[1.3] Ideology Textures Upscaled

Started by CopperMonster, August 15, 2021, 06:17:36 PM

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Hey everyone, I managed to find and upscale the textures for ideology!

That means:

All Textures have been upscaled with some exceptions to textures that were already a high enough texture to not bother with.

Some of it Includes:

Clothing / Tattoos / DryadsBuildings / Art Slabs / SculpturesPlants / Ruins / Relics

And all of the buildings that come in a style variant.

In addition, I've made two changes

  • Burkas and animal Style Cataphract Helmets to include transparency so you can see their eyes/face.
  • I've made it so Spikecore Parka/ Jacket/ Dusters "spikes" don't get covered in the fabrics color, that way the spike looks like actual metal.
One problem that I don't know how to fix yet, and it doesn't even concern my mod, but Spikecore flak jackets, when crafted have the 50% chance to be white? Because the "color mask" isn't being applied to the texture? I tried a clean install with no mods and it was still happening so it was not coming from my mod so maybe it's a bug?

This doesn't affect pirates with Spikecore flak jackets btw, they will always have the correct color for the clothing and none of this affects the vanilla flak jacket. This only changes self-made Spikecore flakjackets. Anyway...

Feedback is welcome and you are free to use the textures anyway you want, if you were waiting to use them yourself for your own mods.

Enjoy! You can download it here: