doomed Express. Sir. Corn of von Holio managed to bring the colony to a strong start, having ample steel and components in storage and laying around, so I'll be attempting to further strengthen the situation by using these resources. For larger images, I've shrunk them to make the post more legible. Click on the images to expand them if I've shrunk them.

Day 1: Right, so first off, we don't need to use medicine for some stupid flu; that's just a waste and that medicine can go to other more important diseases such as plague or infection. Everybody's now set to only receive improvised treatment and I'll only change that if the person gets a nasty disease or if they're bleeding out very quickly.

I've also laid out some blueprints to get people into their own rooms, get an indoor growing zone and expand storage since we're already at capacity. I would make a new storage room which perfectly fits to a trade beacon's radius, but there's not enough room to do that without really making major changes. I've also cancelled the plasteel mining since that'll drive wealth (thus raid size) up and that manpower can go elsewhere.

Everybody also now has forced joy on their schedules because Tons o' Joy is an easy +10 and colonists will still work through joy periods if they have enough joy. Acevedo's also been given the revolver since her skill level is way too low to be effective with the bolt-action rifle.

Right so with that out of the way, the day's progressing pretty smoothly - oh wait.

Welp, looks like Cyber's done for. I sent Acevedo to go and help him out; big mistake since I forgot that Acevedo has a bad back. She still manages to reach the attack spot in time though.

Too close. Acevedo successfully manages to rescue Cyber, while the wolf happily eats Cyber's fine meal. If Cyber wasn't carrying a meal, then I reckon it'd be Acevedo's turn to be wolf food.

Cyber narrowly escapes death by 0% consciousness; close call indeed. Since Cyber was also only a few hours from death and was bleeding out rapidly, I had Santiago patch Cyber's wounds up using herbal medicine. Unfortunately Cyber's now down a leg, so it's also up to Santiago to install a peg leg with herbal medicine. The operation goes without a hitch.

The rest of the day goes uneventfully.

Day 2: Just as people start to wake up, Randy sends a thrumbo our way, and a cold snap along with it. Unfortunately, we're too low on manpower to be able to kill the thrumbo and relinquish the horn. Not long after, he sends a horde of ravenous beavers our way. There were only six or seven beavers, but that number was still too high for one handicapped woman with 3 shooting and a revolver to deal with, so I made the wise decision of leaving them alone.

Later that day, a group of three pirates decided it'd be a great idea to mope around and prepare to attack.

We've managed to build a nutrient paste dispenser before the pirates get to attack, meaning that Acevedo can now focus on doing more important stuff than cooking while there's zero risk of food poisoning and the food we have will go a long way. I've forbidden the berries so that the people will actually eat paste meals rather than get food poisoning and eat 3x more than they need to, and survival meals since they'll serve as an emergency ration.

Moments before the pirates decided to rush in, Cyber's now back on his foot and peg leg. Although he's a brawler and has 0 shooting, the only way that he's going to be useful in this battle is if he uses the spare rifle. Besides, he has catharsis which will offset the negative thoughts of brawler equipping a ranged weapon and being in acute pain.

With a bit of kiting from the two pacifists, while Acevedo and Cyber take shots at the melee-wielding lunatics, the raid was repelled without issue.

Moments before the clock struck midnight, two bulls decided to join the colony. Since I have no use for two males and they can't produce milk (or very good 'milk' at that), they were headed straight to a single-tile zone in the freezer ready to be slaughtered. Yum.

Day 3: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a refugee from space! Let's see what we won on the RNG lottery today:

Pyromaniac: Check
Hates people of the opposite gender: Check

Perfect hat material. However, we're desperate for people who are capable of fighting, and she can haul too, so that means that Santiago has the privilege of rescuing her. If she joins, great, but it's not the end of the world if she doesn't; we'll just have somebody knock her back down if she gets back up and walks out.

Atta girl! Welcome to the colony, now get building! Now to have Ryo make her some of the finest tribalwear made from the finest skin of the finest manhunter around: squirrelskin. Good quality too!

Since it's pretty chilly out, Libby also gets to wear a wonderful 'dead dude' parka. My brand of choice.

Day 4: Hydroponics research has been finished, but construction of those won't be of the highest priority since we currently have a surplus of food. The bedrooms and growing dome have also finally been constructed, but there's currently not enough power or need to really get growing done, so the dome remains switched off for the meantime.

Libby's so eager to get her own bedroom that she decides to have a mental breakdown and hide in the barrack! The final straw was because of the fact she's in an awful barrack... right. Seems counter-productive to me, but whatever suits Libs!

The rest of the day goes uneventfully.

Day 5: An Ibex Ram drew inspiration from Goat Simulator and decided to run about and try to cause chaos by headbutting every humanoid form in sight. However, he wasn't very successful as hawk-eyed Acevedo delivers a shot square in the noggin. We might also need more seats...

Later on, there was an eclipse. Everybody's now in their own bedrooms. The rest of the day went uneventfully.

Day 6: A male psychic soothe! Mood was okay anyway, but an extra +15 never hurts anybody. In my excitement, I forgot to start more research until now. Machining time folks, go and research it now!

As rolling blackouts start happening, the eclipse ends. I've also decided to ramp up power production and power storage so that we can afford to internalise growing. Beautification of the dining room has also started, in the form of four plant pots.

Day 7: Built a second research bench because idling's starting to become a presence, and finally expanded storage. Also laid out some concrete flooring to reduce the spreading of dirt and negative beauty.

Day 8: A bulk goods trader arrived and we get to negotiate with the very Rambo himself - oh wait...

Boo! It's a wannabe!

We sold some leather which we didn't have large enough amounts of to really make anything out of and bought 12 components. That sets us back just under 300 silver.

It seems that the local wildlife also doesn't really like the sight of duds:

Unfortunately, the suicidal fox died and John Smith lives to see another day.

We also finish researching machining and promptly start working on gunsmithing. I've also decided to move the power generators further west so that it's possible to wall them in and therefore protect them from raiders in the future.

Day 9: Since it's starting to approach winter and the local predators aren't exactly moving away, it's time to take action. Acevedo, Libby and Cyber go out to dispatch of a wolf just south of the base and all goes smoothly.

But something's coming from space...

Excellent! Not long after, more cargo pods crash down with around 90 limestone blocks. We also finish gunsmithing and start blowback operation research.

Day 10: We start making use of the growing dome and start growing cotton inside. Continuing the extermination of predators, the trio of wolfslayers go slightly northwards and kill another timber wolf.

In a bid to get more stone to begin walling in, I also designated the nearby limestone structures to be torn down. This also means less cover for raiders.

Continuing the theme of objects cascading from the heavens:

More components!

Day 11: Another escape pod:

Not great, but not terrible either. She's a competent doctor and can also research and negotiate. Can't do much else other than melee combat though. Same procedure as with Libby: Rescue.

Having completely forgot about the local alphabeaver population, one going absolutely bonkers was my reminder of their presence:

More food, nice.

We also finish researching blowback operation and start researching microelectronics basics.

Day 12: Midnight. A war horn dully drones in the distance:

Two short bows and an iklwa, and they weren't particularly skilled either (oh look, another mad beaver). After crossing the great marshland from the north-east, they were engaged by Acevedo, Libby and Cyber. Didn't quite go as smoothly as hoped, but no colonists were downed and no major injuries were sustained, but Cyber did get slightly beat-up.

Later on, Zellian also joins the colony. Getting lucky with these rescues so far.

Also moved the butcher table into the freezer to reduce the risk of food poisoning and also to stop butchering from affecting room impressiveness.

We also get our first snow and it hits hard, so I designate some roofing and snow clearing:

Day 13: Now that we've got some sandstone, it's probably a good time to start building a perimeter wall. We also finish microelectronics basics and start researching turrets.

Day 14: A male psychic drone (contrary to the soothe earlier on) and a rat self-tamed; to slaughter! Uneventful otherwise.

Day 15: Last day of this colony under my control. It's time to start scaling up our defences since we can't stay in this defensive situation forever, so I lay out blueprints for my unique bunker design - or I haven't seen anybody else use this design at least. The diagram below roughly illustrates how to use it, for future players:

Not long after laying that all out, Randy decides to throw a toxic fallout my way. Lovely.

Later that day, we rebuild the tailoring bench one cell further north and build a machining table too. With what we had in storage, I decided to queue up an armour vest and a machine pistol, both of which should significantly improve Acevedo's performance in combat.

The armour vest was finished as the day drew to a close and turned out to be of poor quality, so I had Ryo also start work with the machine pistol which is a big upgrade from the revolver. Range shouldn't be a limitation either since Acevedo's shooting skill is low.

Where We're At Now:

Now it's Emeraldis' turn to continue guiding this colony away from doom. I did forget about the muffalo carcass at the time, but it won't rot since temperatures are sub-zero. I've also extended the 'Toxic Safe' zone so that the bunker may be worked on, and also extended the build roof area so toxic buildup shouldn't be an issue.

I've also partitioned 5/8ths of the growing zone to grow rice, so colonists should start swapping most of the cotton out for rice. The bulls still haven't been butchered either, since they serve as a very compact meat storage of sorts.

Closing shot of my turn:


Right then, I guess it's my turn to take care of this place. Xeo did an admiral job, and now and our food stores are doing well. I'm here for the entire Winter season, and I can't wait to leave.I hope and I don't die, and I'll be trying to make some improvements to this colony, so let's get into the log.

Day 1: Ok, so I'm here, and we have a toxic fallout. Great, thanks for letting me come and take over with that, Xeo! I'm starting to regret agreeing to this appointment.

Anyways, I'm keeping the policy of eating from the paste dispenser. It tastes like rotten boomrat, but whatever it'll keep us through the season. The colonists aren't complaining anyway, or at least I don't think they are since they don't really tell me much. Nobody is allowed outside, and I believe that we are set for a while unless we have a disaster strike. We just need to stay inside, eat some paste, and hope that this all blows over.

Mr. Xeo lefts us some plans for a defense bunker, and I think that we will keep those plans and build it as soon as this poison dust is gone.

Actually, belay that order! I send some peasants colonists to build a roof and they begin construction on the defenses. Time will tell if we have enough resources on hand. That's all for today, captain out.

Day 2: So it looks like the heavens have had mercy on our plight, and have decided to send us a gift! We had a report of some supply pods landing out in the wilds, I'm going to go see what it might be.

Great. Just great. How useful.

Anyways, not much happened today. We got some more of the bunker done, but not much else happened. All quiet on the western front, captain out.

Day 3: Ooh boy. Early this morning we had our first major issue. Our resident pyro, Libby, decided to go on a fire starting spree next to the bedrooms. We didn't bother to restrain her, but a couple of the boys spent a good amount of time running after her putting out fires.

Ya know what, screw it. I don't care about this bleedin' toxic fallout! We need steel, dangnabbit, and we'll have it! I sent out Ryo to go grab some mined out steel from outside the fort, and he managed to return with no problems. He only got some slight poisoning but it wore off quick.

Right, I'm sleep deprived and I want to get out of this god-forsaken building! Captain out.

Day 4: Not much is going on today. Our researchers have been working hard all day. Just a minute ago I decided to look over at their workstations, and I had literally no clue what was going on.

They worked hard enough to finish whatever they were working on, but now they say that they can get some electrical cremation going on! Now we're talking. That's all for now folks, Captain out.

Day 5: Well, this is fun. Just this morning, a pack of hungry hungry Wargs were on the horizon heading right for us! We might not make it out alive, and the bunker is not ready.

Mistakes have been made. I completely forgot that for some reason we don't have a back door (thanks, Xeo previous manager who shalt not be named), so as I was directing the troops they snuck around! Thankfully the setup didn't completely suck. I think.

So I decided to give Zellian, who hates guns for some reason, a gun because she had a decent score. Bad idea. She somehow managed to shoot Ace in the leg, Twice. Causing them to go down. Thankfully, nobody died and we only sustained minor injuries.

Thank goodness nothing else happened. Captain out.

Day 6: First order of business: Building that bloody back door. Second order of business, well not much considering that this toxic freakin' fallout won't stop!

In other news, for some reason, a group of beavers decided to show up! I think that they want to eat our trees. Jokes on them, we don't have any trees!

That's fun. For some unknown reason, one of the buggers went crazy! We took care of him quite quickly.

We also had a flash storm that didn't do anything because we have a butt-load of snow covering the ground. Captian out.

Day 7: Nothing really happened. I decided to let some of the colonists mine into the mountain by the north-east corner of the colony. That's all, Captain out.

Day 8: I was at my desk just relaxing, when a transmission came through.

Well, I guess that's pretty cool. I won't do it, maybe the next guy will, but I am in no position to do this with the fallout and all.

Also, screw it. I'm allowing three of my best builders to go and finish the bunker. We've run out of sandstone, and they will go and get this done.

I'm making this colony great again, Captain out!

Day 9: An elk joined us. He dead. We will eat him in good faith because he's a complete idiot.

Hey, we have a turret! I now feel safer, and we will repel all hats, I mean raiders!

We're just getting everything today. Like blight. Blight is fun. We took care of it and it was annoying.


Day 10: Two-thirds of the way through. What should I do tod- OH LOOK DOGGOS!

My favorite is Murderous. Don't question me. I said don't do that.

Also as much as I like them, they will stay in Zellian's quarters since she can actually train animals.

Well, solar flare. Fun times. It didn't last long.

Thankfully, our bunker is done! Santiago placed the last door, and we are ready for anything. I think. Anyways, the fallout finally settled! Praise the sun and whatever, Captain out.

Day 11: To celebrate the improvements, I had Ryo make a sword for Zillian so that she can stop being such a whiner whenever I give her a weapon. It was a pretty crap sword, but it works.

She soon got a chance to destroy a rat that went crazy. It worked quite well.

I want to actually get something done, so I decided to make a hospital, just in case this bunker doesn't work as planned.

Good'night, Captain out.

Day 12: Well, first we had a meteorite hit. Thankfully it didn't hit us. The hospital has been finished! It is nice and sterile, and our farmers are harvesting the crops!

I think that we should establish a trading relationship with some..well.. ships! I set up some machines for this very purpose in the stockpile room.

Day 13: Our power usage is getting a bit high, especially at night. I decided to throw a generator in their and hope for the best!

Travelers! They had nothing. They had literally nothing useful. Nothing. I can't even make them into hats.

Well, Captain Emeraldis is an actual idiot. That generator blocked my windmills... somehow don't ask me. Anyway, I moved it and it works now.

What a headache. Ryo went on a food binging spree. Stop it, you don't need the fine meals, Ryo! It's not my fault that Zellian doesn't want to date you, Ryo! Go to bed!

Day 14: Well, one more day until I can leave this place and go back to my ship! I was in a good mood, so I billed up some clothes so that my colonists won't get angry at having their clothes literally fall off their emaciated frames.

Well, I'm off to pack. Captain out.

Day 15: Well, time to lea- Oh you have got to be kidding me. I just got a report that a psychic wave was detected, and now we have some manhunting boars hanging out in my bunker! MY BUNKER!

We managed to destroy those annoying pigs and send them to bacon heaven. We had no issues at all, and no injuries. It was an all-around successful day.

Oh, before I forget, I'm nicknaming my favorite colonist, Zellian. Your name is now Emerald, suck it up if you don't like it!

Well, I'm off. Captain Tamok will be taking over as soon as I leave. Good luck to you, and remember to look over Xeo's plans for the bunker for usage instructions! See you guys later, I'm off to take a vacation! Beam me up Scotty, Captain finally out for good.


Captain Tamok reporting in.

My predecessor, the grand emeraldis, gave me a pile of papers, one of them with a big "README - XEO'S BUNKER 101" written on top of it. Eh, who needs that? What we need is a fire. To keep us warm.

Day 1: I barely had time to give a try to that fantastic massage chair the previous captain had installed in his office that someone knocked on my door complaining already.

Okay. I see how it is. I'll get something done about that. Why are you wearing that parka? Someone told you to? Well stand up for yourself!

Libby just drops her old parka on the ground and grabs a new one from the stockpile. Someone saw that coming - the current tailoring bill is all about making brand new parkas.

As I sit back into my chair a loud noise startles me and I have to get up again. Apparently, some cargo pods fell from the sky on a bunch of muffalos and a raccoon, badly injuring a few of them in the process. They are filled with neutroamines. I feel lucky.

Free food? Of course! I promptly tell my goons to go fetch the corpses (well, they're not corpses yet but it's better to put them down right?) along with the precious chemical.

On the way out, I notice a few corpses. More like, skeletons. They have apparently been there for more than a quadrum. My first thought is to loot them but I decide against it - they shall remain here and serve as a warning to any foes that might try to overcome our mighty... what was it called again? XeoBunker©? Yeah, that... I'll still get that steel ikwa back to safety.

