How extract Keyed strings from a mod?

Started by Arex, December 30, 2017, 09:05:44 AM

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I localize the game and mods into Russian.

Some of the mods don't contain Language folder. There is no problem, if all English strings (visible in game) are in Def folders. The strings are not difficult to extract and translate. However, some strings are contained inside Assemblies. In the usual case, the strings are listed in Keyed folder. But, as I wrote above, the mods don't contain Language folder.

Is there any way to extract Keyed strings from the mods? Or only mod developers can do it?


Text strings generated by a mod's C# code can only be translated if the modder has utilized the "Translate" method, in which case there will be entries in a default language file. If the mod doesn't have a "Keyed" language folder, then the text can't be modified or translated without editing and recompiling the code.
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It's a pity. Thanks for the clarification. I'll try to appeal to mod developers.


Hard coding strings meant to be read by the player is a horrible practice. :P