Got an idea for a Storyteller incident?

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- Statues of fallen comrades = unique research addition. Named, particular. If comrade was well liked enough by researcher, so the chance of finding doing this research may be low.

Celebrity creatures - one creature stands out above the herd. Or is cheeky. Or has special markings. The colonists name the creature and will talk about him - perhaps placing drawings or carvings of him.
+ additional - adds a special to the research tree = named mini-statue/toys.

- Ghostly hauntings. A colony member is convinced that they are seeing the ghost of a deceased fallen comrade...or local celebrity creature. They talk about him and could become paranoid. If you click on the character and watch them at some points you may see a ghostly apparition. It's really all in their mind though.
[depends on mental health, could come and go]


Animal love <3 - two different species start hanging out with each other, perhaps even leaving their herds/groups and finding their own space to be alone together.
+ additional - suicide pact


Headmaster - one colonist becomes obsessed with collecting (detaching) and mounting enemy heads around the outskirts of the colony.

Stalker - one colonist becomes a little bit obsessed with a new arrival and follows them around / the new arrival does similar to an existing colonist. Note: starting colonists will not exhibit this behaviour, and neither will captured prisoners who arrived in the same group [towards each other].

Vampire - a colonist prefers to work at night. They do not receive a penalty for being in the darkness.

Alpha Bro - one of the colonists is louder, and high fives the others whenever he can.


Opera Singer - One colonist decides to sing, mostly when they're working or eating, or anytime. This may cause friction.

Exhibitionist - less clothes...

Freaky eater - a colonist becomes obsessed with one food. They won't eat anything else, to the point of starvation. They will only eat other food if they're so ill in bed they are being force fed it.


For the Greater good, a game of risk and consequences - a race of traders arrive. They have powerful weapons or tech. You may swap each piece of tech for one colonist each. You are not told what will happen to these colonists.

+longer arc 1 - you hear on the space news about experiments placed on all types of aliens by these traders
+longer arc 1.1 - they may return the mutated colonist to you, crippled and broken. Will affect morale.
+longer arc 1.2 - the mutated colonist has beat down his captors and flown back for revenge. He may have other mutated monsters with him.
+longer arc 1.3 - the mutated colonist returns and is thankful for his additional powers. He will be a powerful addition to the colony. As long as you keep him happy.


Prisoner Rescue - If you've kept someone for too long and haven't turned them or killed them, their buddies could turn up looking for them. The prisoner will bang on his cell walls and shout when he thinks he's going to be rescued.

Inside man - a new recruit to the fold is actually a conspirator. They want access to your base - they'll shut down systems and call in their raider friends. Hint: Look for similar surnames/names from enemies you've previously killed [revenge].

Plague - alien locusts descend. Get inside!

Blimp - a mysterious blimp hovers over the colony. Shoot it down? Leave it? What is it?


The Androcles Incidents:
1. A dangerous beats is trapped, hurt, or injured. Dare to help him? What will he do...
2. A herd of wooly beasts are full of fleas and ticks that are making them shake and run around unhappily. Buy some shampoo from traders to help them out - apply while it's raining!


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USMC Troops they drop down in droppods at your place they work like raiders, except they will take over your base and you can control your workers and such normally and protect you however they will confiscate all weapons and such but they force yo uto work for them, then they will basicily control what your workers build as such taking over your place, (you can still control your workers and such and get them to move around and possibly steal weapons or such while guards arent looking the riot. and then they will make your workers build for example a building where the soldiers can sleep and live and such (workers cant enter due to a lock or such) and then your workers are opressed and such.

Opposite Colony, basicily its neutral units that will land at the other side of your base and start a base themselfs and take resources, they are able to be raided by you and raiders, there is a slight chance they are hostile and attacks you but they wont near your place unless they'll attack, you can also trade with them and such, but you wont be able to set homesite near them before they are killed off or captured, there is also a slight chance where you can get them to join you.



One of your colonists decides to go scouting in the surrounding environs. If you don't stop 'em (IE, arrest 'em,) they'll take a fortnight's worth of paste and the biggest gun they can get their hands on (assuming they're not already so equipped,) and bugger off the map. Then in two week's time (give or take a few days to a week,) they return! Triumphantly, or otherwise: they might come back with someone else to join the colony, or a prisoner (who can be "persuaded" to join the colony or sold to your friendly local human traffickers,) a rare and powerful weapon, a stack of metal or food, a big lockbox full of cash, a technology that you can use... Or just a smegload of raiders or angry muffalo chasing them.
Raiders must die!


