My Colony's Greatest Defense

Started by Yehomere, June 26, 2018, 12:23:33 PM

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Hello! This is just me telling the story of an assault on my colony. It was pretty inspirational when it happened to me as I haven't ever successfully defended against such a high attacker to defender ratio. Hope you guys enjoy!

     It was a cold, winter night on the year 5509. The rooms lay empty, workshops silent, and armories empty. As the colonists mobilize, the largest army that has yet been seen is preparing an assault on their homeland. The 5 available men and women of the militia prepare to hold off 29 enemies through a narrow opening formed by an ancient building. As they prepare, the enemy faces a relentless bombardment, softening the initial wave. The Militia is prepared. They stand guard inside, covering the two openings, placing themselves to allow for two colonists to face one opponent. The attack commences. As the human wave approaches, several colonists bearing arms stand guard at the doors to their home, securing the settlement. Moments later, the two groups up north inevitably meet. The close-quarters fighting is fierce, as steel on steel clash in an epic standoff. In minutes, several enemies lay dead, as the relentless assault continues. Bodies pile as Marjot and Berro, the front-line combatants, begin to break the enemy's assault. As the sun rises the next day, a retreat is ordered. Enemies soon after begin to flee. The carnage is great. The western wall is decimated and corpses are scattered throughout the field. A counter-offensive is ordered, and the militia begins chasing out the invaders. In the morning, 22 lay dead and 3 incapacitated. Few escape alive. Soon after, the 2 prisoners were taken captive. One would later die of blood loss. The defense was a success, and the colony lives to see tomorrow.