[Mod Request] Impalement

Started by RitoTookMyWallet, January 08, 2018, 07:03:22 PM

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Seeing the effigy mod released made me think, would it be possible to create a mod that displays a colonist/raider corpse on a stake and have it rot as it normally would while impaled until just an impaled skeleton is left, and just like the effigy mod make it drop the mood of non colonist(such as raiders); stacking for every impaled body in sight.

Also, maybe pikes where you can impale raiders heads with the same purpose as the impalement. And have both things show the raider's apparel+hairstyle/helmet they had at the time of impalement.


This sounds so awesome. I want the bodies to decay normally as well. So that way when raiders show up to my icey mountain fortress, they will see a hundred of their dead brethren's frozen corpses impaled along the path the the front gates. Maybe increase their chance for a mental break the more they see, or increase their chance to retreat!