Sharing my colony for your feedback(save and pics attached)

Started by Fred, December 19, 2017, 08:02:10 PM

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Hello there

This might be a double post since I attached some files. Will delete if it is double.

But hello there community and Ludeon Studios.

I'm what you might consider being a lurker. I am a huge fan of the game and what you almost could consider the series as this game has changed almost a games as red alert, C&C and AoE and any other do whenever there is a new version out.
I think I started playing about 4 years ago and I have enjoyed immensely.

My focus in this game is not at all the main objectives but to play the trial and error part to build big colonies with almost optimal layout mixed with a sort of beauty to it. So I thought to myself as I am about to reach the late game part of my colony where the transition from just building the base to building into the optimal layout based on the colonist's roles and jobs. The perfect defence comes later. Money, steel and food production in this part is not considered a problem anymore. Though I am playing with mods which makes the goal of building these colonies with several inhabitants a lot easier.

I have attached a couple of pictures and the save game.
Looking forward to reading your critique and feedback :)
rar with pictures


Your workshop have no Seats. Seats increase comfort and happiness for workers, especially at long jobs like tailoring or research.

Your stockpile is a mess. I would make a high priority stockpile for finished meals which is next to the door, so hungry pawns don't need to walk the whole room to get for it.

Your workshops need small stockpiles with stools below them aswell.
My setup would look like this:
K = kitchen, V = Vegetable, M = Meat, S = Seat

With this design a cook always has 150 corn and 300 meat in 4 flavors next to their work station, and meals will span 2 tiles away from the cook, so no need to carry them away when a stack is produced.
Similar to this, all workstations need small stockpiles for high stackable items, like neutroamine or components.

All your doors are closed. I  cannot see if these are auto doors or not, but, exept for fridge/hospital/dormitory, all inside-doors can kept open, to reduce walking time.

Your farm spot has a lot of doors. If I count correctly, the furtest rice plant needs to pass 6 doors and 100 tiles from growing to the fridge. This is a long way.

If you want to maximize devilstrand performance, put them in a greenhouse. This house needs no wall or a roof, but a sunlamp with a roof. At 6am the sunlamps starts at 100% light. natural light rises from 0% to 100% until 8am I think. Same at dusk. So you lose 1-2 hours every day.
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