Rooms reflecting their designation, or more decorations.

Started by Call me Arty, June 03, 2018, 03:12:35 AM

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Call me Arty

 One room is a laboratory, and another is a workshop. You know this, because one has a research bench in it, and the other has a machining bench in it. The walls didn't help, because they're made from the same material, either due to the fact that you're on a flat map and only have access to wood, or because you're on a large hills or mountainous map and there's no reason to not have the maximum durability and minimum flammability you could. Same deal with the floors. You could differ things with art, but you can't pick what design you get, making things tough. You could designate one room a flower, but there are only two flowers and picking one or the other's pretty arbitrary. How is this solved? I propose two suggestions.

  • The Terraria. As the developers had to balance two dimensions with it's being a building game, a lot of focus was put into keeping things distinct. This took two forms, one being decorations, and the other being backgrounds. These rarely had a purpose, but it was easy to tell what a room was just by looking. This meant that you had a lot of variety in rooms, just look at the difference between this and this. It can mean the word! That being said, I'm aware that Rimworld's only got one wall to work with. Despite that, there's plenty of room for decoration. A wallpaper could feasibly be applied to granite walls to maintain their integrity while styling things up a little. Wood paneling could add some proverbial warmth to an otherwise cold stone bedroom. Marble tile would make a bathroom (in the top thirty highest-rated mods of all time on Steam, it's safe to speculate that bathrooms aren't uncommon on the Rim) feel distinct from marble slabs on a hospital, rather than the flat design we'd be stuck with if we wanted similar motifs in vanilla. There are other things to enjoy, however. Catacombs could bring life to walls in tombs, and lava lamps could make for groovy rec rooms.

  • The Dungeon Keeper. This oldie has a bit more similar of a design theory to Rimworld,  sharing a slightly angled top-down view. On another note, both have dedicated rooms, though only you make a box and place things inside it. Whereas Rimworld has laboratories, bedrooms, and farms, Dungeon Keeper has libraries, barracks, and hatcheries. The neat thing is that they're just ordinary boxes until you designate them as otherwise (not unlike making zones or stockpiles in Rimworld). Then, they acquire predetermined designs to more reflect their role. Now, this wouldn't meld too well with what Rimworld does, though it could still work well enough. While you couldn't just throw a bunch of pillars or bookshelves in the middle of a room, the walls are still fair game. You could have a blank room, but the placing of a stove in their could add pots and pans hanging from the walls, for example. Additionally interesting would be updating the appearance of some items depending on the room they're in. For example, the lamps you'd find in a rec room, prison, and hospital all look fairly different from the standing lamp we've got (though you could certaintly argue about player choice, and whether or not it would be wiset to clutter the architecture menu with so many variations of lamp).

So, what do you guys think? Why is this a terrible suggestion? Let me know!

P.S. Credit to RIMkea for being able to add so much personality to various rooms without the ability to do much to walls. It spices things up in a real nice way. It deserves a bit more attention than it has (page 4 of most popular mods on Steam, what a shame!).
Why are you focusing on having a personal life rather than updating a mod that you're not paid to work on?

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