I have an Idea... Leppers or diseased people that are wandering the planet you are on, kind of like how people are wandering around.



Prison Sentence - You receive a prisoner (or ten) and have to care for them.  In exchange you receive cash.  Caveat is that they cannot be converted into colonists (but might be usable as brute labor, Hauling, Growing, and Plant Cutting only).  Contract ends at either predetermined time, they escape, or you get sick of them eating all your food.  Payout is per day.

Bounty - In the next raider attack there will be one particularly high-level raider with a bounty on their head.  You will receive a cash bonus when they are eliminated.  You will receive a significantly larger bonus if you can take them alive.  Click on box for body or captive to turn them over to authorities.  Note: This can be easily expanded beyond contracts into a permanent state where you can turn over all captive raiders for cash, albeit lower amounts than those actively being sought after.

Tourist - One or more wealthy tourists wish to visit your colony and experience rustic life for a bit.  They will stay for a set number of days and you will be paid for each day.  Tourists must be housed and fed and (important part!) kept from all physical harm.  They will not work, only consume, wander and sleep (though you can still get Social Interactions with them, so that's a plus).  If their needs are not fully met you will get less money.  If their needs are neglected too much they'll leave early and you get nothing.


Plague of Locusts - And this is why you need to research Hydroponics right away!

Tornado/Windstorm/Wrath of Zeus - Quick, get inside!  Not strong enough to damage buildings, but will hurt colonists caught outside.  The good news is that a lot of that annoying debris laying around out there will have magically vanished when it is over.

Alien Abduction - One random colonist who's outside vanishes in a beam of light, only to return days later with no memory... and all of their skills/personality/traits have changed!

Drunk Party Goers - Will attempt Social Interaction with all of your colonists.  However, whether your colonists enjoys this or not varies (A vat-grown assassin will not be amused, but a former courtesan may enjoy their company - and you will find some extra mysterious appearing in your account for no apparent reason).  They also make a big mess (much Cleaning will be needed afterward).  Of course, you could always just shoot them all in the face if that's your style.

Adopt a Pet - It's cute & fuzzy!  It follows your colonist around and eats food, but also raises their morale for as long as their pet is alive (or until you tell them to get rid of it).  For extra cliche have them start to breed uncontrollably...

Random Malfunction - Something is wrong with the Nutrient Dispenser.  75% chance colonists will hate the food (morale drop) for a few days (or until Repaired).  25% chance it actually makes the food better for several days (morale boost).

Jerry Springer Moment - Two random colonists get into an argument and start pummeling one another until one is Disabled ... unless one of them makes a Social Skill check.

Dagon Was Here - A colonist is mysterious abducted (see above) and never returns.  However, a large amount Metals and Food are left behind where they once stood.

Agent 47 - A single, high-level raider appears and targets one colonist in particular, attempting to kill just that one target.  Will ignore all other colonists unless attacked by them first.  Will depart when finished.

Revenge! - One or more captives that you sold into slavery escape, find weapons, and have returned to get even with you.  More or less the same as any other raider attack, except that you know these people.  Also much less likely to retreat or flee.  Very determined.



Two colonists fall in love and one of them disassembles the bed the last slept on and moves it to their partners bedroom if there is space. Could perhaps branch into silly stuff like "demand a bigger room, or a kingsize bed".
(would be funny to see them sneaking around the base at night before the move beds)


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Could add a morale bonus to the colonists if you let them live among you as pets - The kicker being that they will change/turn into something more fearsome (at chance or guaranteed) when a specific lunar/solar event showers the surface (Kind of like space werewolves...except fluffy and cute most of the month)

Isn't that from Startopia too?  ;)

You're thinking of the Garbage Beasts, they are cute little things to start with then they start eating trash and OMG THERE'S A GIANT BLACK SHELLED BEAST EATING EVERYONE.

God I love StarTopia. Shame it crashes so much on newer platforms : (

(Sorry for going off-topic)
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Actually, Startopia is where I got the idea for Prison and Tourist contracts - both exists as missions in that game.   ;D


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Actually, Startopia is where I got the idea for Prison and Tourist contracts - both exists as missions in that game.   ;D

But RimWorld is about isolation and being far away from civilization... the colonists want to get off this world as soon as they can. If they could get contact for a tourists contract, they'd have enough communications to get help :|
At least 3.5% more reliable than a garden strimmer.