[1.2] Expanded Woodworking (Revived) (2020-11-28)

Started by Spaceman, December 15, 2017, 04:08:03 AM

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Quote from: Spaceman on November 27, 2018, 11:35:53 PM
Thank you especially for the file paths!

No problem. All my patches are updated and 100% better now. So if you want to integrate them, look them over again. Experiment files are still experiments though haha.

Again I just ask you let me know that you integrate them so I can update my patch mod.


Quote from: Hjkma on November 28, 2018, 11:50:05 AM
Hi, I installed and activated the mod and after that I saw this red message in the debug log:
[Expanded Woodworking] Patch operation Verse.PatchOperationSequence(count=3, lastFailedOperation=ExpandedWoodworking.PatchOperationModCompat) failed
file: D:\GAMES\RimWorld2059Win64\Mods\ExpandedWoodworking\Patches\UniMisc.xml
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)

I did not check the work of the mod, since I am still at a low technical level at base. My list of mods, if needed:


Version of mod: v1.0.1.2.

Re-download the release. Version has yet to be released. Although, I am not sure how you could have gotten that error unless you are using a download of the release from between October 29 and October 30. I re-uploaded the compressed file with the fix for such at night (for me) on the 30th. You can otherwise ignore it as Canute had said.



Expanded Woodworking

  • Re-added Zen Garden patch.
  • Merged DrZhivago's DocWorld Various Expanded Woodworking patches for Smoked Meat, RT's Weapon Pack Reloaded, Dead Goat's Weapon Pack, and Rim of Madness - Bones.
  • Added Realistic Planets patch by XeoNovaDan.
  • Added new baobab and gum wood types to NPS and Fuel patches.



If you're using the VGP version of this mod, then you should be using the main version as well, so you should be getting the updates.


Quote from: bigheadzach on December 18, 2018, 09:14:01 AM
Does the VGP version get similar updates?

Yes, when necessary, but it is primarily for users of VGP mods. As Dr_Zhivago said, the main mod is a dependency for it to work. Updates to it are dependent upon updates to VGP's Vegetable Garden and Xtra Trees and Flowers mods. As far as I know, there haven't been any significant changes (additional trees and etc.) that would require an update to it. It is a separate patch mod because steam users originally requested it as such in A16 and it also requires some C# code to allow fruit trees to produce logs similar to the Cocoa trees in vanilla.


Hiya.  I'd like to request a patch for the Lord of the Rims mods by Jecrell, at least one of which (Lord of the Rims - Elves) adds new trees. 

I've ended up in an unfortunate situation because the 'mallorn forest' biome (I'm not sure whether LOTR-E or the main LOTR-U/LOTR-TTA adds it) ONLY contains the new golden birch and mallorn trees.  The golden birch drops 'mixed lumber' and the mallorn drops 'mallorn-wood', which functions as lumber.  This means I have no way to get logs, so no camp fire, no torches, and no fuel.  In a tribal-medieval start (as most of the LOTR scenarios are), this means screwed completely. 

Please help. 

If there is anything I can do to facilitate this, please let me know. 


Quote from: BlueTressym on January 16, 2019, 02:41:49 PM
If there is anything I can do to facilitate this, please let me know.

Idk how much experience you have modding, but I'll give you a brief detail of what you'll need to do:

1)Create a "ThingDef" for the wood log of the trees in question.
2)Create a "ThingDef" for the wood lumber of the trees in question.
3)Add "harvestedThingDef" to the existing defs of the trees in question.
4)Add the wood logs you created in the first step to the fuel filter patch, or create a new fuel filter patch.


Expanded Woodworking (& VGP)

  • Re-added Combat Extended patch.
  • Added compatibility patch for the mods from Lord of the Rims.
  • Removed Saguaro in the general make lumber recipe since it doesn't have a lumber counterpart.
  • Realistic Planets Acacia wood log can be used as fuel.
  • Balanced Ironwood in line with VG changes.
  • Ironwood floor uses lumber.


Just letting you know, I'm pretty sure this makes bones from the Rims of Madness - Bones mod unusable in standard walls.


Quote from: Cairbear on February 02, 2019, 03:33:00 PM
Just letting you know, I'm pretty sure this makes bones from the Rims of Madness - Bones mod unusable in standard walls.

Yes, edited the standard bones to act similarly to logs and give more incentive to using the the refined materials. Anything that mod adds can still use the bones including the bone wall.  I'm open for feedback on the change and response from users, but I have received very little and so have kept the edit.


Personally the bones were a big, big resource used for building in my bases, and i dont really like the look of the bone walls so i used the standard ones. I'd really prefer either Bone Lumber or the bones being usable in the standard walls again, 'cause now they're just sitting in my stockpile with not much else to do with them



Quote from: Karllawrenz on February 09, 2019, 10:15:48 PM
Can you make a patch for advanced biomes

Maybe. It'll probably be awhile before I get to such. Is it only the added trees that need patching?