To end this day, I'll have the colonists upgrade the freezer. We need more space for all that meat. I will also try to get a proper kitchen running. I can't eat this goo that's been fed to the colony.

Wait, what's happening now?

The voice on the other end of the communicator sounds like the voice of an elderly. She will not be a good fit our colony. Don't get me wrong, I like old people. But not in my colony.

As I ignore the sound coming from the speaker, I feel like it's time to finally try that massage chair out.

Day 2: After an uneventful nights, the scientists knock on my office door. Apparently they're done with their current work and need guidance. They say they could work on more weaponry. Well, color me interested but... Couldn't they go for something... More fun?

I guess our colonists are going to be able to watch news from the rim worlds in a bit!

As I ponder looking through the window of my office, the slight humming of my massage chair filling the room, I notice the corpses of the muffalos, now dead (they apparently bled out during the night) are still outside. Sure, it's cold, but I don't like the idea of things eating them. I check on what my colonists are doing and here they are, mining all the plasteel:

I quickly cancel the designation (by yelling at them from my office). Go haul those corpses!

The day goes on uneventful. During dinner, one of the scientists comes up to me and asks me if they should start working on the project I assigned them. I take note that I should be more careful with my instructions from now on and actually acknowledge the new research.

I also learn that there is something going on between Emeral and Santiago. Amazing news! I will probably have to accomodate for this. But this will be for day 3.

Avecedo being idle, I allow her to keep mining the plasteel.

Day 3: I decide that the new lovers will require a double bed. I order the deconstruction of Emerald's bed and have a new one built there. I feel like they will get more joy from this change.

A mad rabbit charges at Cyber. Poor Cyber, he always seems to be in the way of things that can harm him. He dispatches the rabbit with his plasteel knife, getting bitten in the process.

I unsuspend the bill requesting the creation of fine meals. Finally we'll have some fancy food around. Just as I enjoy the thought, a scout warns me about an incoming raid. It never ends. To arms! To the XeoBunker©! I send Ryo and Santiago to the area labeled as "Toxic Safe" which also appears to be Raid Safe.

The raiders begin their attack soon after I assign everyone positions in the XeoBunker©. In the meantime, I learn that Murderous, previous commander Emeraldis' favorite dog, is pregnant. Talk about a situation.

In less than a few minutes, the raiders are fleeing. As soon as they reached the sight of the XeoBunker©'s defenses, they got destroyed. The very first shot, taken by Acevedo, hits raider Croio and as he stumbles to escape, he gets downed by the turret. In the meantime Libby fires her bolt-action rifle at raider Wolf who tries to get cover before being crumpled by the wound. Raider Sam, equipped with a melee weapon, dashes for the XeoBunker©, trying to go for Cyber. Poor Cyber, him again. I wonder how he made it this far. Little did Sam know that Cyber is already upgraded with a peg leg: her fist only but cracks the wood, causing Cyber no pain in the process. Retaliating with his trusty plasteel knife, Cyber punctures Sam's pelvis and torso before slashing her right leg savagely. Sam stabs Cyber in the spine before in turn being stabbed in the heart, causing her to collapse. The last raider, Black, attemps to run away, but I order Libby and Acevedo to make their way out of the bunker and shoot him.

And one of the heater breaks down. Right. Well, time to loot the corpses and proceed with getting some new slaves. Prisonners. Whatever. I glance at the bleeding raiders and pick two of them to eventually join our rank. Croio will make for a fine crafter and Sam will be a great hauler and shooter. I decide to use the empty bedroom, and also Cyber's, as jail cells. Those raiders better be grateful.

As I strip Wolf to help him freeze faster, I also accidentally strip Croio. But weirdly enough, he thanks me. Apparently, he is a nudist.

Cyber and Libby go rest in the hospital. I am thankful the previous captain had it installed.

Day 4: During the night, cargo pods hit the ground and provide us with limestone blocks. I was wondering why some the colonists refused to go outside - I assumed the raid frightened them. But apparently, when you tell someone to stay in the safe area, they will stay here until you allow them out. Done.

As I notice the dogs eating from the stocks, I decide for a new rule: human corpses should be butchered, and the meat obtained should be fed to the pets. Also, the pets aren't allowed in the food storage anymore. And hey, I mean, one of those dogs is named Murderous so it just all makes sense.

To finish the day, the mighty metal gods the tribal raiders have been talking about curse us with an eclipse. Oh well, the temperature are still cold outside so I am not worried for our foor supply.

Day 5: Following the template provided in the stack of papers I got when I arrived, I design a new bedroom to be constructed. Cyber is getting tired of sleeping outside.

Sayuri the dog is now pregnant too. Will we keep all the pups or will we end up having fancy dog leather armchairs? Armchairs... I think it's time for us to have a decent dining room. After noticing a few of my colonists eating without a table, I decide to build a bigger, heavier, better table. It is in a central area both linked to the chambers and the meal storage room.

We are having some electrical problems because of the eclipse. The lamps keep blinking. The massage chair keeps interrupting itself and my back is suffering highly from those issues. Distressed by all those issues, I decide to build a new solar panel. Once it is built, I realize my mistake. Will I be the doom of this colony?

As I ponder about my mistakes, Libby rushes into my office and lights my desk on fire. What are you doing Libby? Apparently, she's in one of her fire starting sprees I have been warned about. Just like my predecessor, I ignore her and let the other colonists run around, extinguishing fires as they start.

Day 6: The fires have been controlled and Libby went to bed just as if nothing happened.

Later that day, a rare thrumbo appears. As I zoom closer to his location, I notice a bunch of caribous hanging around. Guess it's time to get ourselves some more meat! I however do not trust our colonists with killing a thrumbo just yet.

A radio call warns me about an opportunity to rescue a prisonner. I will try to prepare for the task but I feel like this might be something my successor will have to undertake. Or not.

Day 7: A lone traveler is sighted near the base. He doesn't seem to be visiting.

I have tried to get the double bed reconstructed since it was a bit shoddy to my taste, but the builder rebuilt it poorly, then rebuilt it again as shoddy as it was before. I decided against wasting more wood. I will just hope Emerald and Santiago won't break it.

As the day was going on slowly, a call from the com station suddenly brought me back to reality.

A trading ship! Finally! I rush to the coms and start talking with what seems to be a space pirate. They introduce themselves as Orange Stork Solutions and I ponder about what kind of solutions an Orange Stork might provide. Acevedo pushes me away from the coms and begins to bargain with them. Acevedo insists we resell our prisonners as slaves so we could afford buying better slaves but I do not trust the pirates with that. Plus, keeping the prisonners train her wardening skills.

The colony only sells the old unused weapons and rags for some silver. Nothing interesting is available so we bid farewell to the pirate merchants and get back to work. As the buzzing sound from the coms tunes down, another noise interrupts my day: the sound of a solar generator breaking down. Oh well.

Day 8: What again?

A raid? AGAIN?
What do you mean mechanoids? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, to the XeoBunker© everyone! QUICK. And keep the pet and the non-violent inside! This is no joke. NO JOKE. Fast! Activate the turret switch, hurry!

What now? TRAVELERS?

And a bunch of DEAD ELKS?


How is this situation going to end?

Should we help them?... Should we really help them? Oh... Too late... THEY'RE COMING OUR WAY!

Acevedo did us proud, taking a few shots from the scyther but emerging victorious in the end.

But wait, there is one more! Where is it?
Looking around, I see a slowly moving scyther. Apprently, his left leg got shot off in the encounter with the travelers. Which means it takes it a few hours to reach the XeoBunker©. Libby instantly took a shot as he appeared around the corner and killed him instantly. Good job, Libby! You made us proud today.

Acevedo is rushed to the hospital to attend to both her charge lance wounds. Simultaneously, Cyber grabs the dead scyther and hauls it inside to the stockpile. The other scyther isn't dead yet, and I do not wish to take of it right now. Considering its mechanoid nature I'm pretty sure it can stay there forever if I wished.

Since we are friends of the Hadba Kingless Concord, I send Santiago out to rescue the traveler Skye, hoping we can fix her and improve our standing with the Concord.

We manage to bring her in just before a cold snap sets in.


Day 9: Skye is stabilized and I have hopes she can leave soon. I just hope she doesn't leave during the cold snap.

It would seem I had my hopes up for nothing. As soon as I logged this entry, I heard Skye get up and get on her way.

On top of that, I can hear scratching behind the wall of the new room we just built... I wonder what it might be.

