[Mod Request] Biome - Savannah

Started by Sarge, January 08, 2018, 01:57:38 PM

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I'm from South Africa and it is already great that to see gazelle (Springbok) in the game. It is our national fauna.

There is a stack of great fauna and flora that is not yet in the game that could make this biome as unique and rich as it is.

- Lion
- Leopard
- Cheetah
- Buffalo
- Wildebeest
- Impala
- Giraffe
- Zebra
- Hyena
- Wild Dog
- Crocodiles

We have migrations already and I can't help to think about the Serengeti every time the message pops up.

- Acacia
- Baobab
- Bushwillow
- Marula
- Jakal Berry
- Candelabra Tree
- Manetti tree
- Raisin Bush
- Sunflower
- Crape Myrtle

You get the idea  ;)