[1.0/1.1/1.2] BetterWeight release

Started by greenking2000, September 07, 2020, 10:33:55 AM

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What is BetterWeight?
BetterWeight is effectively an addon for MinifyEverything which gives every building without a mass a mass.
A problem with MinifyEverything is that it doesn't assign the newly minifiable objects a mass so they all weight 1kg. This mod fixes that

It will calculate a new mass for all buildings it is enabled for (By default things with a mass of 1kg though any building can have it enabled) by adding the sum of their cost an multiplying that by an "efficiency".
The default the efficiency is 65% (What a battery is normally)

All settings are highly configurable and it will work with all mods that MinifyEverything does (All mods)
Can be added to existing saves and removed without problems

Steam workshop page
Github page[url]
Any questions message me on steam/github/discord (greenking2000#8368)