Let's ignore that for now.
Let's focus on this new pirate merchant that just contacted us. They call themselves the AT Export Company but I feel like they're just the same old Orange Stork Solutions rebranded because of some shady business.

I sell them the three leaf joints I found on the dead travelers for 2 silvers and bid them farewell. They had nothing I could afford anyway.

The scratching behind the wall intensifies and I feel like I should do something about it.
My plan is to send our armed team on both sides of the wall and have someone deconstruct said wall. Then as the parasites, attracted by the light and scent of human flesh, come out, BAM. Dead.

This plan is flawless. Santiago the non-violent has been designated to breach the wall. Acevedo is rejecting my proposition to stay closer to Cyber to avoid shooting him. It is too late for me to figure out why.

Santiago bolts out of the room as soon as the wall is down and I lock the door behind him. Godspeed, minions.

During the fight with the spelopede, Acevedo hits Cyber with her machine pistol. Poor Cyber. Quickly, the insect stops moving, and a megaspider takes its spot. It fiercely defends its hive and cuts both Cyber and Emerald, but there is no immediate danger. As Acevedo digs in the sandstone wall with her machine pistol, Libby fires precisely at the megaspider's pronotum, piercing its shell. The evil pest collapses, writhing in pain on the ground. It's a victory!

Emerald takes this opportunity to leave and rush to the hospital, followed by peglegged Cyber. Acevedo is given the task to terminate the megaspider while Libby deals with the hive itself. As Acevedo goes to help Libby she accidentally shots her in the left arm. Soon, the matter of having pest in the walls is a bad memory. The colonists can now feast on some tasty insect jelly. Or not, I plan on forbidding it since it doesn't spoil and can be used to travel or as an emergency ration.

To brighten the day, something wonderful happened. As Santiago was feeding Emerald in her hospital, he proposed to her. And she said yes! This is so wonderful! I will design a wedding area and get roses planted for the occasion!

Day 10: Surprisingly, after taking a whole day to travel across the map, Skye made it. The Concord is very grateful.

I temporarily assigned a priority 1 hauling order to Libby. There is a lot of items scattered around the base. And a lot of silver. I have to remember to put it back to 3 later on.

A caravan approached the base today. Pirate merchants. It's like this world is all about pirates. They are from the Accord of Orveder and set up camp next to the south wall. The slaves they try to sell us have rotten teeth and are way too expensive. I am secretly hoping for another type of merchants.

A local raccoon went mad and tried to maul, but got mauled instead. Three of the merchants were injured, none by the raccoon.

Day 11: Today I decided to begin the day merrily. We will remove the left blade of the remaining scyther then we will dance around its dancing corpse. I still do not want to turn it off. It amuses me.

I noticed the bills for sandstone cutting has been set on forever. We now have about 1500 blocks. I suspended the task until the colony has nothing better to do.

The com station rings and I pick up then hang up right away. Damn telemarketers.

Just before bed time, the scientists excitedly tell me the current research has ended! I tell them to go work on making new guns while I ponder about the best way to use our new invention.

Day 12: While sleeping, Emerald had dreams. Dreams of being a leader, of expanding the colony. She got inspired to recruit. So I will let her handle the prisoners and see how inspired she really was! And guess what? She managed to recruit Croio, one of our prisoners. He joined the colony and I happily turned his cell back into a normal bedroom.

I decided to trust him. He will be our new main crafter. Ryo is relieved from smithing and tailoring. I give him a steel knife since he seems to be really bad a shooting.

The alpha beavers are migrating. There is a lot of them. We do not need their meat yet so I will leave them alone. Santiago enjoyed the sight of the magnificent beaver herd.

I decided to put some materials outside. We need space.

Day 13: Croio tried to make a longsword today. I yelled at him when I noticed he used plasteel. Now he has to finish it and make me proud or I will harvest his organs. I swear.

After all the excitement from the first days, it almost feels too quiet. I decide to add some walls to make the base safer and have our crafters make some more stone blocks.

Day 14: I got a message telling me about a bandit camp with a lot of silver to loot. Sadly, as I am approaching the end of my time here, I cannot go there. Maybe my successor will.

Emerald and Scout have formed a bond. I am happy Emerald is having the good life with her fiance & her dogs.

Another message informed me about an item stash opportunity. I have heard it contains a bionic leg. That would be really amazing for Cyber. Who, by the way, I am renaming after myself: Tamok. So to my successor: go get Tamok his new leg. He deserves it after all the hardships he went through.

Just after that a stray wolf I hadn't noticed decided to pay the XeoBunker© a visit then infiltrate the base and attacked Tamok, who was just minding his own business.

I order him to fight back using his amazing plasteel knife. I also ask a few others to help him, you never know. As a result of the fight, which involved 4 colonists, the timber wolf managed to chomp Tamok's left ear right off his head. Tamok is now looking for a new ear too. Luckily, Emeral sliced the timber wolf in the spine, effectively killing it while Libby aimed at the wall.

And to end the day uneventfully a... WHAT


Well it would seem so. And not one of the small ones.

Tamok's ear is getting patched by Libby right as the raiders enter the map. With a bit of luck, the timing will allow Tamok to fight without having flesh dangling from the left side of his face.

To the XeoBunker©! Croio grabs a gun in place of his knife and rushes to the bunker along with his fellow fighters. Libby barely has time to patch Tamok's ear up so he wouldn't bleed out that they both have to go to the bunker, Tamok still bleeding from his torso and right leg.

This is going to be a tough fight.

The raiders go straight for the turret and destroy it right away. This allows our fighters to shoot at them and down a few of them. The archers in the distance are a pain to deal with. They have way better aiming skills than we do! They manage to down Avecedo before the turret explodes.

I hurry Santiago to rescue Avecedo to avoid further damage while Libby, Croio and Emerald fight back. Lots of the raiders die but the archers remain and relentlessly attack the XeoBunker©.

As one of the raiders make his way inside the bunker, Croio is downed. Ryo, who was running around in the bunker out of nowhere, is tasked with rescuing him while Tamok takes care of the intruder. Using his fabulous plasteel knife he perforated the raider's torso, killing him on the spot. Upon seeing their dead comrade, the other raiders decide to flee. Yet another victory for the Doomed!

None of the injuries seem to be too bad. I allow Libby to keep firing at the fleeing raiders. As I gaze upon the corpses, I feel saddened that none of them survived to be taken as prisoners.

The hospital has never been that full. Good training for our doctors!

And this concludes this long day which started peacefully and ended up in the most unexpected ways.

Day 15: All the colonists are busy patching each others up and repairing the damages. I ask them to rebuild the destroyed turret.

Is this day going to-

I kindly ask my colonists to close all the doors and stay inside as I sneak in my office. The ruminants can roam as much as they wish. This is my last day here and I intend to just spend it in my massage chair. Yeaaaah... just like that.

Croio tells me through the door he finished his plasteel longsword. He says it's not that good.

I do not care. This massage feels good. Everything's fine. A fine movie is playing on the tube television I just installed in my office. Everything's fine.

To my successor:
- Our food production is steady.
- There's a lot to scavenge from the last raid.
- Do not forget about the prisonner rescue.
- There is also a bandit camp opportunity.
- Along with an item stash opportunity.
- Make sure Emerald & Santiago have a really fancy wedding.
- Upgrade the stockpile. We are running out of space, but not of blocks.
- Croio has a smokeleaf dependence.
- I hid insect jelly behind a wall.
- Please keep the massage chair pristine.


You're doing good, so far  ;D

maybe the next captain should improve the Hospital by installing a bit of light.
I heard this help treating the patients.
Maxim 1   : Pillage, then burn
Maxim 37 : There is no overkill. There is only open fire and reload.
Rule 34 of Rimworld :There is a mod for that.
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Quote from: SpaceDorf on November 29, 2017, 07:59:42 AM
maybe the next captain should improve the Hospital by installing a bit of light.
I heard this help treating the patients.

Helps with surgery success chance and tend speed, the latter due to the global work speed penalty being mitigated. However, tend quality's just a myth.



Day 1

Well, Since a captain isn't here, I'm going to be the temporary captain of this colony, and (hopefully) not lead it to its destruction. It's summer now, so that means travel times will be greatly decreased. The prisoner camp is off the table, but the bionic leg seems awfully tantalizing, so I'll send some people there to grab it soon.

I'll need to re-organize the workshop in order to get a high-tech research bench built.

However, we have a more pressing matter.

Batteries in the storage room? This is a disaster just waiting to happen! These are going to be moved at once.

And oh, what's this? A peace meeting? It'll a good opportunity to make friends and gain experience; and It's only a day away, so I'll have to hit this up too.

Since I'm moving the batteries by our power, it would be a shame if a "Zzzt" event would happen and cause the batteries to explode and burn everything, so I'm removing the wood floors there. Wait, why were they there in the first place?

This could be a problem. Half the wires are installed in wooden walls! If there were to be a "Zzzt" event in the walls, that could be a major fire hazard. I'll have to replace all those walls with stone.

Earlier, as I scanned the room, I found a scribbled note on the table, and one of the points said that Croio was going through smokeleaf withdrawal. Luckly, he's doing ok for himself.

The colonist will now research geothermal power, so we don't have to rely on the solar panels.

The colonists managed to get the wood floors removed before they went to sleep.

Day 2

Another thing mentioned in the note was a group of man-hunting cows outside the base. I can only wish these people the best

The colonists alerted that there was a person that crashed from space nearby. He had pretty good stats, but with the cows out there, I can't get him.

The travelers just passed by the cows! They're very lucky... wait, are the cows even in man-hunter mode now?

I don't think they are, now we can get Marty!

Oh. It looks like a timber wolf already got him...

Day 3

Oh wow. That's a... interesting proposition, but I think I'll pass.

I've sent Emerald and Acevedo to the bionic leg location, but it's going to be a couple of days 'till they arrive. Wait, Why does Emerald have tribal cloths on? I'll have Croio make her some proper cloths for when she gets back.

Since we're low on components, the colonists will mine some behind the bedroom.

Day 4

Some spacecraft chunks have fallen to the south, we might get those.

Oh boy,
Now we have some puppies!

And it looks like we'll have more on the way.

I've decided to make the colonists research devilstrand, because we already have enough cotton, and we should probably make stuff out of a higher-quality material.

Right when Libby was working on the new hospital wall, (which i was replacing with stone so raiders wouldn't burn it) Murderous was attacked by a wolf! Luckily, Libby managed to dispatch of it quickly

Ahh, now the hospital wall is finished.

Acevedo and Emerald are half way there to the bionic leg.

Day 5

My colonists woke up to the sound of 48 muffalo migrating. I'm not even going to try and hunt them.

Lyra (a pup) was attacked by an arctic fox! Sadly, she perished, but more puppies were born!

The revenge was swift.

I've never had this happen before.

I don't think there relationship will be very damaged.

When Emerald and Acevedo arrived at the bionic leg's location, they were greeted by this.

They ran.

However, it wasn't all bad, because they could still hit up the peace talk.

Santiago may not have his lover with him, but he certainly isn't lonely.

Day 6

Ahh yes, devilstrand has been researched! Now we can- oh wait...

On a boring day, at least something semi-interesting has happened...

This rock is nearly mined dry, but we have more components now, which is good.

Day 7

After lots of consideration, I have decided to make a Xeo's Bunker™ No.2!

Along with this, I'll be walling off the area near the hospital

The blueprints of the bunker have been completed.

Emerald and Acevedo have arrived at the peace talks, and have been handsomely rewarded.

That "Techprof subpersona core" seems like it could be useful.

Day 8

Tamok was going to be attacked by a timber wolf, but luckily I noticed before the fighting began.

He dispatched of it quickly

Emerald and Acevedo have arrived safely! I think the trip was worth it.

Progress on the bunker is going well

Day 9

More alpha-beavers. Eh.


I completely forgot about this person! They'll be a welcomed addition to the colony. I gave them the revolver.

We have , so I'll have to mine more.

Oh yeah, that would've been useful 10 days ago.

The bunker is now finished

Day 10

The rock south of the base has been mined out.

There still might be a slight chance of something more being inside.

Have I been completely blind? There's gold right by our base! Now we can make a multi-analyzer!

We've research the geothermal generator! Now we can have more space.

Santiago has the flu, no big deal.

Plans were made for the geothermal generator.

Day 11

People pass by.

Some neutroamine lands nearby. I'm not complaining

The workshop has been re-arranged, because of the multi-analyzer and geothermal generator that are going to be added.


Day 12

An alpha-beaver has gone mad. I'll deal with it when I have to.

Since the colonists are so happy, this won't even effect them

Libby stepped outside and took care of the beaver. It'll bleed out eventually.

Oh how wonderful! Now we can do some real research!

I now have to mine steel from the top right area of the map. I hope a raid won't come while someone is up there.

The geothermal generator is now being built.

Day 13

Oh no!

This would happen eventually. Luckily, we have lots of medicine, and Santiago wasn't infected.

The geothermal generator has been built! Now we can make some more room for storage.

Day 14

Acevedo is throwing a party! I can't imagine what they're celebrating. Being alive I guess?

Uhh, well it looks like the dogs ran out of things to hunt/eat outside... I guess They'll have to eat food out of the storage room.

Speaking of food, it looks like we're running a little low, so we'll have to convert the green-house into only growing rice. We have enough cotton anyway.

We now have adequate storage. We can still expand if needed.

Day 15

Now everyone is immune to the plague now, which is good.

Thank Randy that we have that green-house, so we don't have to go outside

An elk has self-tamed? More food for later I guess.

The colony is looking pretty-


  • Don't go outside while the boars are still man-hunter
  • More storage can be made if needed
  • Turn on light in med-bay before surgery
  • Train the dogs; keep the female dogs alive
  • When Ryo becomes a level 10 grower, replace 1/4th of the green-house with devilstrand
  • Build the electric smithy when needed
  • Steel is at the top right area of the map
  • Southern defenses might be something good to think about
  • Make Sam a better weapon
  • The "Prof subpersona core" can be used, or sold for about 1000s
  • Good luck


Day 1
     After i was done being disgusted by paste dispenser, tons of deadman cloth cluttering
main stockpile (said stockpile is in desperate need of stack merger, but no mods means no mods) and overall layout,
dispenser was immediately deconsctructed. As is stools.
Seriously, playahs, who will EVER want to build a stool?

You warn me about mere 17 boars when i have 6 combat-capable colonists? Weakling. Enable the turret!

Well, that was underwhelming. I even didn't used full firepower. Damned killboxes.Emerald have 1/10 eye scar and shattered rib now, though. Why the hell Sam have revolver instead of recurve bow
when she have 11 shooting?
Techprof core was usen immediately after "fight" with boars. It gived me refining - perfect, just perfect.

Elk 1 got infection, somehow. Emerald got infection too, in torso.

While i struggled with dumb colonists that ignored multiple direct orders to build that fukken crematorium (why we don't have it yet?),
Randy sent my another mechanoid raid - two scythers.

Tamok for some reason just mined that absolutely unnecessary chunk of rock at this moment. I really don't know why.

Raid was then easily killed by Avecedo and Libby. Libby got headshot, but nothing serious.

Day 3
Chemfuel refinery and crematorium was finally built. All the "bunkers" was deconstructed, we have no need in this.

All unused apparel was burned, including non-deadmans that was in stockpile. few stacks of meat was made in to chemfuel.
Also, anyone know why the hell only one colonist can research on two benches?

Day 4
Libby gone on firestarting spree, somewhere.

Drop pods was researched

Day 5
Caravan made from Libby, Ryo, Sam and Croio  was sent to rescue prisoner.

Tamok was sent to hunt some elks. They gone manhunter on him. Whoops!

Acevedo killed them at right entrance at the cost of few bruises, but 8-man siege is sieging me! Whoops!

After first shot from mortar i get bulk trader ship. I selled all the useless
cloth and leathers, and bought some medicine. I'm sure i will need it.

Siegers meanwhile are pounding at greenhouse.

Day 6
It's 6 of septober and there are first snow! Pretty hard snow.

Tamok waked up, but have 19% movement.

This picture is wonderful.

And it seems siegers have only incendiary shells left. Le fuck.

Late day 6
Caravan was ambushed by two monkeys. The horror. Prisoner opportunity suddenly disappeared. The true horror.
Also siege seems to get more ammo with drop pods. Something i don't know about raids. Caravan will be back in 1.6 days.
Sayuri is pregnant.

Day 7
Realized probably a bit late that i can build turrets.

At this day they finally shooted at me enough to leave the base, because temperature everywhere except outside is
now higher then boiling point of human. Happily one of the huskys rescued Emerald.

I thought so.

Santiago rescued them all anywas. Result is that

Anarchy and Snurfy is dead, elk was somehow rescued by Scout.
Some heater maked bzzzt, but it hardly matters now.
Also it surely wasn't wise to place everyone in one place.

They are so dead.
Raiders attacked at night,killed rest of the huskys, and kidnapped everyone except Acevedo,who was dead at this point. We may or may not see them again. And Scout, Sayuri and Ratten
actually survived, though Ratten don't have a tail.
That's how base looks at this point, and it's actually day 8 now.

Day 8
Arctic wolf gone manhunter, glorious caravan with malnitrition is coming back.
I discovered that combat logs for mortars look VERY wrong.

I can't believe it.

His left eye have 3\10 scar
Day 9
What left of the colony tries to at least repair walls. Trade beacon was rebuilt, just in case.
Acevedo was buried in sarcophagus. To break tradition of not showing art on them, i'll show,
it's always amusing. Well, not this time.

Croio get infection in left ear.

3 manhunter polar bears arrived. I'm surely not going out.

Ryo is throwing tantrum just afer waking up.

And after he calmed down, Libby is on fire starting spree. Yeah, there surely wasn't enough fire.
Day 10
Croio have "colonist died x4". It's suspicious. Does this means that kidnapped colonists died anyways?
Sam is in sad wander. Rest of them pretends that they are doing something useful by repairing walls instead of rebuilding tings. Repairing walls overprioretizing even direct orders is truly disgusting.
And there are A LOT badly damaged walls.

Day 11
Libby is throwing party.

She? 19 years old? No, not with 2 combat capable colonists :(

Day 13

He is now cleaning all this thing.
Pack of four ibexes gone manhunter.

For some inexplicable reason this entrance was jammed open by 75 blocks.
And for some reason Danjio ended up downed on the other end of the map.

And for some reason Libby hauled away 73 blocks out of 75. She is downed too now.
Day 14-15
Repairing. Cleaning. Rebuilding. Some beavers arrived.

Get food, get wood, replace burned floors when this bunch of cuckoos will finally repair ALL THE WALLS, rebuild hi-tech research bench and this damn bunker, i already beginned to do that.

Yoshida Keiji

First thing I wanted to do was to have an overview of the map:

I think the RSG would be good to be passed after sunrise so that we can evaluate the situation without having to un-pause for light.

My immediate task was to rebuild the colony due to siege destruction. So I run a scan to make a quick checklist:

* I will be playing winter season.
* There's only 8 meals and no foods.
* 5 pawns.
* No NPD
* Bunkers deconstructed.
* I notice Mortars are...OUTSIDE the base!
* Changed research of "Drug Production" to "Precision rifling".
* Need major changes to the Work Tab...
* I read the report that states lots of sales, so I check the silver score and see 2.911 which encourages me to call in a friendly caravan to avoid starvation.
* I see the need to do a lot of re-tasking here as for example: Cancelling floor removal as its not high priority, leaving for later.
* There's no Comms Console.
* I look at MCreeper report, daylight photo gives me a good idea of what to do next, that was a nice picture indeed, very helpful.
* I will be cancelling the Hospital beds building as there are enough rooms, just turning them into individual hospital beds instead.
* It's -23 Celsius outside...so...turning off coolers... (???)
* Cancelling Bunker construction... Need the basic benches first!
* Deleted Dumping Stockpile... I prefer to keep the stone chunks closer for shorter pathing.
* Turned off Crematorium to save power.
* Cancelled transport pod construction.
* I see a Timber wolf outside, a fox and 4 muffalos...that will have to do.
* I notice that the zone designation for Toxic Fallout and Manhunter are identical...
* Nobody has firearms...none in stock either...
* Crossed out all Social Drugs policy...
* I see the Refinery blocking a door...

Day 01:

I wait until morning to see who wakes-up first. Sam and Croio, for some strange reason they both go for joy...outside, the first walking around and the second to watch sunrise... Can't they just play with the Horseshoe pin instead of going out...that's stupid...specially with a near food depleted timber wolf outside...

I see we must build an entrance to the North....

Croio cant see shit, both eyes injured/lost.

Okay, I build a Comms Console and the best talker is Croio with skill level 4... I spend 1,100 silver to request a Bulks Traders to the most friendly outlanders. I will need to mine out that plasteel "meteor"? to the North to have something to sell...

Looool.... I notice the Greenhouse is made of....STEEL!

I order a Dumping Stockpile outside by the Greenhouse to somehow protect it with Steel slag chunks...not sure if it will work, maybe versus melees...

People seem not to know to build corridors, they are all located on the outer side...that's not how it works guys, they must be between rooms!

First day goes down after large repairs and cleaning. I build a Machining table to craft a LMG...

Day 02:

I get a Psychic Soothe...oh now that's a relief...!

Greenhouse needs a third heater as it cannot reach over 10 degree Celsius... (But later on once light comes back, I realize a steel slang was keeping the doors open, so maybe one of the three could be removed)

I see a forbidden item...its a Bolt-action rifle, normal 99%...forget the LMG...paused!

I cancel the construction of an Orbital Trade Beacon aimed to sell...stone blocks and steel...why?

I also notice that the base has no direct access to the walk-in freezer...really? How do your houses look, guys? So I opened deconstructed a wall tile to place a door by the North of the Thermal.

Day 03:

The outlander caravan arrives with a relationship...and a special guest. Croio's wife is here and also...Yoshida Keiji... :D

This was the Trade, I bought 100 Neutroamine that is 50 units of Penoxyciline after crafting.

I have to prioritize a Chess table as all pawns choose to go outside for Joy...and that, ain't good my friends.

Built a Stonecutter's table.

Day 04:

Built Nutrient Paste Dispenser, after re-designing the whole base...again.... The Food Storage was very small and I needed to locate the NPD from the South of the dinning table rather from the right.

Day 05:

Time to get out. We lack steel and there's a few wolves roaming around, must clear all threats first.

Day 07:

Husky gives birth, and I split pet areas based on genre, we barely have food for ourselves. I also make sure two create 2 Kibble zones for each and assigned production until reaching 150 units.

Day 09:

Psychic Ship fell by the coast, good cos I was getting real bored here.

Day 10:

Adam Walker, a wanderer joins the Colony...about time...

Day 12:

Two huskies join...shit...

Very low manpower, must get creative, one guy has a bolt-action rifle, another has a LMG... I remove all stone chunks around the ship to take away any potential cover the mechanoids may use. I decide to use an old wall as "Fire-wall" by opening spaces for sandbags and placing deadfall traps in front of it, but I feel uncomfortable with just two fighters, so I pick up 2 turrets and move a battery to power then...BUT...Solar Flare!!! I drop the battery before it connects, no problem because I roofed the defense side. I also assigned all dogs as meat shields.

The Drone intensified twice by the time the Solar Flare finished, I order the bold-action wielder to trigger the mechanoids spawn, but things go terribly awful, the mechanoids spawned to the west side of the ship and the LMG nor the turrets can reach and are outranged, LMG wielder tries to escape the explosion and is shot down instantly. So I only got the Bold-action rifle who also gets a big wound with the first shot fired at him, so I retreat to get medical attention, once patched-up, I re-send him to attack, but once AGAIN, first mechanic shot, causes another big wound, so sent back for the second time to get medical. A day later, Sam goes for the third time...and also for the third time, first mechanoid shot kills him...even with 75% cover...

I really need to destroy the ship as next level will turn high intensity, so Adam is sent to melee as last resort. I wanted Libby to be off combat but as Adam is unsuccessful... Libby grabs the LMG and single handily manages to dispatch both scythers.

Day 15:

So, unfortunately, I have to handle the RSG to the next player with only 2 pawns, but at least the base is 90% efficient. The remaining 10% would be removing the burnt wooden floor at the rooms and research Drug Production % Penoxyciline Production.

This is the final situation:

I was raided on my last term day, but enemies were only 3 (adjusted by storyteller I guess).

Other minor notes:

* Created an access point to the North for immediate reach to a new zone, the Mortars area, but only have Incendiary shells so need to produce some more, left a shelf nearby for fast loading.]
* Definitely need more storage space.
* Moved the Chemfuel...away from the storage space for obvious reasons, now its located at the top right corner.
* Moved the Sonal Panels 1 tile South because pawns were pathing over them...
* Deconstructed a wall with 3 doors that was at the right side of the Thermal Generator as pathing and opening 3 doors each pawn walked there was ridiculous.
* Before the Psychic Ship fell, I was removing snow at the South-West corner of the base to uncover ground to check for further expansion. I was intending to grow Westwards, to the coast AND include that mountain so that in the event of an attack from the South, enemies willing to re-route to the West would have to go around it.
* There's very few Steel left to mine, I deconstructed all Ship Chunks already, and also killed all potential predators for save travel.

Finally, if planning to build the Wester bunker anyways regardless of facing the coast, please ensure to wall straight South to the mountain so that the Steel Greenhouse is better protected.


All right, I'm taking over this dump.

Day 1

Thanks to the previous player I have to deal with this mess.

That's 2/3 of the population dead. I'm left with one pyro barely capable of shooting and a dude incapable of violence. Colony wealth is 40,000 silver which means the next raid will end us. The only redeeming factor is the three huskies but only one of them is trained.

So... Options.
I could just travel two tiles to the east and start a new colony but screw that, I'll make this dump work somehow or die trying!

So I need to lose wealth. Let's see, I'll have to get my priorities straight. We have roughly 40% colony wealth in buildings and we won't be using all of this big-ass base anytime soon so it's time to deconstruct some parts. Storage has 146 neutroamine worth 876 silver that we won't use for quite a while. 349 plasteel is sitting in there as well, worth 4466 silver. There's no way in hell I'll use that stuff, with all the crap I have to do before having the luxury of time I could spend on weapon production. I might dump a good portion of that plasteel to make sure raids don't scale too hard but I have better things to do right now.

We're kinda low on medicine. One standard and eleven herbal isn't gonna last too long. Since the population has suffered heavy losses I won't have to use all the growing zone for rice and can switch a portion to herbal medicine instead. Food won't be a problem with the dispenser anyway and there's a large caribou herd to the south-east.

Ryo will dig graves and bury the fallen on the spot where they died. I don't have time to haul them back to base and they are dead anyway, they won't care. That should get rid of that pesky -10 mood debuff. Libby will go around the base, flicking all the crap we don't need like the machining table, the lights and the unnecessary heaters. I'll have to rebuild the bunker facing east first to have a slight fighting chance, then melt slag chunks for steel while producing limestone blocks and rebuilding/upgrading walls. My only hope is a decent wanderer joining us at this point. Refugees will be ignored, though; the colony's wealth is too damn high, attackers would overwhelm us.

I'm moving the dogs to the same zone. Someone separated the males and the female; this makes no sense, puppies are extra meat, after all. Cooked or as shield, meat is meat so let them reproduce for all I care. Looks like they were fed kibble before; this is wasteful when one has a paste dispenser. I'll just pull meals for them occasionally with a hungry colonist.

Libby gets the room with better stats and superior bed since she is the most valuable right now with her 17 levels of construction experience. Better quality beds decrease the time colonists need to spend sleeping which means more work done each day.

For whatever reason no joy hours were added to the work schedule. Fixing that. Can't give up on that easy +10 mood.

It's time to go back to the roots. Research will be set to Psychoid Brewing. Pekoe is good for trade, emergency mood boost and as a weak combat drug as well since it decreases total pain received by 10%. Smokeleaf would be better if it didn't incur heavy consciousness penalties (although a joint's effect does last twice as long). Last player left a note regarding penoxycyline research but everyone knows that stuff is trash unless you play in biomes that have sleeping sickness. I'd rather use the neutroamine for wake-up or medicine.

Two of the fallen colonists had armor vests, grabbing those. Didn't bother with the rest; dead man's clothes are worthless and I'll craft leather stuff if I need more. I made a new outfit for the remaining pawns, forcing them to not wear armor when they don't need it. Armor deteriorates when worn and slows people down; with just two colonists the micromanagement shouldn't be too bad to equip armor before battle.

Right on my first day I get annoyed by a manhunting caribou. Yeah, thanks Randy, it's not like I have a hundred better things to do! Oh well, dinner comes to us today.

Nope. Not gonna fight 4-5 raiders for her. Caveworld tunnelers are good miners but Libby can already mine just fine anyway.

Day 2

Ryo will be tasked with training the other two huskies. I need those meatshields as soon as possible. Libby has finished the repairs and is now rebuilding the bunker on the east side of the colony, although a bit further out than where it was originally. I'll eventually have to fill up the tunnels under overhead mountains to deny infestations. Wood walls will be good there; overhead mountains and a stone wall outer layer means they will never catch fire unless the colony has been overrun; in which case it doesn't matter anymore.

Remember those piles of plasteel? Seems like I'll be able to use some of it, after all. Plasteel turrets are the only way I can hold this wreck of a base.

Seems like I figured out why the hell is the map a barren wasteland. None of the previous players murdered the damn beavers in the region, that's why.

Libby made short work of 'em.

Day 3

Another husky is obedient now. Turret has been constructed and the bunker is ready. Outside temperature is rising steadily, I have to enable the fridge's cooler.

That's all I need regarding fortifications; T don't have the manpower to man a bigger one so I'm not gonna expand this one. The turret is uninstalled because for whatever reason even unpowered electrical stuff can break down. Not when it's uninstalled, though! Double layers of sandbags catch more bullets; right now colonists are a lot more valuable than some extra steel anyway.

One of the huskies has been trained to haul for whatever reason. I'm not complaining, though; she's been assigned to a new animal zone along with the other dogs from Day 1. She's been hauling stuff for me, although not frequently enough. My colonists are busy building/rebuilding/upgrading the base anyway.

Just before sleeptime an elk loses its mind and heads toward the base. More meat for me!

Day 4

All dogs are now obedient. I have plenty of food, might as well train them to haul too.

Now that the eastern bunker is complete, I'm turning my attention towards the bedrooms. Wall is made of steel, what a waste! I'll replace some of that with limestone. Floors will be sandstone; marble is for sculptures and furniture, limestone is for walls.

Day 5

An eclipse hit the area at about 8:00. The geothermal generator will support the colony just fine; since I shut off everything I don't need the one battery I have installed has enough charge to last me two days along with the generator.

Looks like Randy knows what my intention is and has sent me some of the stuff I wanted to produce in advance. I'll take that as an official Randy Seal of Approval. None of my colonists have even started the research, though; I'm not in a hurry either, the psychoid plants haven't even reached 1/3 maturity.

There are a lot of predators around the base by now. I've assigned the animals to an indoor area; can't risk losing my meatshields without a good reason. There are a lot of dead animals outside but they are too far away. Temperature is barely below freezing point during daylight and they will rot soon; I don't have the manpower to haul them and I have enough food anyway.

Day 6

The eclipse ends and finally all dogs are trained for release. Now I have all my meatshields available and a fine turret as well. Things are looking up.

Two bedrooms are now upgraded to stone walls and floors, as well as plant pots for beauty. The bedroom with smooth stone floors has been abandoned for now, even though it would have more beauty; with the current setup all I need is one heater. I've uninstalled all the unnecessary heaters across the base and shut down most workshops and lamps. Next on the list is bunkers for the northern and southern side.

Whoever built the concrete floors all over the place was an idiot. Dirt has the same beauty but this way there's filth all over the place, massively tanking the beauty everywhere in the base. Concrete also costs steel so it's a waste of materials as well.

Regarding heating, the most important rooms are the indoors growing area and the bedrooms. Former for food, latter for avoiding the debuff for sleeping in the cold. The hospital could use a heater but I'm not using it right now anyway. The workshop and lab will need one as well, to avoid the temperature debuff for workspeed. That's all anyone would need on this map.

Day 7

Another manhunter event, this time a rat. Bastard gets eaten by a fox before it could do anything. Predators are getting really hungry; I'm not letting anyone outside. I don't have any reason to make them go outside anyway, aside from the northern bunker I'm working on right now.

At 13:00 Libby has started her first firestarting spree during my reign. As annoying as it is, it's not such a big deal since Ryo can just babsysit her and put out the fires immediately.

Ryo caught the plague. Oh well, not a big deal. We have medicine and Libby is the better doctor anyway. And then Libby catches the flu. Well, this is annoying. Good thing both of them have some medical experience.

Day 8

Both colonists spent most of their days in bed, not because the infections were close to deadly but because the debuffs they provide decrease their combat capability. Since I'm already down to only one fighter pawn I can't affort getting caught off-guard.

Blight appears on one of the healroots. Ryo immediately starts weeding it out. Oh well, still better than the old blight in A17. Meanwhile we get a peace talk opportunity with the chief of the hostile tribe.

Unfortunately boreal forest is one of the least traversable tile and it would take a colonist 14 days just to get there. Yeah, this talk ain't gonna happen.

Day 9

The new day just started when a bunch of drop-pods brought us some marble blocks.

At this point Ryo is still weeding out blighted crops. Damn thing spreads quick but not quick enough.

Finally, an escape pod!

Could've been better but beggars can't be choosers. I quickly task Ryo to capture him ere the wolves get hungry. 60% recruitment difficulty, not so bad... If any of the leftover colonists didn't suck at social. The best I have is Ryo with one level in social. Thanks Keiji, leaving me only the socially awkward ones.

Libby is still in bed; flu lasts a lot longer than the plague. I want to get that immunity up as soon as possible because the debuff decreases her shooting accuracy. Now, usually that wouldn't be such a huge problem but as my only fighter I really want the best accuracy possible for her.

A heater broke down. One less component. Randy feels merciful, he dropped a ship chunk right outside the base as compensation.

Day 10

I'm kicking Libby out of bed now that she almost reached immunity. I want those bunkers built and Ryo has to deal with the prisoner.

Work has slowed down, we're out of limestone blocks.

Day 11

Nothing interesting happened.

Day 12

Ryo formed a bond with one of the huskies. Oh well. Prisoner still won't join. Damn heater broke down again... Ryo and Libby have become lovers. Time to make a double bed!

Psychoid plants are growing nicely, time to start that research.

Day 13

7.9% chance and some luck is all what it takes. The colony has a new member. Isamu will be put to work immediately. Soon after this a quite large group of giant rats join the colony.

These animals are one of the worst. Their exceptionally slow speed makes their use questionable, even as meatshields. Looks like it's knife time for them.

Northern bunker completed.

Day 14

A second plasteel turret has been built for the northern bunker. Time to construct an electric smelter; there are tons of steel slags waiting to be processed.

Ouch, not good. Well, time to stomp some bugs I guess.

Don't ask how but this is working! That plasteel turret did a fine job at tanking the damage; if it was a regular steel one it would've been destroyed.

The two combat-capable colonists destroyed the hive using melee afterwards. Research has been completed, we can make pekoe now. Time to finish that Precision Rifling tech that the last player almost got done.

Day 15

The last day. Finally. So many more things to do but so little time... Oh well, soon it won't be my problem anymore. The wounded dog is sleeping in the hospital area; a sterile room decreases the chance of infection. Planting poplars on the western side of the base because wood is almost nonexistent on the map.

Ambrosia sprouted south of the base. Good for whoever comes after me, I guess. Only big game remains on the map, now the bigger predators are killing the smaller ones. Good, less carnivores to worry about. Cooler isn't working that well for that large freezer, gotta build one more and cut down on the freezer's size. We won't need that much room anyway since rice's shelflife is three quadrums; meat is the only thing that really needs a freezer.

On second thought, since adding a second cooler seems to have fixed the problem by itself I guess I won't decrease the size of the freezer. Anyway, Precision Rifling is done. I'm not gonna choose a new research because I'll have everyone work their asses off for the final few hours anyway.

Day 16

As the player before me, I'll also wait until daylight to finish my turn.

Well, that's it. Only half-bunkers, not the full design because I can't man the full one anyway. Tore up the damn concrete floor everywhere inside the base except in the dining/rec room, please never do that again. Doubled our herbal medicine storage. Planted some trees for future wood source. Overall brought back the colony to a functional state.

This shows the starting point and ending point of my reign. I tried not to increase colony wealth much; guess I was successful.

So, a few notes for the next guy:

  • I've already did the layout for the southern half-bunker but it's all forbidden in case you'd like to focus on something else first. Almost 300 limestone blocks in storage so it shouldn't be a big deal building that up.
  • Although there is less than one stack's worth of steel in the stockpile, you have over 600 steel in the form of slag chunks. An electric smelter is already built up and has the smelting recipe set on forever.
  • Limestone has the most health, marble has the most beauty. Sandstone is the "meh" stone here but every stone floor has the same beauty regardelss of material. So use limestone for walls/doors, marble for sculptures and sandstone for floors. Deconstruct nearby ruins' walls and floors for quick extra stone blocks.
  • Isamu will need a tuque but the base is out of cloth. After the psychoid plants are harvested switch that growing zone to cloth. Tuques can not be made of leather.
  • I'd highly advise rushing a hi-tech research bench once you've smelted or mined enough steel and researching firefoam as soon as possible. That thing totally invalidates inferno cannon centipedes which are otherwise extremely problematic to deal with.
  • Feel free to uninstall all the heaters throughout the base for your turn. Summer means temperature will remain high and uninstalled electric items can't break down.
  • There's a ship chunk to the west of the base; deconstruct for components.
  • A good building project after the bunker would be replacing the outer wall section of the growing area. It's made of steel which you'll need and it's even flammable on top of that. Since summer is warm it's the perfect season for uprgading the grower room. Use stone, preferably limestone but if you're out of that and you really want to finish it fast you can use sandstone.
  • The freezer's walls are still part wood. Feel free to upgrade to stone but make sure you tear up any concrete floor that's under it for some extra steel.
  • Don't forget to pull the nutrient paste meals. I made it so as soon as you draft the colonist to make him drop the meal it falls on a stockpile for it. Aim for 6 meals to be on the ground. This is the dogs' food (and sometimes the colonists grab one from there too), they otherwise have no access to your food stokpiles (because they'd eat the raw food, wasting nutrients).
  • The animals are not assigned to fight alongside their masters. You'll have to change that yourself. The dog in the hospital is zone-restricted to the hospital; after he heals completely (which should be just a few hours, really) you should assign him to the same zone the pregnant female uses. Two of the dogs are also assigned for hauling training.
  • Turrets are stored in uninstalled form. They can be reinstalled on the spot really quickly. Uninstalled turrets won't break down.
  • Armor vests are in the stockpile, you'll have to manually force wear them in case of a raid or just change the outfit.
  • Fill in those goddamn overhead mountains tunnels with wooden walls to deny infestations.


aight, its my turn, and boi did it go sorta bad at the end 100% due too my fault.

day 1
the thrumbo pels got in the pharmacy ended up breaking through a wall and wandering away.....after taking a hit of luciferium, from somewhere. now, out in the nearby tundra, theres gonna be a wild, very angry thrumbo suffering from luciferium withdrawal killing everything insight..... yikes.

day 5
not much happened since day 1 to day 5. day 5, while ryo was out taming animals, a wild antelope or something went MAD and tried to hunt him down! luckily, with support from other colonists, we managed to take down the beast without a scratch.

later that day, xue and isamu became lovers  :-* i arranged for only the FINEST plasteel double bed made for them, along with plasteel plant pots for their room. and i built a sculpturing bench and arranged for a grand marble statue to be made to decorate their room. might be a bit tight tho.

day 8

not much happening, trader "gray elephant import company" came by. we sold them all our luciferium- we dont need the devils drug in OUR clean colony D:<. in exchange, we got a lot of silver and some chemfuel, incase we need transport pods in the future.

day 9

isamu got the plague but recovers with the help of glitterworld medicine.

day 11-12
we got news of a INCAPACITATED REFUGEE stranded and doomed to DIE out in the cold tundra. being good samaritans, we went to go help em. when asked how exactly they got incapated, they told a tale about a luciferium-addicted thrumbo attacking him from outa no-where. wonder how that happened......
being good samaritans, a party of 3 colonists along with some food and medicine was organized to charge out and help the wounded refugee.

day 14
we arrive at the refugee. out of food, we decided to make a quick shelter with some locally harvested wood, too help the poor refugee get back in shape.

however, it was decided due too the detiorating conditions of both the colonists stomachs and minds, that wed instead make way back to home base. unfortunately ,things are extremely bleak, with no food, and having to haul this dead weight of a refugee.

however, that is about the end of my turn, at december 1st. will the colonists make it back alive? will they all perish except for lone isamu, back at home? no one knows.


well, i wasnt given the best hand, but ill move on, ill start setting up camp for them soon.

.... things should be fine, we are getting food together, though i doubt our prisoner will survive.

thankfully we got to meal production sooner than i thought, all should be fine here, lets check up on how the main base it going.

well nothing interesting here

oof, something just came up, seems little shits are given about the animals around here.

FUCK, this is terrible. this is the last thing we needed during hunting for vital food.... we should be able to hold out, but it will be rough.

well, after a rough fight, we held out. thank god pacifists make such great punch bags!

hahahaha! food production is in progress,

seems things are finally getting interesting here, its a mech raid with 2 snipers, this turret should hold it off fine if we repair it, nice to see things are going my way.



and that is where i leave off due to the flu and speach competition, goog luck next person.